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Nestle brand chocolate taste milk review

Nestle brand chocolate taste milk review

Nestle is a well know brand and its old company which has lots of kind of chocolates and milke and cereal product. Here is an experience as I have lots of expericnes with netle products, this review is for the milk drink, which I used for all the familyIn the product back you see a lot about how healthy it is to drink it daily, im not milk addict but like to use it from time to tiem with coffee.  I used other milk brands but did not try this., In the offer in the store the girl called it health drink so I asked her whey and she answered due to the vitamins in this milk such as vitamins and minerals , kids like it to some limit but when I add little more sugar , it is as the company claims natural chocolate ingredients, that I liked but not sure if its true or not. But the good thing is that I did not need forcing it on my kids, we like to add it to cereals and coffee, just how we drink milk in general

Drinking nestle milk with coffee or with honey or sugar is good everyday but once a day, as thought the ingredients are natural, I prefer to give my family the needed minerals and vitamins from organic source not as an add

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children are picky in general that is why I liked that they like this one. Yet its not the full nutrition and energy they need for daily use. I use other milk that I will not mention its brand since this review is about one brand only

I hope you benefit from this review and helps you to decide if you like it, and if you will like to use it for your family and kids or not

I do recommend for all in average use such as once daily. and the rest is up to you if you think that is enough to your fmaily or you need to add more brands to your daily milk use

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