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It’s my Journey and I’m Protecting it

Should all persons travel on the journey? No. Especially if they’re trying to sabotage. There needs to be some boundaries set. My journey doesn’t belong to all. I’m fighting to keep what belongs to my purpose. That’s right. I’ve faced the cynics oh my gosh are they so determined to cause disruptions but I’m more determined to reach my destination. There should be focus and is yes having to deal with such individuals is like a thorn in my side but I’m learning just how to deal with the persons. “Determined enough to proceed and blessed enough to deserve the abundance.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Why would so many be so determined to cause a disconnection from my dreams? Perhaps they haven’t lived their dreams. My path was chosen by God and although so many have tried to cause the disconnect there are many reasons why I’m proceeding. Follow the dreams, believe, and experience the rewards. Soon enough there will be completeness and what occurred will vanish. There will be positives and there will also be the negatives. The trials will seem long but eventually the trials will fade. Have to keep moving and keep believing.

I’m filled with happiness yes indeed. Yes there have been many challenges but they’ve made me=Tanikka Paulk stronger. “They’ve tried to control my path but I’ve refused to allow the challenges to get the best of me=Tanikka Paulk.” Here I am continuing to reap the rewards. It’s very rewarding to be chosen to be thought of. No matter what’s been said I’m refusing to lose my confidence. The darts thrown haven’t caused my path to crumble. The ones who are suppose to come along are and the others will have to be left behind.

All persons should come along in fact most will have to travel alone. “I’m just” and It certainly takes patience to deal with the cynics. There will be moments when they’re completely ignored. God has set my purpose and I’m living my purpose. Perhaps soon what I’ve been truly awaiting will arrive or there will be a delivery. Sometimes there’s a chuckle because no matter how many times they try to prevent my continuing God allows “Tiki”=Tanikka Paulk to move forward. Oh yes indeed.

That is moving ahead and to think of how many times the disruptions were projected and there is the movement again and again. My face still wears a smile. How many are excited to witness the movements, the transformations, the changes? I’m excited to experience the many “experiences” and to keep my thoughts together so that there is more and more productivity. Here is my dedication to self that’s right. It’s alright to congratulate self to enjoy spending time with self. To get to know self better.

Soon there will be the placements the ones who’ve tried to control my walk will realize that they’ve made the biggest mistakes. There were words projected which could cause others to stop their journey. “My name is Tanikka Paulk and here’s some of my story.” (Tanikka Paulk). Even the ones who were suppose to be supportive have tried to stop the path but there is the continuation right now. I’m pleased that there the confidence that “my leadership is just right!”

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