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Offering Free Services can be Risky

Unfortunately not every person will appreciate “free” that’s right. There are some who aren’t very pleased when some choose to assist in someway. There are some who complain about anything which occurs. Assisting in anyway shouldn’t be stressful. For some they’ve been challenged and may not desire assisting at all. God wants every person to be a cheerful giver. Not ever person is in a position to assist in” someway.” Even the poor can help in some fashion. Some may not consider the ones who are less fortunate and may not want the individuals to be seen helping others.

If there are lots of people causing problems for the ones who are trying to help then the persons should consider assisting the ones who are appreciative. If there’s chaos presented when trying to offer services then the persons are assisting the wrong groups of people and should consider assisting the ones who are either in more need or who are grateful. If they’re trying to destroy the person or persons who are helping then the individuals should cease the assistance and move in a different “direction.” No person has to tolerate being abused when trying to help. A little help can go a long way.

There are way too many individuals who aren’t considerate of others. There are a lot who are simply disconnected. Some have found that some individuals will become very disorderly when they’re either shining or helping a certain group of people. Help one group and the group will become mad and vice versa. No matter what one does there will always be complaints. Can’t please everyone. Trying to do so will cause fatigue and if they’re not appreciating the services then” it’s time to move on.”

There are some who can really benefit from free services. Some may be on a budget and really need the “free.” For some reason free anything at all may cause some to behave disorderly. It’s not a good idea to stay in environments which are filled with chaos too long. If the persons aren’t in need or perhaps simply not satisfied with the help then there is no need to linger on in the area. Too many people have complained about receiving flack because they’ve tried to assist in someway.

Not fair at all but there’s so many personalities to deal with and sometimes some become very irritated. Some may want to receive more attention then the next so therefore may start to act out. If a person is finding that they’re becoming stressed when trying to help then the person should move on and help in areas where there’s a greater need. There’s no need to be stressed when helping. For some they may become stressed when working on a job which requires a lot of demands. Free shouldn’t be like a migraine.

The risks involved include dealing with some very disrespectful individuals. Some may project threats or try to discourage the persons offering the assistance. If individuals are in disagreement then they’ll try to cause all sorts of problems. It’s so sad to hear when some have to go through so many dramatic experiences because some do not know how to behave. Free services need to be discontinued if the persons are being abused, harassed, and bullied in anyway.

“It’s (Tanikka Paulk) and I’m not Going to Tolerate the Bullying, Harassment, orĀ  the Disrespect. Can Help Elsewhere. That’s Right!” By: (tanikka paulk)


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    1. Well said. Thank you for such a wonderful write-up.

    2. I so agree with you! There are so many people that need the legit help. There are a lot of people that want to be in the position they are in to get “free” but ultimately they are hurting the ones that really do need free. Free shouldn’t be all the time for the reasoning that’s what people will use as a crutch. Some of us are very grateful and don’t always “want” free. God bless to the humans that can look past the ungrateful and rude people they encounter, your doing gods work and not letting the negativity affect the way god wants you to be to his people.

    3. I entirely agree with you on the issue of offering services, this is so obvious that can be risky. I once operate a community pharmacy around my area and seriously a lot of people disturb me by coming into my Pharmacy and taking drugs for free. People know me that I used to be a generous person that a every poor patient can work into the pharmacy and get his drugs free. So people on daily basis will just work into my pharmacy and take drugs freely, this act really cripple my business and am telling you as at now, i am not operating any pharmacy services.
      This is a good lesson for many people and in the same vein, I am not discouraging those of us that offer things for free but still they should offer things that may not be the source of failure to their business.
      Thank you everyone.


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