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My Direction is my Direction

What a person or persons decide to do is their choice. There are way too many People thinking that they rulers over an individual or individuals. To have the mind to think is a blessing. Should a person be controlled by groups of People? It’s really up to the person whether they’re willing to allow self to be controlled. The path and direction chosen for a person shouldn’t be every person’s decision. There should be room to grow and to make the necessary adjustments. Where the path will lead is unknown but there should be steady movement. Yes, each person can choose to listen to what’s being said but if what’s “being said” isn’t adding any value then it’s better to refrain from taking in what’s being said.

Why are some so in tuned with a path chosen for an individual? There seems to be so many unwilling to accept what has already been spoken. God said what He wanted to say and what He expects but mankind refuse to allow what God already ordained to prosper. Really mankind can’t control what God declared but they’ll try to intervene in a purpose. “There are so many wanting to control my path but what is it that they really want?” By: Tanikka Paulk. How many allow what mankind has to say to change their direction? It appears that there are so many willing to be controlled.

There should be decisions made to stay on the path which will lead to being abundantly. Yes, there are some refusing to allow persons to live peacefully. Acceptance is important and when individuals are unwilling to accept they’ll run into many problems. i’m a writer and have viewed lost of scenery. There has been additional knowledge obtained. No person should allowed their mind to be controlled. There should be movements towards wholeness. There should be focus on the important areas. What was and is declared shall be.

My Movements my Path

Why can’t mankind just allow prosperity, abundance, hopefulness? They’re so in tuned with trying to create setbacks and they’re refusing to focus on their own purpose. What a person decides is their choice. Each person has been given the ability to choose. There shouldn’t be all individuals on a person’s journey. All can’t travel on the path and if they’re trying to cause destruction then there shouldn’t be an invitation. The ability to understand will help so many but some refuse to try and understand.

There is a cause, causes, the right to move. There should be “movements” upwards instead of standing still. To grow and become a better person should incur gladness. How many are willing to allow growth to occur? It seems as though there are so many feeling inadequate. They’ve tried to turn goodness into destruction. There will be more stability if there is the allowing of a dream, dreams, and visions to proceed. To be able to move in a direction which will incur more is truly a blessing in which some may not appreciate. I’m appreciative because I’m aware that there will more positive changes and there will be abundance. I’m claiming of such.

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