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Standing Firm on my Mission

No, no, no. They can’t have my mission, journey, path. No matter how they try to knock me-Tanikka Paulk down I’m going to stand firm. If they think for a minuet that they’ll be able to control my purpose. They’re mistaken. The proof is on paper. No matter what’s said there is the ability to shine. Have they expressed their disappointment with my “accomplishments.” Yes. Am I intimidated. No! No matter how the darts are projected. I’m saying this that is going to proceed. Alright Okay this that=Tanikka Paulk. There are some folks trying to define a person. Chica continues. That’s what’s stated. “Documentation says, “that continues.”

The original seems to have difficulties because so many are unable to accept the what is. Trying to chop me=Tanikka Paulk down won’t help their elevation. Yes, they’ve been trying to pull the dreams down for many years, and God is seeing that I Tanikka Paulk continue. My gifts don’t belong to every person. She believes in self and no matter how She is targeted she believes in her and she-her are the same person=(Tanikka Paulk). The naysayers will try to stop the glory but what they refuse to understand is that I don’t owe the individuals a thing. The framing won’t prevent that.

Perhaps their attitude should be unity but it seems as if the group is unable to unify. There are some inadequate feelings. I’m appreciative to be selected to be on the path I’m on. There is focus to continue to get ahead. The ones shall be left behind because they’re unable to offer goodness on my journey. Their actions demonstrate that they’re unable to “be good.” My abilities will continue to flourish. Some may have the idea that they’re trying to help in someway but they’re actually trying to pull down. The orders come from the same group causing slavery.

Fools will follow the orders but a true mind will refuse to become enslaved. My progress continues no matter how they try to move me=Tanikka Paulk in a backwards motion. I’ve faced many challenges and what’s occurring now is apart of the many challenges. There is no way to get around the adversities. They’ve caused their own declines by trying to take the visionary down. Lifting up is what should occur but the group of People aren’t focused on pushing up they can’t seem “to accept” my purpose.

To build is what’s needed and yes it’s amazing how so many refuse to build. The invasions in which they’ve incurred. The blame will go elsewhere but how many are willing to own up to their own doing? It continues. There is a statement saying “it should.” Tanikka Paulk is “it.” The fights to receive the attention from one. I’m one and I refuse to allow the individuals to steal my dreams. They’ll receive prayer and a smile and I’m going to proceed along.

My accomplishments generate joy and to be able to continue to accomplish is a blessing. There certainly has to be some advocating because there are a lot of injustices occurring. Perhaps there’s too much good right here. Handing over my work is a no no. The battles continue within the race of People and I’m continuing to keep on The Full Armor of God. The lies told haven’y caused a detour. I’ve been violated. How many are peeking? Wanted! Obviously.

It’s as if I’m gold. Are they demonstrating that I’m in the category as being the best? Yes. Each day they continue to work towards the demonstration. There is the stand firm. I’ve sat, stood, and stand. They will tell many lies in order to get out of the hole they’ve dug themselves. God chose “Tanikka Shajuan Wilson (Paulk). No matter how they feel about my titles and position there isn’t a desire to give up. The journey has been difficult but is worth continuing.

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