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The Ability to Focus Where Need be

In order to accomplish set goals one has to decide to focus. That’s right. focus on the important aspects of the purpose. Every person received their own gifts but it seems as though there are so many wanting to tear down the gifts of the person called one. “My focus is to continue to perform the duties in which will help others as well as myself.” by: Tanikka Paulk. Although there are the many challenges I’m confidently proceeding. Too focused to bother with the antics. Being able to handle the personalities and behaviors is a blessing. I’ve focused on the area and areas in which can and will “build.”

I’m a self motivator, generator, and stated to be greater than the temple. Yes that is. I’m smiling because I’m aware of that I’m chosen and the competition has to either accept or continue to lack “peacefulness.” I’m at peace there is no “amount of” noise in which will prevent me=Tanikka Paulk which is thee from praising God and Jesus Christ. The focusing is here right now! There is no need to fall into the traps in which the competitors try to project. They are frustrated I’m aware because of their actions. I’m never alone.

The challenges have actually produced ‘greater.” There is greatness within and outer. Obviously my actions have intimidated so many. There is a shield in which they have tried to penetrate but how effective are the individuals? Their actions to continuously try to pull down aren’t by any means causing my journey to decline. What is theri argument about? There seems to be more than just a dispute. Do they know the difference? Although they’ve followed my mission continues to excel I’m victorious God already said so.

Looking at what I’ve already accomplished and appreciating the persons who’ve helped with the accomplishments. They have decided to be “along” on my journey. Great! There is awesomeness right here! Perhaps they should consider becoming focused and see what else they can accomplish. “Everything Else” is here. Just continues to make the moves and the Bible states that just is also “made.” Whole that’s what Daughter is and will always be. The efforts are made but there is the continuing actions towards the make. I’ve certainly experienced a lot and I’m thankful that I’ve been chosen by God and mankind.

I’ve focused on the skills and learned but there is more learning to do. To build the knowledge and to continue to embrace the “key.” Many doors have opened and some closed but oh my “goodness” there is so much hopefulness and the competitors are having difficulties keeping up! I’m kept in the protective area so that I’m able to complete the mission, journey, and purpose. Are they following me=Tanikka Paulk. Yes they are and they’ve proven they are following greatness.

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