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NBA Playoffs fixtures and analysis
April 17, 2017

Hello, it’s me again. Guess what? It’s NBA time! As I announced in my previous blog posts for some basketball fans here that watch NBA matches often, the playoffs have already started. Some matches in the east have already finished. From the east conference last night the teams that were playing were

Cleveland Cavaliers (109:108) Indiana Pacers

and Toronto Raptors (83:97) Milwaukee Bucks;

Today on the West conference we had 4 matches that had already started, and one of them is currently live as I am writing this.

San Antonio Spurs (111:82) Memphis Grizzlies

Los Angeles Clippers (95:97) Utah Jazz

Washington Wizards (114:107) Atalanta Hawks

As for the live match, I’ll support my boys Golden State Warriors that are equalized in the half-time of the match against Portland Trail Brazzers (56:56 currently – HT)

I think this should go smoothly for GSW, as they are playing on their home court in front of a crowd that is loyal, supporting and expects much of these boys tonight.

This should be an easy match for GSW, and they will finish it in the 3rd quarter because they now have Kevin Durant, who came back on the field after a month of injury on his knee.  I expect him to be in top form for tonight, we will analyze that after the match.

Here is a picture of the starting 5 for both of the teams:


The key player today for Golden State Warriors should be Stephen Curry, I believe that he will pass his limits and will finish the game with over 30 points. Next should be Kevin Durant which is a lovely fellow that brings GSW a lot of  victories. And finally we have the third key player Klay Thompson who is also an important player, best known for his assists and 3 pointers alongside Stephen Curry.


Come on Warriors! In you we trust!!..

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