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Is The Press/Media The “Enemy of The People”?

Is The Press/Media The “Enemy of The People”?

      Recently Mr. Trump in his speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) meeting has made a remark to that effect that the “fake news the enemy of the people”, which directly imply that the American Press or Media  as the enemy of the American people.

Such a statement from the highest official of the U.S. is really shocking and to my mind is inappropriate and uncalled for.

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In a country that cherishes liberty and individual freedom like America and a Nation that promotes the advancement of democracy in the world, such kind of remarks from no less than its President is irresponsible and has no basis at all.

This is the first time that I ever hear of any American President making such toxic comment against the American Press or the American Media.

The Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

      The substantial contrast between a democratic society and government in comparison with any communist, totalitarian or fascist government is the undying democratic faith and belief in Liberty and Individual Freedom. Such belief and faith serves as the sentinel against the abuses and excesses of any despotic powers.

It is not inspiring and it is even disheartening to hear Mr. Trump’s unwarranted assault against the press or the media for the mere sake of political expediency. Mr. Trumps wants to demonize the American Media or American Press as the “enemy of the American people”.

Such kind of remark only shows his impatience and political immaturity on how the media or the press really works. He is not a naïve man for him to know this fact. He is old enough to know the role of the free press in a democratic government.

Is the media really the enemy of the people Mr. Trump? Excuse me. Or is it you who is the real enemy of the American people and the one destroying the good image and high respect that America has in the eyes of the International Community?

How could Mr. Trump “makes America great again” when he has a twisted and unhealthy concept of the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press which is among the bedrock of American civil liberties?

Is Mr. Trump expecting the press to sing only about his hosanna, alelluiah and praises until the kingdom come?

The Press as the Fourth Estate or Fourth Power in American Society

      The Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press is the birth right of any Americans which no President could take away or curtail. It is the very check and watch dog against the government and the government official abuses and excesses.

Such freedom is a constitutionally recognize and constitutionally protected rights under the First Amendments of the American Constitution. The constitution does not give or grant such right but recognize its existence as a counterweight against the abuses in the exercise of government powers against the individual and society.

Mr. Trump is less than four months old in his Presidency after his oath-taking last January 20, 2017, yet he is so critical and antagonistic to the American Press or the American Media and maybe the feeling and thinking between the American President and the news media are mutual with regards to each other. Who knows?

While it may be true that the American Press is indeed critical and perhaps sometimes too vocal in its treatment of Mr. Trump’s action and policy in the White House, such critical and vocal attitude is needed in any vibrant democracy such as America.

If the American Press would maintain its silence and write nothing on what’s going on today in America, then it will be the beginning of the end of the Freedom of  Speech, Freedom of the Press and even perhaps the American Democratic Way of Life.

Image source: http://www.salonemonitor.net/defense-minister-palo-conteh-warns-members-of-the-press/freedom-of-press-2/





    1. I don’t get the idea how come the press or media entities and people are the enemy, in the first place they are the mediator for the people and the government. They are giving news and information constituents to government and vice versa.

      It doesn’t mean the when they hurt people or expose the wrong agenda of the state that they are the enemy now. Sometimes this is just misinterpretation.

      Though I think, sometimes its the sides or angles that the media and press people they present that they are being hit. But being being biased, for me, is when you attacked one people or entity and don’t the side of that concern person. But even when you attacked but tried to get their comment, that is fair– well, as far as myself is concern.

      • I absolutely agree with your observation and comment. The remarks that “the fake news is the enemy of the people” came from no less than Mr. Donald Trump himself.

        He misunderstood the vital role of the press or media. Yes you are right, media may be considered as the “mediator” between the government and the people which it governs. That’s why it is called the “Fourth Estate” or “The Fourth Power” in society. It implies press/media’s role and importance.

        In every democratic government and society throughout the world, the value and importance of the press/media is cherished. Without the press or media, there would be no efficient transmission of knowledge and informations; there would be no basis for the variety of views and opinions, not to mention intelligent debates on any social issues of the day.

        The media or press can truly make or break anyone when it wanted to. It could also be a force to reckon. Its primary role to my mind is to make every one aware on what’s going on around us.

        With awareness comes knowledge. And with knowledge comes intelligent decision to act, to make the voice of the people heared by the government or any power that be.

    2. Mr.Trump did not know how a media organization works. He did not know that journalists have a set of Tenets that they follow in the course of their job as news gatherer; news provider. There could be some rotten eggs in the media, but not all of them are bad; there are still crusading ones who value the truth so much, because credibility is very important to them.

    3. yes they are the enemy due to the fact that people depend on them in the past to knwo the news but for the bad luck there is not much morals now adays and the media or social media become trade and keys that business world get big bite of it to serve there business and fool some people, that is how it works

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