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Must Keep Going Until The Mission is Complete

There’s a purpose to fulfill and there’s the determination to fulfill the purpose. Oh yes there’s so many who’ve thought that they could try to create a detour but they were unaware just how powerful God is. God the Father of Jesus Christ. Mankind will demonstrate their hatefulness but what does God say? There will continue to be movements so that there are victories. To be victorious is to continue to believe that there is worth to be worthy. No matter “what words” are projected to believe is what so many lack. My belief hasn’t been removed and God has favored the journey.

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Although there have been many trials I’m still hopeful, grateful, and full of gratitude. I’m continuing for many reasons. The foes will try to prevent what was already designed but there must be the transformation of the mind so that there is further progress and results. “There is joyfulness because God said He would do what He said He would do.” Amen to that. (Tanikka Paulk). I’ve discovered what some probably wouldn’t dare to discover. The words have already been spoken and there is the conquering. Remember love conquers and will continue to be the strength.

I’m strong and have been brave how many are? They’ll try to discourage perhaps because they’re intimidated by “the movements.” There will be others demonstrating the emotion love. There will be storms pouring in. There will be battles which may seem long. The decision to battle properly will determine the outcome. The desire to keep on “The Full Armor of God” is right here. The tactics used to try and cause a cease hasn’t caused an decrease in my confidence. What’s said isn’t a reason to turn back. There are some lacking the components needs to fulfill completeness.

The journey continues with the presence of God and Jesus Christ. Mankind forsakes but God and Jesus Christ will remain and demonstrate the love. When mankind turns their back God will embrace and when they display that their without love then God will display that He’s love is unconditional. There is still the desire to pray and praise the Father. Glory! They’ve tried to cause a rift on the mission at hand. My mission but God is way too powerful and can not be defeated. No man can become God or Jesus Christ. I’ve been followed to be attacked but my mindset continues to be strong.

The goal is to complete the tasks, complete the mission, to live abundantly. How many truly understand what’s to take place? There are some desiring to do nothing but compete when there are “objectives” and goals to complete there is no time for foolish behaviors. There should be actions and there shall be. “What has mankind caused perhaps they’ve thought of the actions or perhaps they’ll continue to think that destruction will help their own causes. Don’t see why.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’m headed somewhere despite what the thoughts are. Movement continues and I’m grateful.

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