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No One Reaches The Top Without Encountering Difficulties
February 4, 2017

Do you know of someone who becomes successful in his career without encountering and surpassing difficulties? If there is, that person is highly exceptional for in my existence and from others that there is no one that makes a short cut just to reach the top. When you were in pre-school you never had graduated after a year and so with during your primary, high school and college. Everyone must face trials and no matter how we just realized that we already graduate a degree. That is life, no short cut in attaining a desired dream. Everything started with a dram and that dream becomes your goal so that such would direct you to the path where you get the lead to your desires goal and dream. Even in betting Lotto, though difficulty less, but you struggle and your emotion is affected that is what we call a difficulty for you cannot depart from that vice. In order for you to surpass such vise, you need to discipline yourself. At first, you refuse to stop your habit betting a Lotto without knowing that there are millions bettors and there is only one winner. It takes you time to forget that habit until you finally make it, so that is what we call surpassing an emotional difficulty for a no assurance winning.

When you were in high school, you struggled a lot understanding the lessons in mathematics for you hated figures until you realized that little by little you liked the subject, and you passed it perfectly. Unknowingly, science came your way in high school and there were scientific terms in which each of you in science class should memorize. That was a Calvary in your part for you never had liked science until you decided to focus your time studying that subject, and alas! Your appreciation was felt through your nerves for the liking of it made you the champion during science inter-school contest. That was a big bang in your feeling, the unforgettable shaking of the hands and the sweet smiles of your classmates and teachers and foremost your beloved parents’ tears fell for joy. Your parents are the reasons why you take your chance to make all default lessons easier. Then you graduated your elementary and high school with flying colors and you felt the pride and dignity for all those difficulties during those years became the strong foundation to make a stride to the next level of your four five year degree course in college.

When you entered in the tertiary level, the more your heart beat fast for the uncertainty of the people you would meet and you also boarded in the city and met faces unknown to you. That was a very difficult life for you adjusting your environment of people, lessons and the culture that are not met before in your previous schooling. You want to retract from your enrollment and go back home, but your strong will and dream to obtain a degree stops you in doing it. You told yourself that you have to learn the culture in the city and that you have to study hard and never entertain affairs that are nt part of your education. You also told yourself that no matter how hard the lessons would be, you must have focus and concentrate only things that are part of your daily life as student. Yes, those years were so difficult for you and the time you obtained a degree after five years, made you become great achiever for you graduated with honor of your engineering course. You feel the warm hug of your parents and see their tears in your mind falling for happiness for the success and honor to them and to yourself. To graduate as an honor student in college and from the hard course, makes you a total person with dignity, pride and success and those years when you only concentrated on your studies can truly be a guarantee that life will be beautiful after encountering and surpassing life’s difficulties. There is no one who reaches the top without sacrificing and struggling to make everything happen.

Now, you have a better work and salary, you must also sacrifice and indulge yourself from the different personalities of your work mates for you will be with them until retirement age. Though it takes some months to adjust, but along the way, you will realize that you can have a nice bond with them, thus making your journey as an employee  enjoyable and fruitful for you will be with those work mates, who, like you in the past struggled to surpass the difficulties before reaching the point job is obtained. This life now is what you struggled for in the past. Having a degree entitles you to land to a nice job. That job is for yourself to enjoy as long as you live and for your future own family should you marry. Your parents can feel your triumph as they always see you living now in luxury.

Education really liberates man from the bondage of ignorance and poverty, yet, everyone who desires change in life should tackle all the difficulties while on the steps on those  years during nursery, primary, elementary, high school and college, and this time, there is senior high, what should you do? You will have extra years behind college, not an easy one to feel and realize, but everything as an end; therefore, strive more so that you can land to your desired life in the future. You are already there so grab it and have that chance prosper for forever success will be yours as long as you live and believe in yourself. There is no one who can help you, but yourself, for your parents will not be forever with you. While you are still young and aspiring to become somebody someday, never let those negativity enters your young life, for it is hard for you to exit that kind of attitude if allow someone to kill your dreams. Never let negative people kill your dreams.

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    1. yes. There are no short-cuts to reach the top without an encounter. But, some people will reach the top with less effort and some with more effort. Some people can not reach their goal in spite of many efforts.This is another point for consideration which will land us some where totally deviating from the topic.

      There will be some problems and difficulties we encounter in reaching the top but one should keep oneself abreast of facing the difficult situations.
      It needs tolerance, tact, industry and patience. These are all inevitables that one will face in reaching the top.
      Sometimes, one will experience some difficulties even in learning vices. To come out successfully from those vices one needs will power and if not his efforts to reach the top will never be fulfilled.
      Whether success or failure, everything depends on our own decision and effort and nobody will come to lift us to catch an Apple or climb a tree for us.

    2. You have put up a point to which I think all of us will agree. It is a truth of life and the backbone of all success stories.
      As roses cannot be without thorns success cannot be without obstacles.
      Water appears sweet only to a thirsty mouth. So you can enjoy your success only when you are really tired of actual hard work.

    3. @siva, Thank you Sir for your brilliant back up of my blog. yes, everything needs so start from the first step to reach the ladder of success and yes, even those problematic drunkard also had difficulties to get thought his vice and the difficulty to get out of it.Our will is our constant guide to reach what we desire for unless, if back out and give up because of fear.

    4. Thanks Dr. Agarwal for your very bright ideas about this blog that it is true that no one can taste the sweetest wine of life if you do not long to taste for it. Life will not be worth living if problem in the past is the source of all the pains in the recent if the person had not tried to reach the ladder of success to taste the wine of happiness and to have less financial burden, for it is so true that education liberates man from the bondage of ignorance and crucial living. What was built in the past is now enjoyed and reaped as planned while still struggling with difficulties to solve some problems along the way in the past.

    5. Indeed, if one would want to succeed in life, he should work hard in life.

      Henry Sy, started in just a small shoe store. But look at hiS SM empire now. he has his 3 branches already as it was said , in China.

      Those Banco De Oro banks that are in some of his SM stores, are not his and are now called BDO. It has a lot of branches already all over the country. In fact, here in Legazpi , It has 3 branches.

      He was able to do this by first making a loan at a bank and through perseverance was able to make his store grow and now has a lot of big branches all over the Philippines.


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