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How to Make Money as an Artist Online
March 19, 2017
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As I explored in an earlier post (See: The Life of a Starving Artist) Making money as an artist is no easy task and it sure as hell won’t pay your rent any time soon. (As all of you are aware, making money with writing isn’t easy either.) However, if you’re dedicated and ready to put in some work, making some spare change for coffee isn’t completely off the table.


Society6 (or S6) is a site where you can place your art on articles of clothing, phone cases and various home objects. 

I’ve currently used Society 6 for about 8 months and I’ve made 4$ on it. No, it’s not big. Yes it’s barely anything, but it is progress. It’s being able to make money with art, which is something that has never made me money before.

See Also:

You can check out my store here.

Alternatives to Society 6: Redbubble (It lets you make stickers too), Zazzle (Not too educated on this one)

DISCLAIMER: None of these links are paying me to promote them. None of them are affiliated in any way, shape or form. I’m just being honest and letting you know what I’m currently doing.

(Below are some pictures of the people that have bought my art for reference, they’ve always turned out very nicely.)


The other “how I’ve made a few bucks with art” is by making commissions.

And making commissions is a two step process. First, you need to be “good enough” for commissions, or have a style/something you can offer to people. I’ve currently made a lot more money (but still not “day job worthy’) with commissions.

And the second step is to “put yourself out there.” You need to post that you’re open for commissions on all your social media sites (IMPORTANT: with examples of what you offer.) In general, the rule is to not price yourself too low, but not too high either. You’re trying to break out, but you’re not trying to sell yourself short. 

I’ve some examples of commission portraits that I’ve done, these were all done after someone sent me a picture of themselves to do the drawing with.

Also, here is an example of my “commissions are open!” post.


The worst thing you can do as an artist is getting your hopes up. It’s important to realise that breaking out and making a career out of art is easier now more than ever, but it’s still one of the most difficult roads to take.

Not expecting much leads you to being pleasantly surprised.




    1. You are a very talented artist!

      It really is not an easy feat to be an artist. Not all have been gifted with this kind of talent.

      One suggestion for you to earn extra on your art is to post your works here in LB and share it in your facebook wall. Accompany it with a minimum of 300 words description or explanation. That way, anyone who will view it, you will earn $0.001 per visit.

      If your post in fb thru this site has 1,000,000 visits, then you earn $1,000.00. So ask your fb friends to share it to their friends and to their friends friend.

      Just don’t lose hope. Keep on posting.


    2. this is really useful

      • Oh my god that’s such great advice thank you so much for the amazing feedback 🙂 I hope you have a nice day!

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