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Takes a lot of Patience to be in a Leadership Position

Oh my goodness, it’s not easy dealing with a lot of troubled individuals, it’s quite obvious that they’re troubled because because of their actions. Any person who has ever been in a “leadership” position would be aware that the tasks at hand aren’t easy ones. There are some who have to constantly deal with difficult people day in and day out. Some may not understand at all no matter how many times the information is explained. Of course there will be days when one may may not want to deal with the matters. Some leaders have fallen and never recovered from their fall.

There’s certainly a lot of difficult people which can cause “society” to be come even more unstable. How does one deal with such individuals? For me=(Tanikka Paulk) prayer and keeping on the “Full Armor of God” is what helps. So many are so disconnected. No matter what day it is they’ll continue to act disorderly. Some days are filled with ignoring the behavior and some may stop for awhile. Soon enough the actions will need to severe the appropriate consequences.

Leaders must develop patience and some may have difficulties trying to be patient. Even the most patient person will have a difficult time dealing with cynics. Some leaders will become quite frustrated and there are so many whose main objective is to cause frustration. Meditating helps and thinking about the most effective ways to deal with the individuals. No “leader” or anyone else for that matter can assist all and will be able to please all. There will be some who may not agree no matter what the leader does or says.

Of course there should be some attempts to try and settle the angry mob down but for some they’re character is to cause disruptions. Despite what occurs every leader should feel confident in knowing that they’ve been selected because there are some who believe that they’re equipped for the position. There will be a lot of people who may become envious because of “the position.” There are some who will dish harsh words out at the leader and some may even send threats. No matter what’s said a leader must be courageous.

There has to not only be patience but there also has to be determination. The leader or leaders must be determined enough to get through the challenges. There are some leaders who are challenged often. Not all will know what to do when the challenges arise. To be able to think clearly will help get through the many trials which every leader must face. Some will despise the leader for whatever reasons. Being despised isn’t a reason to back down from the position.

There is a reason why some are chosen for the leadership position. Of course so many may not be able to accept the position but no leader should be in their position because they’re a people pleaser. Do not become dismayed because of what’s said, there are some who may not know any better, and some who are just trying to see how far they’re able to go. Some may think that being a leader is a joking matter. Not at all. Of course every leader should have some time when they’re able to just unwind.

Yes, it can be rather annoying having to deal with so many rude individuals. Some who will constantly come up against the leader no matter how much they’ve achieved. There will be some who will try to force the leader out of their position. There are a lot of people who want to be in charge and will go against the leader to see if they’re able to force a cease within the leadership position. Any “strong and outstanding leader” should continue on despite what occurs.

The ones who are unable to accept the position which is chosen then there may be nothing the leader can do. The best thing to do is to proceed and find the best ways to be productive. Some will become angry at every accomplishment a leader achieves. Leadership shouldn’t be taken lightly and the leader shouldn’t become consumed with stress just because a group of people disagree. There’s all sorts of leadership styles and every leader should continue to administer their leadership “qualities.”

“I’m Continuing to be Challenged by the Difficult Individuals but Refuse to Stop Moving Forward.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Have to do What’s Best
October 11, 2017

Some may not understand why certain decisions are made. When we’re finding that we’re having trouble getting through to individuals then there has to be a decision made whether to continue trying to convince the individuals of the what is or to just proceed with the areas which will assist with creating “movements.” There will always be some who will believe what they want and no matter how much information is proven to be the opposite of what they’re saying. The persons who are in denial will continue to say whatever it is they want to say.

Some do so because they may feel that challenging the person or persons will gain whatever it is they’re looking to gain. It’s better to find out what is best so that there can be continuous “progress.” The ones in denial will probably continue to be in denial. Not willing to admit to being wrong. There’s a lot of people who aren’t willing to admit to being wrong. There are some who are continuously willing to be deceptive and cause all sorts of havoc. Perhaps disconnecting from such individuals is helpful. No need to become consumed with stress because of what so many will continue to say and do.

There are some who may never accept what has occurred or will occur. There are some who may not want to see certain person’s “advance” but if there’s enough determination then any person who attempts to make progress will. Despite what occurs the individuals shouldn’t give up and should continue to find the best ways to cope with the matters at hand. The ones who aren’t accepting what’s occurring just won’t accept but the individuals who are trying to accomplish greatness shouldn’t allow the problems to stop the progress.

It’s quite difficult when so many are chasing a person down trying to stop their shine. Not wanting to allow others “to get ahead.” There are so many who will have to deal with the groups of people. Some may never stop their antics but will suffer fatigue because they’re continuously trying to create a cease. Simply have to find what works and not all persons will be accepting. We’re unable to please all. There is no way that one person can assist all. In fact no person should even expect one person to try to help all.

It can be a bit rough when having to deal with the ones who aren’t allowing what should occur. What needs to occur is growth. We all should desire to grow in someway. The ones who don’t are either afraid or may not have enough energy to do so. The best thing to do is to continue making the best moves so that there can be elevation. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to climb higher and it’s so unfortunate that so many try to prevent some from elevating. “Have to do What’s Best Even When so Many may not Agree.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“Consider What can be Achieved by Allowing Others to Achieve. A Stronger Economical System can be Developed by Doing so.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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How to Stay Focused When Dealing Annoyances

Yes there’s a lot of annoying “situations” which one may have to deal with. In order to continue to stay on the right track one would need to block out the annoying things which will add no value. If there’s lots of focus on what others are doing then there will be little progress. There are a lot of people who will annoy others to either gain their attention or to simply cause disruptions. n order to be apart of growth a person would need to decide whether the actions of others are of importance. No matter what some may do there will always be some who continue the most annoying antics.

Perhaps their actions are based off the need for attention. There shall not be any if they’re refusing to cease their behavior. Can any person imagine being annoyed and bothered every single day? There are some who face the most difficult people. The ones which cause the eye brows to “raise” when hearing their name. There’s no productivity when being consumed with the foolish ways of others. Some may never develop maturity and if there’s too much or even a little attention on the persons then they can drive a person insane.

In order to remain not only productive to keep sane there needs to be some outlets. There needs to be some activities which can “generate” peace and which are enjoyed. Too many people are more in tuned with trying to hinder person’s growth instead of trying to elevate themselves. Yes, it’s unfortunate when so many try to cause disruptions for others, not even considering how their actions can actually generate more problems for the troublemakers.

Some may not want to live in peace or at least that’s how some seem to behave. Never trying to engage in any positivity. If there’s plans for “prosperity” then there should be movement. Even if a day is filled with little productivity. Some productivity is certainly better than none at all. Life is filled with all sorts of mishaps and it can be difficult to deal with the problems which so many may have. It’s as if some are unable to cope with their own lives. There’s a lot of struggling and not just speaking about financial struggles.

Some are mentally struggling. In a prison within the mind. Barely functional and it’s obvious by their actions. Not willing to take anytime to allow the mind to heal from whatever has caused the mind to become so distorted. Some are going through what they’re going through because of their own deeds. Not admitting to the wrong they’ve projected towards others. Continuing to suffer a decline. There are a lot who are more in tuned with every move a person makes and because they’re not wanting to see “progress” occur. The individuals will become disruptive.

No matter how many decide to engage in such foolishness. The persons who want to achieve more and move in another direction should continue on their path and believe that eventually there will be great rewards for their efforts. No matter where a person lands. There will always be difficult people. It’s how we’re dealing with such individuals that matters. Some may be very difficult to understand and there may be thoughts of not wanting to be around such individuals. “Just prosper on and focus on the areas of importance.” by:  Tanikka Paulk

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The Best and Effective Ways to Cope

How do we deal with the most difficult people in the world? Prayer is one way and finding ways to stay uplifted is another. Is as if some people set out to try and drive a person mad. Staying in tuned with their actions certainly will generate insanity. The world is filled with all sorts of injustices and where are the kind people? Goodness gracious. Always something going on. In order to cope with the madness there needs to be a form of releasing. Releasing the pressures. Reading, listening to soothing music, and engaging in positive activities.

We’re in the most judgmental times. “Too many are busy judging others and aren’t even focused on their own business.” God is the judge and the jury too. Jesus is God’s right hand. Without Jesus Christ there would be no contact with God. Jesus the Son of God. Reading the word is very effective. Meditating and allowing some peace to come in. There will be some people who will continue to test the nerves. Trying to see how far they can go.

The more one rises the more they’ll come across the troubled beings. So there must be some preparations for such matters. God is the reason why so many are still moving along. If it wasn’t for the Creator of mankind we all would be lost. Of course in many eyes we’re perceived to be lost anyway. Don’t do what others want and they’ll find a way to make it appear as if there’s nothing but wrong going on.

It’s difficult having to always come in contact with ignorance. Ignorance because there is always the desire to attack instead of trying to build. So in order to stay mentally healthy there will need to be some activities set in place to stay mentally sane. Inspirational music is helpful not all. There some “music” which can produce anger and despair. It’s the melody and lyrics which generate the calmness.

When feeling annoyed and which will occur. There has to be some ways to remove the feelings. Taking some time out to just ponder on the important things in life. To think about fun times and to communicate with friends. Not be bothered by all of the chaos. Chaos is a way to prevent. hinder, and distract others from reaching their “potential and purpose.” When others want a person to do what they want they’ll produce a chaotic environment.

We’re living in a world where so many want to control others so therefore there will be many attacks. In order to prevent from being controlled one must be stern. “Stand Firm.” Believe in self and have faith. No amount of attacks should get a person down. There are a lot of tools to stay up. Listen to the positives and keep distance from the negative ones. There will be a lot of people who will try to alter perceptions. That’s why it’s important to know who we’re dealing with. Once we’ve “figured out who is who” then we’ll be able to deal with the individuals better.

‘Never allow all of the hoopla to cause a meltdown To stay mentally tough there needs to be some materials which assist with staying mentally healthy. “Closing the eyes and imagine peacefulness.” Waterfalls, the ocean, a lovely destination. No matter what occurs there should always be hopefulness. Unfortunately we’ll have to deal with a lot of problematic events. We’ll have to learn how to deal with a lot of very annoying people. Finding the best ways to do so is very important.

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No One Reaches The Top Without Encountering Difficulties
February 4, 2017

Do you know of someone who becomes successful in his career without encountering and surpassing difficulties? If there is, that person is highly exceptional for in my existence and from others that there is no one that makes a short cut just to reach the top. When you were in pre-school you never had graduated after a year and so with during your primary, high school and college. Everyone must face trials and no matter how we just realized that we already graduate a degree. That is life, no short cut in attaining a desired dream. Everything started with a dram and that dream becomes your goal so that such would direct you to the path where you get the lead to your desires goal and dream. Even in betting Lotto, though difficulty less, but you struggle and your emotion is affected that is what we call a difficulty for you cannot depart from that vice. In order for you to surpass such vise, you need to discipline yourself. At first, you refuse to stop your habit betting a Lotto without knowing that there are millions bettors and there is only one winner. It takes you time to forget that habit until you finally make it, so that is what we call surpassing an emotional difficulty for a no assurance winning.

When you were in high school, you struggled a lot understanding the lessons in mathematics for you hated figures until you realized that little by little you liked the subject, and you passed it perfectly. Unknowingly, science came your way in high school and there were scientific terms in which each of you in science class should memorize. That was a Calvary in your part for you never had liked science until you decided to focus your time studying that subject, and alas! Your appreciation was felt through your nerves for the liking of it made you the champion during science inter-school contest. That was a big bang in your feeling, the unforgettable shaking of the hands and the sweet smiles of your classmates and teachers and foremost your beloved parents’ tears fell for joy. Your parents are the reasons why you take your chance to make all default lessons easier. Then you graduated your elementary and high school with flying colors and you felt the pride and dignity for all those difficulties during those years became the strong foundation to make a stride to the next level of your four five year degree course in college.

When you entered in the tertiary level, the more your heart beat fast for the uncertainty of the people you would meet and you also boarded in the city and met faces unknown to you. That was a very difficult life for you adjusting your environment of people, lessons and the culture that are not met before in your previous schooling. You want to retract from your enrollment and go back home, but your strong will and dream to obtain a degree stops you in doing it. You told yourself that you have to learn the culture in the city and that you have to study hard and never entertain affairs that are nt part of your education. You also told yourself that no matter how hard the lessons would be, you must have focus and concentrate only things that are part of your daily life as student. Yes, those years were so difficult for you and the time you obtained a degree after five years, made you become great achiever for you graduated with honor of your engineering course. You feel the warm hug of your parents and see their tears in your mind falling for happiness for the success and honor to them and to yourself. To graduate as an honor student in college and from the hard course, makes you a total person with dignity, pride and success and those years when you only concentrated on your studies can truly be a guarantee that life will be beautiful after encountering and surpassing life’s difficulties. There is no one who reaches the top without sacrificing and struggling to make everything happen.

Now, you have a better work and salary, you must also sacrifice and indulge yourself from the different personalities of your work mates for you will be with them until retirement age. Though it takes some months to adjust, but along the way, you will realize that you can have a nice bond with them, thus making your journey as an employee  enjoyable and fruitful for you will be with those work mates, who, like you in the past struggled to surpass the difficulties before reaching the point job is obtained. This life now is what you struggled for in the past. Having a degree entitles you to land to a nice job. That job is for yourself to enjoy as long as you live and for your future own family should you marry. Your parents can feel your triumph as they always see you living now in luxury.

Education really liberates man from the bondage of ignorance and poverty, yet, everyone who desires change in life should tackle all the difficulties while on the steps on those  years during nursery, primary, elementary, high school and college, and this time, there is senior high, what should you do? You will have extra years behind college, not an easy one to feel and realize, but everything as an end; therefore, strive more so that you can land to your desired life in the future. You are already there so grab it and have that chance prosper for forever success will be yours as long as you live and believe in yourself. There is no one who can help you, but yourself, for your parents will not be forever with you. While you are still young and aspiring to become somebody someday, never let those negativity enters your young life, for it is hard for you to exit that kind of attitude if allow someone to kill your dreams. Never let negative people kill your dreams.

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