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Should Dwyane Wade go Into Retirement
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There will come a time when every NBA player will have to make the decision to retire from the NBA. Some prepared to do so and others may not be ready but all other areas point towards the need for the retirement. There are some players who had no choice but to retire early. In fact I Tanikka Paulk worked with one who had to retire early due to injuring his knees. The person called Coach played for the Boston Celtics. Of course when listening to his stories about his NBA days. It was obvious that having to retire was a mournful decision but necessary.

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat Experience

What an exciting moment in time when the announcement came that Dwyane Wade would be apart of “The Miami Heat.” Fans became excited and were ready to see how powerful Dwyane Wade would be on The Miami Heat Team. DWade went beyond the calling. Ticket sales increased and fans continued to become excited about Wades presence on the Miami Heat. Dwade proved to be a team leader. Gave 13 seasons to the Miami Heat. Jerseys, shoes, and socks were selling like mad. Wade uplifted the Miami Heat Organization.

DWADE’s Departure From the Miami Heat

Wade leaving the Miami Heat Organization was tough. Fans weren’t thrilled at all about the decision to depart from such an successful experience with the Miami Heat. Pat Riley explained why the decision was made to let Dwade go. The decision wasn’t an easy one and ever NBA player is familiar with the possibility of either being traded or let go from the team. Some will make the decision to leave a team and navigate to another team where the player or players deem are a better fit or for some the decision as to do with family related issues.

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Pat Riley received a lot of flack for making such a decision and of course Pat Riley knew he would. The decision is a decision that Management has to make at some point. Business is business and although Wade gave 13 seasons to the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat wanted to find younger talent. Did Miami Heat Organization Regret Their Decision? Yes indeed. It appears as if the Miami Heat suffered a bit due to Wade’s departure but did not want to continue to focus on what occurred.

Was the Decision to Leave the Heat and Reside Back to Chicago a Good Decision?

Some may say that the decision was a decision Wade felt Wade had to make but to be frank it really as if the decision to not retire with the Miami Heat wasn’t the best decision. Of course Dwade wanting to play for the Chicago Bulls was a dream and it’s understood why Wade chose to play for the Bulls. It didn’t seem as if the decision to do so was right. In my opinion, Wade should have retired with the Miami Heat, there was way too much history there. Miami really appreciated the contributions which Wade made.

Dwade contributed a lot to the South Florida Community. Giving food, spending time with children, and giving to after school programs. Somewhere there seemed to be a disconnection meaning what occurred with the Miami Heat caused some perhaps irritating emotions. Some claimed Wade seemed different. Not being the same Miami Heat Dwade. There seemed some changes which for so many seemed alarming. There will always be decisions in which difficult but may seem necessary.

Back to the Question. Should Dwyane Wade go Into Retirement

Yes. Wade should at least consider retiring. There are many reasons why Dwade should retire. Perhaps Wade may not be ready to retire but with all of the dramatics and such it would be best that Wade retire from the Chicago Bulls. Wade already proved his abilities to be an outstanding player. The contributions made haven’t be unnoticed although Wade did not receive the recognition Wade probably would have liked to receive. Perhaps the Miami Heat is willing to show Dwade just how much Dwade was appreciated. The decision to retire may not be an easy one but it’s better that Dwade go out as legendary and not add anymore dramatics to his resume. “Dwade Gave a lot to the Miami Heat Organization and I’m Believing That it is Time for Dwade to Adios the B-Ball Court.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Author’s Notes: My name Tanikka Paulk and I’m a writer, blogger, advocate and founder. I’m a mother of 5 sons and have expressed my appreciation for the contributions Dwade made to an after school program where all of my sons attended. I’m also the one who advocated when Dwade was bullied on Facebook because of not participating in the Canadian Anthem and also on another social media site. Although there was and is great appreciation for Wade’s contributions there is also some disappointment because of some misunderstandings and behaviors which are unacceptable.

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