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Computer Language And It Distinct Vocabulary – Part One


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Over a period of time computers have evolved and so has the language and its vocabulary full of esoteric and colorful terms and phrases. Here are some of the distinct vocabulary being revisited starting with the alphabet A, some of which many of us are familiar but do not know the full meaning. Here is the first in the series. Read and enjoy names and its meaning.

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Absolute Address – The actual location in storage of a particular unit of data; an address that control unit can interpret directly. Also a number of label used to identify a specific storage location in the computers memory.

Access Time – Time required for data to be sent to or obtained from a storage unit.

Address – A number of label that represents a particular location in the computer memory. Every piece of data processed in a computer must be identified by its address so that the computer can access the data. Also to transmit data to or from the computer memory.

ADP – Automatic data processing referring to the manipulation of information by a system of electronic or electrical machines so interconnected and interacting as to reduce to a minimum the need for human assistance or intervention.

Algol – Acronym for Algorithmic Oriented Language, a scientifically oriented computer language that was designed to make the programming and representation of ┬ácomputational problems direct and efficient.

Analog computer – Performs functions upon numbers in other than digital form, that is, on data presented in a continuous form. In mechanical analog computers, numbers are often represented by the physical quantities of the computers, numbers may be represented by voltages.

Application study – A study conducted to determine a computer programs, equipment and costs necessary to solve a problem or handle a procedure using computing machinery.

Assemble – To prepare machine language program for execution on the computer from a assembly language program.

Assembler – Program which translates instructions written in assembly language into machine language.

Assembly language – A machine oriented programming language that allows the programmer to express machine instructions and data in symbolic form.

Asynchronous – A type of computer operation in which a new instruction is initiated when the former instruction is completed.


Computers and internet have become very important and many of us will feel as if we are fish out of water if we do not have computers in our day to day life. I will continue with more terms in the second article in part two of the series.




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