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The joy of Finding Peace Through Spiritual Meditation

When one comes across chaotic environments there will need to be outlets in which peace can be found. In order to keep sane there should be areas in which peace is developed. So many could be having difficulties obtaining peace due to having to deal with so many problems. No person should have to deal with problematic events everyday. There are some continuously finding that they’re experiencing storm after storm. “There will be problems while here but problems can fade and there must be patience while going through the trials.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are so many without understanding, and that’s why they’re without peacefulness, perhaps the line of thinking should be transformed. I’m finding peace through “The Word of God.” Praying and continuing to understand my path helps to generate peacefulness. Although there’s the chaos. I’m still continuing to smile and proceed with my purpose. God has planned and designed my purpose and although mankind continues to try and disrupt my journey. “I’m proceeding gladly.” By: (Tanikka Paulk).

Yes they’ll try to disrupt the journey I’m on. My praises go to God the Father of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ. I’ve found my peace and hoping others find theirs. There is hope and I’m continuing to make progress because of God/Lord which is the same. No man can defeat God or become God. There are so many continuing to take God’s place and they’ll find that they’re unsuccessful. Peace can be found by transforming the mind. The “Love” (Tanikka Paulk is here.  “What are so many disturbed about?” (Tanikka Paulk). What a good question.

Perhaps some are having difficulties accepting and without the acceptance and understanding. The persons will continue to find that their minds are disturbed. I’m a believer in God and Jesus Christ. I’ve found that mankind can create many wars but how willing will mankind be when it comes to creating peace? There will be a time when the problems will come to a complete cease. There will be moving on to another place. While I’m here I’m going to continue to find what God has offered me=Tanikka Paulk.

There is joyfulness knowing that God has declared my purpose. God has already spoken but how many are listening? There is fulfillment. My hands will clap singing and praising because I Tanikka Paulk know that God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be justice and God will see that the path comes together. What is said about me=Tanikka Paulk holds no weight. I’m too determined to move backwards. i’m focused on the ahead. Claps because I’m anointed and there has been the confirmation and confirmations. So many have felt the need to try and destroy me=Tanikka Paulk.

I’m still here and proceeding because God allows the movements. My prayer continues and the praying in a room will continue as long as I’m here on earth. The time has come when there will be the voice of ministering. The words spoken coming from my voice. What so many have done they’ll have to live with. I’m Life, Love, Time and so much more. Glory! Certainly I’m feeling victorious. What they though they were wrong. The challenges haven taken me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m proceeding because that’s what I’m suppose to do. That is me=Tanikka Paulk. God has spoken regarding this and that both Tanikka Paulk.

Yes I’ve been duplicated but I’m still finding the peace deserved. There are a lot of words spoken about me=Tanikka Paulk. The words can either create a stronger person or create weakness. The insults haven’t taken away my peace. There is hopefulness which so many have removed. There are reasons why so many feel the need to project hatefulness. Even when there’s the negatives I’m going to project love. Love, love, LOVE and love! Gracefully huh?

Life, LIFE, life. Life! LIFE!= Tanikka Paulk

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The Experiences Could Generate Strength
January 25, 2018

There’s so many so much to experience and what we’re experiencing could cause greater growth, prosperity, or so much more. There’s a lot to learn and the continuous learning is what’s occurring now. No matter what the experiences are there will be some lessons involved. “There’s a choice whether to gain more knowledge or to experience emptiness.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What I’ve faced and continue to face has certainly generated strength. There’s a purpose for my movement. Although there’s been some setbacks I’m continuing on. “God continues to see that I’m headed somewhere.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes that=Tanikka Paulk

It’s amazing how so many will try to alter what’s already been declared. Here’s my outlook on the experiences. The experiences have brought what some may not understand, brought higher positioning, and abundance in which some aren’t able to view. They’re not meant to know what’s taking place. The connections qualified to come along will and the ones thinking they are qualified may not be qualified at all. The focus is on getting to a place where there’s further growth and there will be continuous better living. The changes which occur may not be accepted by all. The words spoken seemed to be perceived incorrectly.

There will be so many taking every word spoken literally. There should be more focus on the areas which will add value. No matter what their thoughts are their line of thinking hasn’t caused the purpose to be removed. The focus on achieving more continues. I’m aware of how so many view my ideas and the vision but still there is movement in which I’m so blessed to experience. It’s obvious that God has designed and favored the journey. Just because we go through the trials doesn’t mean that we’re not suppose to continue. No person will be without problems.

“We’ll have to go through the storms in order to receive the breakthroughs.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The competitors will continue competing but for what? Some may not even realize why they’re competing. The way that so many compete can cause a meltdown within society. Perhaps they’re not thinking that they’re causing more problems instead of finding solutions. What’s perceived could be correct but some of what’s perceived they’ve demonstrated that they’re thinking isn’t correct. “My purpose is every person’s purpose so therefore there is no need to think so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

God is allowing the journey to continue and there is thankfulness as well as gratefulness because I’m headed somewhere. Although so many may claim that I’m within stillness, there’s movement right now, yes indeed. No matter how many try to take away what God has stored up there’s is a blessing blessings in the journey. I’ve achieved and will continue to achieve even if there’s little movement. “The entire world could become angered but the anger won’t cause a cease because God has already declared my purpose.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Amen to that! (T. Paulk)

“The Present Time, The Love is Near, The Life of Mine. The Gift From God. To Live to Love and to Fulfill.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Gift” “Present Sent From God.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Avoidance is Necessary When Trying to Accomplish a Purpose

We’re all given a purpose and it appears as though some are trying to live others purpose. There should be attempts to create our own dreams and avoid tagging onto other’s dreams or purpose. For so many they’ve given up on trying to purpose their purpose. There are so many continuously trying to distract visionaries in order to hinder or prevent the visions from coming together. When so many desire to hinder what is purposed then they’re placing themselves at risk. They’re trying to minimize what God has already declared. Mankind will try to do so and God will allow some of what occurs to occur but it’s up to God whether we’ll receive.

Just be Determined to get There

Focus on the pursuit and not what others are saying. There will be so many opinions and there is a choice whether to listen or to proceed. The distractions are placed in order to create slowness. The ones who’ve chosen to give up are missing out on what could be “glorious.” So many have listened to the critics and critics will have their say. They’ll speak but do we have to there? Choose to listen to the constructive criticism. What’s being said may not add any value. There will be some willing to project valuable information and data. Some will refrain from allowing this-that to make certain moves. Although such things may occur. The determination will allow the visionary to continue and become even more successful.

There will be a lot of adversity. Some may choose to add more adversities in order to recognize whether more developments have occurred. The envious will continue to try and disrupt and also try to take claim of the works performed. No matter how hard some may try to get next to visionaries it’s up to the visionaries whether to proceed or to cease. Coming close to the purpose occurs when there is continuous movement. Sometimes we’ll have to shut off from some in order to become more productive. The areas in which cause less productivity should be avoided or less time should be spent in such environments.

There should be focus on getting close to completing the dreams. So many have dreamed but refuse to put their dreams to work. There should be the desire to incur more growth and yes there are some not pleased with witnessing “movements.” Of course there will be setbacks but the setbacks aren’t reasons to stop pursuing. We’;re on positions to advance further and although there will be many difficulties there shouldn’t be a cease. The words projected could be valuable and some of what’s said is gibberish. The doubters  will doubt and may not want certain individuals to live their dream.

There will be some wanting to subtract instead of add. A lot of noise will occur and we’ll have to shut the noise out. There will lots of saying and perhaps not enough encouraging words. That’s why it’s so important to encourage self. Unfortunately there will be come wanting to make  a visionary lose control and feel badly about self. Encouraging ourselves is needed and continuing to move forward towards the purpose is important. Some aren'[t quite focused on their purpose and could be more focused on other’s “purpose.”

What some fail to understand that not all should be traveling on the journey. There are some in no position to come along. When there is a destination to arrive to then there certainly shouldn’t be others coming along. There will times when we’ll need to express that some aren’t welcome. So many may feel as though they have a right to be apart of the vision. “My Work is of my own and There is Refusal to Hand Over my Work.” Tanikka Paulk. The ones feeling the need to take credit for my work aren’t confident. Producing our own work is of great importance.

this that= Tanikka Paulk

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Some Become Discouraged but I Tanikka Paulk am not
October 28, 2017

No matter how many choose to cause discouragement. i’m refusing to back down from my journey. There is no reason at all why I (Tanikka Paulk) would want to stop trying to excel further. Despite the setbacks and dealing with the troubled ones. I’m continuing on and there are many reasons why I’m doing so. Of course it’s not easy trying to get ahead. There are so many who will try to pull me=(Tanikka Paulk) down. Oh my goodness. Some are so in tuned with trying to make sure that there isn’t any further advancement that they’re forgetting to pay attention to their own lives. No matter what occurs there sill always be some who refuse “to accept” the “purpose.”

We’re in positions to conquer however some do not because of their ways. Not willing to just allow what was already declared. No matter how much mankind tries to stop a “purpose” or process. God can intervene at anytime. Some may not understand exactully how God operates and that’s why so many choose to continue to do what they’re doing. Too many are concerned about what shall be gained but aren’t trying to create their own prosperity. It’s so unfortunate when so many refuse to allow achievements to occur.

I’ve discovered that there doesn’t appear to be too many good ones. What’s occurring is proof of such. It’s hard to believe that so many are so corrupt. Doing so many wrongs and not willing to do the rights. No matter how the attacks come no person who “choose to advance” should stop. There are some who will try to pull down because they’re afraid. Afraid of how far the person on the journey can go. Of course trying to get the persons to understand that the calling was destined before my presence.

“What is for me=(Tanikka Paulk) is just that. So many believe that trying to stop a person from achieving greater will work. What God has declared will be so. Through this journey there is a lot of connecting with the “Word of God.” The Bible “continues” to help with getting through the trials. There’s a lot of trials to face. No amount of trials are a reason to lose hope. There still is hopefulness and I’m encouraged and I’m not discouraged. Yes, it’s wuite irritating to have to deal with so many who are like crabs, my focus is on getting to where I (Tanikka Paulk) need and want to be.

Soon enough there will be a finalization. My purpose shall be fulfilled. No matter how others view my journey or my life. I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished. Of course there will be others who have accomplished more but what I’m thrilled about is where I’m headed. Not too many are though. It’s quite obvious. It’s alright that I’ve been used or being used because my “breakthroughs and blessings” are awaiting. God knows what I (Tanikka Paulk) need and desire. The needs will come first and what is desired must be obtained on my own. I’m willing to shed tears, be broken hearted in order to reach my destination, I’m still here for many reasons.

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Difficulties on the Journey Aren’t an Excuse to Cease

Oh yes indeed there are many difficulties trying to rise up. There will be a lot of resistance, so many wanting their way, perhaps some should take the high way. It’s so unfortunate when so many try to stop others from making progress. Perhaps some wanting to place individuals positions they simply have no right to. Not fair of course but we’re living in a world where there are lots of people who are bullheaded. Yes, trying to create disturbances for others, but should consider focusing on their own “progress.”

Why are so many so in tuned with trying to knock others down? There are many different “reasons” why some will try to knock a person down. For one, envy, not wanting to see others get ahead. Trying to hold back because some are very egotistical and want to remain the King or Queen of the castle. That’s right. So there will be a lot of disruptions. The ones who refuse to live a dream may become irritated with having to see others live theirs.

There has always been competition so therefore there will be some who are overly competitive and will try to make situations more difficult for certain individuals. Not the best position to be in. The have what feels like the entire world coming up against a person has to be quite troubling. There are ways to manage of course. Taking breaks is important. Staying in “environments” which are consumed with a lot of chaos can cause a decline in health.

There are a lot of personalities to deal with so there will be some who will try to be difficult at all times. They’re considered toxic. It’s better to disconnect in order to keep sane than to engage in their foolish ways. The journey is difficult anyway but some will intentionally make trouble for others. Trying to make the individual or individuals stop moving any “further.” There are some who will continuously try  to disconnect others from what can actually generate more growth. Their tactics may not be effective if the persons refuse to give in.

No person should allow any individual to take away their vision. There should be a desire to get ahead. To make some positive changes. There will be a lot of finger pointing and of course some who aren’t even in a position to do so. Oh yes. There’s way too many people who are focused on what others are or aren’t doing. They’re continuing to miss out on “some great opportunities” because they’re refusing to place focus on their own development.

A lot of what occurs may not make any sense. There are times when trying to get others to understand just what’s occurring becomes useless. It’s better to just move on and if some want to stay in a state of ignorance then that’s their choice. Persons decide to change on their own. Some may never change their line of thinking. Some will continue to try and stop “growth” or a purpose. Keep moving no matter how difficult the travel becomes.

“Trying to Stop a Dream, Vision, or Purpose is a Mistake so Many Continue to Make.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Qualities of a Good Teacher

We always say teaching is a passion; this cliche plays a very important role in teaching. Teaching is not an easy task because it requires a lot of knowledge, skills, experiences, courage, strength, dedication and the like in shaping and molding her/his learner holistically. Therefore a teacher shall posses all the qualities of a good teacher as follows:

a. Passionate
Without love, you will never enjoy what you do; loving everything you do enables you to do more great things. Most of the hiring companies require this when it comes to teaching specifically.

b. Industrious
A teacher should always be industrious in preparing everything that she needed in teaching for his/her learners need to learn. A teacher who posses this trait is a very valuable asset not only to the company but also for the students.

c. Prepared and Cautious
A teacher must always be prepared in any kind of situation that she/he may encounter before, during and after teaching. This is to anticipate the occurrence of some problems. Students vary from their style, effort, techniques and the like on how to learn their lessons so being cautious help you anticipate the unexpected.

d. Problem-Solver
A teacher doesn’t only teach the subject or the lesson. He/she must be a good problem-solver. She/he should always some remedy on the problem that arises from the class.

e. Approachable and Humble
Despite of the teachers’ expertise, knowledge and skills about the subject, he/she must know how to go down to the level of her students to let them feel that they are important to her/him. This helps the students to learn well because they feel accepted and comfortable.

f. Knowledgeable and Skilled
A teacher must have a wide knowledge and skills about what he/she teaches to avoid limited knowledge to be passed on to her learners. As the saying goes, “you can never give or share things you do not have.”

g. Have Self-control
Sometimes in class, a teacher gets angry in a situation when the learners go beyond the rules and limitations. In this case, the teacher should control herself to avoid doing bad behaviors that he/she’ll regret at the end.

h. God-Fearing
There is no greater character of a teacher than to be God-fearing. If a teacher possesses this, she can handle every single situation in the classroom. She/he may face some problems but can always find good solutions. She/he may encounter great challenges but he’ll/she’ll never get frustrated, rather a teacher will be more passionate and stronger after these challenges. I call this a “total package” because it covers all the characters that I had mentioned and even the unmentioned.

If you are with God, you can do all things because God will give you the strength, guidance and protection you need.

I have never seen a God-fearing teacher who failed. All of them are successful. As the Bible says in the book of II Chronicles 20:15, “Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed of the great multitude for the battle is not yours but Gods”. It is very clear that if we depend on the Lord, He will always make ways for us. Whatever the job we do, we will always accomplish it successfully.


Teaching is really a passion at the same time a calling. The job of a teacher doesn’t end up on the four corners of the room but it expands. It doesn’t end up in developing the cognitive domain of the learners but includes every aspect of their lives.

A teacher doesn’t need to be perfect in every way but she can always find ways to cater to the needs of her learner.

To all the teachers, KUDOS!

You have devoted your life for your learners holistic development even at times when you’re down and almost breaking inside, you conceal those sad emotions and pains to be able to show a strong and happy appearance just to strengthen and encourage your learners in facing every challenges in life.

You have greatly served your purpose!

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Some Just Aren’t Aware how Purpose Works
February 5, 2017

What God ordains no man can take away. So while individuals plot and ploy. Their efforts will fail because of “purpose.” When God in wants His children to “Prosper” that’s what will occur no matter how many attempts are made to disrupt. Some aren’t believing the words of God. When they’re continuously trying to attack and stop what’s been laid out. They’re disservice to themselves. They’re generating reaping. The Reap what is sowed.

Never know who’s suppose connected and why. God choose individuals who are tore up from the floor up. That’s why so many have difficulties getting certain individuals down. As they’re trying shake, trying to instill fear, trying to disrupt. God has already worked it out. That’s God expresses about the weapon. Weapons will for but the weapons won’t prosper. So they’ll orchestrate the plans but every plan will fade.

They’re not operating in a spiritual sense. They’re operating in a worldly sense. So God does not operate worldly. The efforts placed on trying to get individuals down aren’t working. They’re protected by God. Not by gangs, not by people, not by the people but God. The enemies will come and attack in one direction and leave in the other.

Evil and hate can not prosper. When the attacks come. The attacks are operated through evilness. So the attackers will face the Wrath of God. The wrath could include losing finances, losing a job, decline in health. Some are here to tell how they were affected by the wrath. God insist we all put on “The Full Armor of God.” That’s the protection.

When they’re trying to plan a wipe out. All the plotting will turn around and they’ll have to deal with the consequences. That’s why John 14: says, “Do not Let Your Heart be Troubled.” The Living God which means the Creator of Mankind is always in charge. individuals may have worldly positions but God is the Creator and is in charge here and in Heaven.

They’re unaware of what they’re doing. That’s why some individuals when survive situations which appear as if the individuals had zero changes of survival. God allowed the individuals to survive. Cases where a victim was shout multiple times and survived. “Protected.” Not by a blue or red but God.

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