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Weight loss with determination and willpower
March 19, 2017

Women are no good at losing weight. In fact women cannot lose weight as fast as men can do. I dare you girls, do it like men do. That is a difficult job for most girls unless they are determined.

You may hate to admit it but the fact is that you should really learn it from men when it comes to reducing your weight. Maybe true, now I know why some girls can do it better and some of them just cannot lose weight though they eat lesser and skip a day without having a single meal.

Men are far less likely to follow diet program compared to girls but when men put up the effort they succeed. In fact, nine out of ten men on a diet managed to lose their weight at an average of five percent of their body weight within 10-12 weeks. While only 3-4 women did manage the same in same time.

However, women would never admit it that they are no good at keeping control. Hey come on I am only kidding but the facts are as given under but it sounds unfair but men have the psychological advantage over the women when it comes to ditching the flubs.

In fact, men have larger proportion of muscles than women do and that means higher metabolism which means more weight loss. Therefore, on the same calorie count a man generally loses more weight than a woman does.

As per different scientific studies people especially women on exercise programs based on the energy cost/spent by any particular exercise, how much weight one does lose and it has been found that almost none because most of them did not go as per their scheduled program.

That was due to sheer lack of willpower of determination but most of them did it for the sake of going through the notions.

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