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No Person can Save the World
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There are some people who are so use to be so called hero’s and may think that they’re in a position to do all things. Impossible. No person can help all people, no person can take on everyone’s problems, there is no way that one person can please everyone. Going back when working at an alternative school, remembering what the assistant Principal tole me=Tanikka Paulk, He said, “Mrs. Paulk you Can’t Save Them all.” Meaning all of the children not only in the school but across the world. A passionate person will extend themselves. Will overextend because of compassion.

There are some who are highly compassionate. There are some people who will end up being burnt out because of the desire to change the world. To make society better. Some will want others to go beyond their call of duty in order to please what some may view as the entire world. Just impossible any person “believing” that they’re able to assist every person isn’t being realistic. No person should even try to help every person in the world. There should be others willing to assist.

When trying to help too many people at one time there can be a decline. The body will become fatigued and the mind as well. No person should even expect any individual to become worn out due to trying to help all. Every person who is in a position to assist in someway should do so. We’re suppose to be helping one another. Just like many years ago when Florida suffered through a very bad Hurricane. There were so many who become helpers. Neighbors were really “demonstrating” care.

The People Pleasures

It’s the people pleasures who end up being taken advantage of and are always trying and concerned about not disappointing others. They’re the ones who are expected to just do and may not received what’s owed. No person should become a people pleasure by doing so persons will surely try to take advantage of the persons and at some point there will be burn out. There are so many who will take advantage of others and situations in order to gain in someway.

It’s better to do what one can and not worry about disappointing others. If they’re unwilling to understand that no one person can help all then that’s certainly their problem. It’s not fair when so many expect one or two people to assist the entire world. There has to be rest obtained and if a person is always busy trying to help others then they’re leaving no time for themselves. The body needs to “obtain” proper rest and it’s impossible to do so when trying to save what may appear to be the entire world.

“No Person Will Ever be Able to Help the Entire World but can Help Some and Doing so Makes a Difference.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. Lovely blog

    2. I feel u on that because I’ve found myself being a people pleaser. And you know what it stressed me up something crazy. I became depressed. But its hard nowadays to help anybody because people in todays world are selfish, greedy and just plan self-centered. They will take advantage of u and anybody else willing to help them. So i say do what u can if u can’t u can’t .God knows the heart so as long as u ok with him u cool. thank u for your post.

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