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Changes: How They Affect The World And Us

Being narrowed down inside this world, where changes occur in a nick of time, it is not a thing of surprise that these changes have indeed had a strong impact upon every minute detail concerning our lives.
Changes are meant to crop up every now and then. They are inevitable in this world which itself undergoes changes no matter how big or small they may be. These changes are meant to be benign, but at times these changes itself may become painful. The pain they inflict upon our lives, and so upon us, can be excruciating or bearable depending on its intensity and origin. These changes can be educative as well, as they teach us of the very essence of humanity and dynamism. While, there are times also when these fuddle us and create certain crevices, dividing mind, body and soul.
The body goes to the grave, whereupon a change of life cycle occurs. Even when a life cycle begins with the birth. The life itself undergoes countless changes and these are meant to shape and drive it. We are all dependent on these changes. We are all but mere puppets to these changes. And we are certainly not unaffected by these changes as some may claim to be. These claims hold no strength to these changes and succumb to them when they are subjected to them.
How worse a change could be or how better, than it is in present times, depends certainly upon the external factors that have an impact on the whole of humanity along with the relatively good or bad choices that dictate how a change may take place. Even then the certainty that one of these will have a larger impact than the other is somewhat unstable and cannot be predicted easily. Both these factors may affect at the same time or they may not have an impact at all. Or one of them may indeed have a larger impact than the other, while the other will have little or no impact at all.
We are constantly driven by changes and this is the proof that all things change and we change with them, “omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.” This says that we are bound to change with the changes and we are ourselves bound to undergo changes and in turn bring changes to us and to the people and to the world around us.
Changes are important while importance of things brings about changes in them and so lead to more changes. How are we to accept these changes, depends simply on how we choose to. Because while we may adapt to these changes and undergo changes as well, we can also neglect these changes and fail to undergo these, thus bringing about changes in us on our own. These may well be the acceptable changes that we will want in us and expect the world to accept these changes while undergoing or not undergoing these. And so changes will prevail with the years to come.

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    1. To give change of the lifestyle and my be to broke of life

    2. Changes are needed to realize that you have been the biggest ass hole ever. In meaning, I mean that about two years ago I started stopped drinking, but before that I was in college and was so stressed that would drink my nights away blacking out fighting with everyone. It was just hard for me, until one day I blacked out and got in a fight with family, that’s when I knew my life could have changed forever if I continued. I needed change and leaving alcohol was it. I’ve been sober for 2 years. However many changes are needed in many different situations


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