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An Undelivered Letter: To A Friend

Dear friend,
How are you and how have you been around these variable times? If you are worrying about me, then you have to worry not the least as I can assure you that I am as fit and strong as a horse would be. And may this letter find you in good health and shape as I wish to see you such, no matter how further we may be when it comes to distance! And let me remind you that this distance is only physical, for the eternal path on which our friendship walks has no distance to cover at all. And how have I wished that even this physical distance may one day diminish so we could see each other and speak of our hearts that have suffered this long for being apart!
O friend of my youth, and of my childhood, have you not felt the same? Have you not wished for us to meet again? And have you not shed tears in my loving memory? And have you not longingly asked the will of nature to free your soul that you may come to me? And have you not sought for my happiness forevermore?
O my friend of happy days, and of days when sadness encircled us two, this bond we share is for eternity, and no force can measure its strength for every kind of force that has tested it has failed and submitted to its strength. And no boundaries can separate this bond, which is but invisible like the air and yet strong like the winds, and so it is unlike the boundaries that are evident but weak to keep the free will of nature and of friendship.
O companion of my soul, and of my heart, have you not felt the suffering which I am suffering? And have you not seen into the cruel eyes of the cruel times that have been keeping us victims of their play? And have you not looked upon the face of the sky to see the moon that reminds you of me? And have you not cried with the rains that came that these reminded you of my tears of sorrow? And have you not left the shallow brook that there we had played when we were together and the memory of which breaks you to your inner core?

O my dearest friend, the apple of my eye, why is that I feel your tears in my eyes? And why this heart feels the pain of your heart? And why my mind sees the picture of myself? And your longing longs inside me? And why your words are uttered from my mouth, “My dear friend, where are you? Can it be that you have forgotten our friendship, as we are further now and may never see each other again, that you do not come to me? Can it be that you now have a new friend whose friendship is more worthy of you than mine? Can it be that you have forgotten all about me?”

No, my dear friend, I have never forgotten you, nor failed to think of you. How can I forget you for you are my memory? And how can I find a new friend when my only friend is thinking about me far across the seven seas? And how can I live without my friend, who is my breath? My friend, I am coming to you and no boundary shall stop me!

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