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Justice can Really Speak When Necessary

The ability to speak freely and to be direct about what needs to be heard. “Advocacy is a gift and some aren’t able to really comprehend just how “effective advocacy” really is.” by: Tanikka Paulk What is the true meaning of advocacy? Standing up, finding solutions, fighting the injustices. There are so many injustices which need attention there needs to be solutions. How many are willing to cooperate with the advocates and others? There seems to be communications issues and there are so many refusing to accept what is so. i’m an advocate and I’ve fought causes. Yes I’m more than an advocate because I’ve voiced my concerns I’ve rallied so therefore my advocacy includes activism. That’s right. My name is Tanikka Paulk and although there are so many continuing to cause difficulties there is no way that I’m going to give in.

Justice is what I’m called and no matter how persons feel about the title there should be justice. There needs to be order the disturbances could cause a country to decline. What does Justice have to say? Justice has already said a lot and there are more issues to speak upon. Community Tool Box states,

  • Advocacy is active promotion of a cause or principle
  • Advocacy involves actions that lead to a selected goal
  • Advocacy is one of many possible strategies, or ways to approach a problem
  • Advocacy can be used as part of a community initiative, nested in with other components.
  • Advocacy is not direct service
  • Advocacy does not necessarily involve confrontation or conflict

I’ve always been interested in helping others and I’ve stood up and right now I’m having to stand up for myself because there are so many refusing to allow my journey to incur the effectiveness in which can help so many. The disruptions seem to be bothersome at times but there are ways to move forward without losing control. The movements continue and yes justice should occur because a country could suffer allowing disorderly People to control the Nation. It certainly takes bravery in order to continue the advocacy path. There aren’t too many displaying that they’ve obtained the tools “to become” effective advocates. Perhaps there are so many uninterested in advocacy.

No matter what the views are one should believe in self and continue to be confident. Yes there will be some unwilling to accept what an advocate has to say but when there is strength and dedication then there will be more accomplished. Speaking “the real” speaking what’s perceived as the truth can certainly generate what can assist “People.” There is greatness here and far there should be more advocates willing to take stands on the important issues. My hand is firm and my eyes have viewed the many injustices which certainly need the attention.

I’ve witnessed some of the injustices and there has been sorrow because of what continues to occur. My focus is on the path at hand what others have to say about what I’m doing isn’t to worry. I’ve used my own thoughts and the ones trying to cause disruptions should really sit down and move out of the way. Meaning they should mind their own business if they’re unwilling to help. There’s a lot of chatter but what actions have they supplied? Movements are what so many are trying to look for. It may appear as if the entire world is against but there will be the “supporters.” “The challenges haven’t caused my advocacy to decline and I’m continuing to be the fighter I am.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Advocacy is so important and shouldn’t there be solutions to the injustices. Shouldn’t there be the solutions?” (Tanikka Paulk)


Source: Community Tool Box

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How About Going in Peace

How many consider where they’ll go after they leave here? I’m planning on going to my Heavenly resting place. Oh yes indeed my goal is to make my way to heaven. Just think about how hell would be because there is so much humidity here and imagine hell. Oh no to burn for eternity, I’m not willing to go there go. “God said that Daughter is Eternal Life.” Amen! Although there are so many continuing to believe that they have the ability to decrease my faith. They are wrong. My faith continues to be strong.

Yes I’m aware that my progress here irritates so many but that’s their malfunction. There’s way too much to accomplish and I’m unwilling to be bothered with foolish behaviors. Continuing with the goal achievers. No matter how many times the individuals try to come at me=Tanikka Paulk. God is allowing my journey to continue. Amen to that! There is so much “focus” on  what can generate prosperous meaningful and gratifying abundance. Gosh. I’m so thrilled to be at peace although there are some cynical beings trying to cause disruptions.

My confidence hasn’t wavered and I’m joyous because there will be so many surprises. God has already ordained my path and I’m certainly not going to allow the human beings to ruin my journey. It’s funny how so many are in tuned with over competitiveness instead of focusing on their own elevation. “It’s my journey and I’m going to live my purpose God said so and it is so.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to take credit for my work and tried to cause mounts of stress but glory to God Tanikka S. Paulk continues to live out her dreams.

Oh the competitors are probably strained because they’re confused about how I’m able to move forward when they’ve sent out their targets to cause a downfall. My dreams aren’t suppose to be every person’s dreams. I’m thrilled that the ones agreeing to unify are and there can be further building. How special. There’s some wanting to hang on to my rear. Why? Shouldn’t the individuals have their own dreams? There are chuckles because I’ve faced some of the toughest adversities.

I’ve overcome tragedies and God and Jesus Christ continues to walk with me=Tanikka Paulk. God has allowed the passing down of the “key.” What does the special key open? I’m sure continuing to seek will allow this visionary to find out. Although there has been some setbacks there is also continuous progress. There is peacefully movements in which some aren’t too thrilled about. They probably expected me=Tanikka Paulk to parish. God allows “Tanikka!” to still be here on earth doing God’s work.

I can wave my hands thanking God for all He’s done and continues to do for (Tanikka Paulk). My journey has been filled with what some wouldn’t dare to tackle. Oh my “goodness” the adversities have thought me=Tanikka Paulk so much. I’m continuing to advocate and continuing to experience the wonders. Glory! Where are the angelic folks? My faith, my determination, my motivation will continue. Smiling I’m free to be exactly who I am even if they want to pretend as if I’m a million People. I’m still you=Tanikka Paulk me=Tanikka Paulk.

“Hope has faced so many adversities hope will continue to believe in building, achieving, and the receiving.” by: Tanikka Paulk. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemaker and I’m very respectful of peacemakers. Rather live surrounded by peace then to live surrounded by war.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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It’s my Journey and I’m Protecting it

Should all persons travel on the journey? No. Especially if they’re trying to sabotage. There needs to be some boundaries set. My journey doesn’t belong to all. I’m fighting to keep what belongs to my purpose. That’s right. I’ve faced the cynics oh my gosh are they so determined to cause disruptions but I’m more determined to reach my destination. There should be focus and is yes having to deal with such individuals is like a thorn in my side but I’m learning just how to deal with the persons. “Determined enough to proceed and blessed enough to deserve the abundance.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Why would so many be so determined to cause a disconnection from my dreams? Perhaps they haven’t lived their dreams. My path was chosen by God and although so many have tried to cause the disconnect there are many reasons why I’m proceeding. Follow the dreams, believe, and experience the rewards. Soon enough there will be completeness and what occurred will vanish. There will be positives and there will also be the negatives. The trials will seem long but eventually the trials will fade. Have to keep moving and keep believing.

I’m filled with happiness yes indeed. Yes there have been many challenges but they’ve made me=Tanikka Paulk stronger. “They’ve tried to control my path but I’ve refused to allow the challenges to get the best of me=Tanikka Paulk.” Here I am continuing to reap the rewards. It’s very rewarding to be chosen to be thought of. No matter what’s been said I’m refusing to lose my confidence. The darts thrown haven’t caused my path to crumble. The ones who are suppose to come along are and the others will have to be left behind.

All persons should come along in fact most will have to travel alone. “I’m just” and It certainly takes patience to deal with the cynics. There will be moments when they’re completely ignored. God has set my purpose and I’m living my purpose. Perhaps soon what I’ve been truly awaiting will arrive or there will be a delivery. Sometimes there’s a chuckle because no matter how many times they try to prevent my continuing God allows “Tiki”=Tanikka Paulk to move forward. Oh yes indeed.

That is moving ahead and to think of how many times the disruptions were projected and there is the movement again and again. My face still wears a smile. How many are excited to witness the movements, the transformations, the changes? I’m excited to experience the many “experiences” and to keep my thoughts together so that there is more and more productivity. Here is my dedication to self that’s right. It’s alright to congratulate self to enjoy spending time with self. To get to know self better.

Soon there will be the placements the ones who’ve tried to control my walk will realize that they’ve made the biggest mistakes. There were words projected which could cause others to stop their journey. “My name is Tanikka Paulk and here’s some of my story.” (Tanikka Paulk). Even the ones who were suppose to be supportive have tried to stop the path but there is the continuation right now. I’m pleased that there the confidence that “my leadership is just right!”

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I’m Proceeding Without the Antics

Why should there be focus on the antics? There shouldn’t be any focus on the stupidity. There are so many continuing to cause problems but I’m continuing to proceed so that there are more accomplishments, goals, and projects completed.  Are they trying to make me=Tanikka Paulk lose my focus? Perhaps that’s what they’re trying to do. My goal is to remain confident and continue to build upwards. The competitors will try things in order to get their competition down. That’s why it’s so important to remain positive and pray. There are some who refuse to pray perhaps because they don’t in believe in prayer but prayer helps.

To think that there are so many People willing to stop a writer from continuing. They take every word written personally. There is hope although there are occasions when the bugs are so more than pests. I’m choosing to focus on areas which add productivity. To focus on the antics would be that there’s less productivity and can one really afford to be less “productive?” There will be a time when it appears as though there’s slowness. The ones wanting to remove the focus perhaps have lost their confidence. “There are many reasons why the journey continues.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There is inspiration just looking closer is necessary. “It’s important to be surrounded by the visionaries.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones continuing to try and discourage won’t add any value to the journey. There are some so determined to break the chain of prosperity that they’ll send out the attacks even when it’s time to rest. The word has kept me=Tanikka Paulk. My faith hasn’t left me-Tanikka Paulk. There’s the drive to reach heights beyond measures. My eyes have seen what some may not see. I’m grateful to be able to have opportunities which some may desire.

My dreams remain with me=Tanikka Paulk. Yes there are many who’ve tried to take credit for my work. They’ve tried to remove my information but somewhere there will be proof. “There is a smile because I’m aware just how God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s a purpose to fulfill and I’m the mission to fulfill it. The thoughts are so important my attitude towards what has occurred has brought more understanding. There are many interested in my path. They want to head where I’m headed. Some may wonder what’s next.

Every person has be given a gift. There should be desires to nourish the talents. The competitors may seem like the devil but they can’t take away what God has already ordained. Yes, they’ll try, but the chosen should continue to proceed. There are some refusing to live their “dreams” because of what so many will try to do. The crowd will say plenty but what value will they add. There should be more encouraging but there seems to be so many trying to stop the dreams. “What is meant for one person isn’t meant for all. Meaning that God gives each person their individualized gift and talents.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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I’m Going to Keep Standing Firm

The battle continues. It appears as though so many believe that they have a right to my journey and my work. Clearly they’re mistaken because the work has the name “Tanikka Paulk” there. There’s so much proof and although the groups of People continuously come up against me=Tanikka Paulk I’m continuing because of God. They’ll called evildoers. God will see that the persons receive their discipline which is called “The Wrath of God.” No matter how many attacks are projected I’m proceeding because God already declared it is so. There will be continued reading of the Word. I’m going to continue to pray.

There are many evil forces and they’ll constantly attack the anointed. How does one deal with the attacks? The best way to deal with the attacks is to pray and keep on the Full Armor of God. No man can over power God. God has overcome the World meaning that mankind can’t defeat God. Satan tried to defeat God, Satan wanted to rule over God, God casted Satan to hell. Satan time is running out and he’s trying to gather as many souls as he can. So many will allow themselves to be used by Satan. They’ll be ordered to come up against the anointed one. “There will be a confirmation or confirmations that a person is anointed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. My purpose continues and the evildoers will receive what God promised.

There are many faces awaiting for my demise. The attacks administered haven’t caused a cease. The journey continues to move forward. The words spoken haven’t caused fear. I’ve spoken to Jesus Christ and received confirmations from God. In order to get to God one has to go through Jesus Christ. No man can become God or Jesus Christ but so many continue to think so. “I’m advocating and will continue to do so.” (Tanikka Paulk). So many think that they’re able to undo what God already declared. They’ll attack but what does God have to say? God already spoken.

what I’ve faced so many are too afraid to face. They’ve challenged me=Tanikka Paulk over and over. They’ve invaded in my work. They’re trying to destroy me=Tanikka Paulk but I’m favored by God. God designed my purpose and even when they think that I’m not worthy. God will intervene. Some have already suffered the Wrath of God. There are some unable to tell their story. There is no need for me=Tanikka Paulk to worry because God already have spoken the words in which He wants His children to receive. Yes, there will be men wanting to take on the role of God, and they’ll receive their punishment.

The Bible states that there should be a penny of pay to every man. Although they’ve tried to prevent my earning I’m still continuing. They’ve tried to cause my death and I’m still continuing. There will be justice served. There will be the discipline in which they deserve. Their thinking process is altered. I’ve been betrayed by many. There is still a smile on my face. I’m continuing to receive the victory! Glory and Grace is apart of my journey and I’m it.(Tanikka Paulk). Perhaps there are so many unwilling to accept that God declared it to be so. Glory!


My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m an advocate called the Mommy Advocate. I’ve also stated that i’m an activist which some may disagree. I’m so and it has been declared. I’m not concerned about what’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk because I’m a believer and will continue to seek God/Lord and Jesus Christ. Mankind can try to kill me=Tanikka Paulk but my main goal is to make it to Heaven. There will be no strife there and there won’t be any evildoers. Thank God. I’ve placed in some of my work Thank you and you=Tanikka Paulk. Amen!

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An Effective Measure is to Mentally Tune out
February 23, 2018

When there are many groups of People trying to cause mental disturbances there will need to be measures taken in order to remain sane. Yes, there will be some persons wanting to create insanity for many reasons. One of the reasons could be due to some being overly competitive. Unfortunately there are some refusing to allow or accept what has already been declared. They’ve based their perceptions on what they’ve heard or just what they’ve refused to accept. “There will be some willing to be cooperative no matter what is said or done.” By: Tanikka Paulk

In order to remain functional there will need to be some blocking out. There is no need to continue to focus on the communication which isn’t adding value. If what’s being said is causing disruptions then there should be movements towards the areas which creates upward motions. If any person is so in tuned with the individuals continuously trying to cause upsets then they’ll lag behind. If progress is to occur then there will certainly need to be disconnections in order to achieve the dreams or visions desired.

While on a journey one can find out whether they’ll be accepted or not. Persons continuing to create scenes in order to prevent achievements are doing themselves any favors. It’s best to allow the progression to occur so that there will be more values added. “Whether Persons are Valued or not the Person or Persons should Uplift Self and Continue on The Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The key is to remain focused and think positively. The amount of words can either encourage or discourage a person. The mindset of a person is so important. If there is too much “focus” on what others will say or have said then setback can occur.

If the actions haven’t generated what is needed for the journey then there will need to be some distance presented in order to continue walking the journey. Individuals continuing to make their way in and causing disturbances aren’t creating any “justice” and should be avoided. So many end up losing out because they’ve allowed the persons to create havoc and cause a meltdown within their journey. Continuing to allow the disturbances to occur isn’t beneficial for any journey.

The mind should receive “positive thoughts and information.” There should be continuous discoveries. No amount of words should cause a person to stop living their dream or dreams. There could be some willing to take many risks in order to obtain what the person is seeking. If that’s what they’re trying to do then there will need to be some protective measures in order to proceed. “There will be hecklers and all sorts of folks trying to cause discouragement but it’s up to the visionary whether to feed into what they’re saying.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“There are ways to obtain peace even when there’s chaos.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Should I be Dismayed by What has Occurred?????
October 19, 2017

For some they’ve discovered just how difficult it is to move in a certain direction. There is certainly adversity but there are so many who continuously try to project more adversity for certain individuals. Not sure why so many feel the need to try and make sure the economy becomes even more strained. Here’s a theory: There are a lot of people who are without confidence and who seem to be extremely insecure. How can one continue to move on a “upper level?” Go around the individuals by making moves in which they see and don’t see. What some may think is so may actually not be and what they may think isn’t may.

There are ways to make progress even when roadblocks have been set up! There is a reason why some go through more than others. There will be a coming of. Yes indeed. Too many believe that if they force individuals from getting ahead then they won’t. It’s certainly a a bad idea to keep coming after a person. The ones who continue to cause disruptions may find themselves in a position they’re to get out of. There are some who may not learn what it means “to be humble” until they’re placed in a strenuous situation. Trapped in a mindset in which they’ve produced on their own.

No amount of attacks should detour any person but of course some have given up because they’ve felt they’ve faced too much adversity. There will come a time when the persons who continuous come up against the “One” who is suppose to achieve further will find that they’ll face some of the most toughest challenges. Most are out to cause a mind to go bad. “To become” so sickened with negativity that there’s no way for the person or persons to continue on. That’s why it’s so important to pray for the mind. In order to have peace there has to be some modifications. “The Decision to Make Changes Which Will Help Create a Better State of Living.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

When they’re watching, they’ve recognized that there is greatness within, they’re aware that I’m chosen and filled with the gift otherwise persons don’t bother following mediocre. Not at all. There has to be a reason for the individuals to be on attack to be envious in “someway.” No matter what’s said or done each person who chooses to set off on a journey must understand that they’ll come across some of the most disturbed individuals and there has to be ways to deal with such persons. I (Tanikka Paulk) will continue because it’s obvious it’s God’s will.

Despite the setbacks and what so many continue to try to do. I’m still here for a reason and God has allowed me=(Tanikka Paulk) to proceed. No man or woman is in a position to become God and I’m no dismayed by what has occurred but disappointed of course. What some fail to understand that a lot of times the doors are opened to destruction by each individual who is apart of destroying. No matter how many claim that a person is the cause there are ways to go back to where “the door” was opened and it appears as if the door was opened when the breaches occurred.

Doesn’t seem very smart for individuals to be apart of a breach or breaches., Sounds as if there’s not too many thinkers. The thinkers would no better than to be apart of a breach but of course the ones who do not “care” about violating may not consider what they’ve done. Even the most educated individuals have taken  part. Doesn’t sound as if the educational part helped with their thinking. To be disturbed everyday may make some think that a person will be broken down within their mind. Devices are meant to be powered down. That’s what I (Tanikka Paulk) do. Power down and keep moving along.

What a time we’re facing, a time where there will be many changes, some welcomed while others will make some feel irritated. Too many stop advancing because of what so many continue to do. It’s the determination which helps so many carry on. What is designed for a person is so. What shall be shall be. No matter how many try to pull a person down. The will power and the “purposed” will continue on. So many will have to face battles and the battle is won through the word of God and keeping the “Full Armor of God” on.

The Journey Continues and That’s Right!” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Open Eyes and Shut Eyes

What am I (Tanikka Paulk) saying in the title above? I’m saying that it’s better to not focus on areas that can add no value. When there’s a lot of disruption we do not have to indulge in mischievous deeds. There are a lot of people who will continue to through their dramatics onto others but it’s better to continue on a path which can offer “better living.” Some think that if they challenge individuals day n and day out that they’ll receive whatever it is that they’re seeking. There are some who are so spiteful and do not know how to come out of darkness. One can choose to not see the hecklers causing all sorts  of havoc. Ignoring can help no need to be consumed with the stress they’re dish out.

When we smile through the chaos, we’ll find that we’ll be in better positions. Some want to see just how far they’re able to go. There are some who are so out of tune not considering how their actions are costly the persons “abundance.” Some can receive more prosperity but there are some who are way too envious to do so. Trying to cause all sorts of disruptions but refusing to project what is needed to live in a better society. Not seeing and being apart of their antics is a great way to stay mentally sound.

There are some who want to see just where they stand so they may continue to dish out insults or bash in order to see what the person or persons are thinking. Some situations don’t need the attention at least not from certain individuals. We’re able” to quickly observe “which should receive the attention and the ones who do not need any of it. For so many they’ll fall victim of the attention seekers. The ones who continue to through out their hate in order to try an defeat a person.

The love will conquer the problems. It is love which “continues” on despite the garbage dished out. All the trials can not stop one from their pathway unless they’re willing to stop. There are so many who deal with the cynics and yes they can be a pain in the rear. We’ll discover that there’s a lot of people who feel hopeless and because of the feelings they may behave abnormally. The attacks shouldn’t be discouragement, in fact the attacks should make persons want to continue, believe that there will be a breakthrough.

Do not pay close attention to fools. The foolish ones are the ones who have to attack (Tanikka Paulk) everyday. They’re in a position in which they may not know how to come out of. The attacks and bullying hasn’t forced a cease. I’m still here for a reason. “I’m still continuing on despite my circumstances.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones who can not refrain from being bad are in a lot of trouble. They’ll have to worry about worldly trouble and hell. Perhaps praising and clapping for the future blessings will help forget about the disorderly.

“Still Blessed Even When They’re Attacking my Anointed and Chosen Position.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Weight loss with determination and willpower
March 19, 2017

Women are no good at losing weight. In fact women cannot lose weight as fast as men can do. I dare you girls, do it like men do. That is a difficult job for most girls unless they are determined.

You may hate to admit it but the fact is that you should really learn it from men when it comes to reducing your weight. Maybe true, now I know why some girls can do it better and some of them just cannot lose weight though they eat lesser and skip a day without having a single meal.

Men are far less likely to follow diet program compared to girls but when men put up the effort they succeed. In fact, nine out of ten men on a diet managed to lose their weight at an average of five percent of their body weight within 10-12 weeks. While only 3-4 women did manage the same in same time.

However, women would never admit it that they are no good at keeping control. Hey come on I am only kidding but the facts are as given under but it sounds unfair but men have the psychological advantage over the women when it comes to ditching the flubs.

In fact, men have larger proportion of muscles than women do and that means higher metabolism which means more weight loss. Therefore, on the same calorie count a man generally loses more weight than a woman does.

As per different scientific studies people especially women on exercise programs based on the energy cost/spent by any particular exercise, how much weight one does lose and it has been found that almost none because most of them did not go as per their scheduled program.

That was due to sheer lack of willpower of determination but most of them did it for the sake of going through the notions.

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Built to Conquer and Rise

Even if the whole world turns their back. There is self. The importance of self motivation in troubling times. Adversity will occur and there will be times when we feel so drained due to having to face so many challenges at one time. There will be times when the resistance will appear to be more than we’ve bargained for. No matter how difficult times are we’re are built to conquer. “Having the right mindset is important.” No not a defeated attitude.

If there’s a fall then there is a way to rise above. To believe that there’s are more than one way to get through the many challenges is quite helpful. Some may not like being challenged and to be frank some go way too far when challenging others. There’s no amount of challenges which are too much and yes may appear that way. Some become discouraged when they’ve fallen. Not knowing if they’ll be able to redo. There’s many possibilities.

We’re built strong and sometimes some want to see just how strong others are. May do some of the most ridiculous things to do so. There will be many battles. Some days feel as if we’re in the middle of war. Some days may feel as if there is little “progress.” No day is a wasted day. The key is to keep going even when there are many storms arriving. The storms will pass eventually. Gets easier and although some processes seem awfully challenging. There’s still ways to get through each challenge.

Just looking back on some of the situation in which we’d had to overcome seem like a miracle. When going through sometimes it’s hard to imagine coming out of the holes we’re in. There will be a lot of proving. Proving who we are, proving how much we’re able to withstand, proving that we’re capable. We’re all capable but some choose to not even try due to so much adversity. Not all want to face critics and be heckled at.

Of course going through such challenges can be frustrating at times. Some may not want to let up. A lot of the challenges may arise because some are too competitive. Not wanting to allow their competition to move ahead. Through determination any person who attempts to complete goals or has a “vision” can rise up. The obstacles are a given. There will be roadblocks.

Some may not have any hope in what’s being done but as long as there’s self confidence then there’s hope. The days may seem long and there will be some long nights. There will be times when it may seem difficult to get out of bed. Not wanting to deal with all of the chaos which can arise and probably will. When others are observing a rise there will be some who aren’t pleased with the “elevation.”

The pulling down will occur. That’s the reason why so many refuse to even start, Afraid of having to deal with critics and cynics. If there’s a desire to get anywhere at all then there has to be some “effort made.” There will be times when it appears as if a standstill has occurred and in some cases standstills will occur. Some unfairness will occur. Not everyone will know how to deal with others trying to elevate.

Through it all there is light. There will be bright days and of course there will days when it’s pouring. Anyone who has a vision will find that there will be many challenges along the way. Some will try to tear apart the vision and some will try to claim the vision. Unfortunately that so many feel the need to try and hold others back. For some, they’re just trying to see how determined a person is, and others they’re just trying to be difficult. No matter how difficult others become. “Rise up anyway.”

“Challenged Maybe? Able to Conquer? Yes Indeed.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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