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How to be a good friend; how to make friends
March 18, 2017

how to, there are lost of posts about how to, but i saw some only asking about how to have friend, so i wanted to write what i know about having good friends, i dont know much as life is endless school, but i know good info

coworkers or study mate, or neighbors are not as good as good friend, good friend is your back support, they are you fun and some times your sadness, but they make you sad for one reason to make you happier person they tell sometimes what hurts you only to see you better

can not imagine life away from my friends, some of them i studied with and some worked with, thats how we met.

some of them our friendship started by hate then friendship and some really smoothly started friendship with.

so it depends on who are you, your presonality and you lifestyle, it also depend on who are they their personalities and their life style

i say that due to the activities and areas that bring all closer.

list of things that helps you to make friend

dont judge, its really bad character that no one like to hear

be nice and sensitive to their feelings and what makes them happy or sad

be polite when you talk about their families in any situation you face

if you dont like some of their opinion dont have to agree, but at least do not be sarcastic about it.

do remember the important things in their lives, such as and not limited to their brith, their graduation also any thing that important to them

in parties or celebrations do bring gifts, like in friendship day or so on, gifts do not put you in trouble, like pricey gifts, its enough to know it means you remember this and you dont go with empty hands, simple thing like flowers, sweets, chocolate anything will do.

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