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Is Music Really The Language of the Soul?

  Almost everyone is familiar with the saying, “Music is the language of the soul”.

Again most of us who have ear have experience what music is. It is indeed unfortunate for any human being to be deaf and unable to hear and experience what music is all about.

Music is not noise. It is something that has tone, notes, melody, rhythm, cadence, pitch and lyrics. No one can appreciate noise but almost everyone can appreciate music because of its harmony. The only thing you need to have is the sense of hearing to appreciate the sound of music.

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Indeed, for those who have ears, let them hear music. Let the music enter the ear, and from the ear let the music enter the heart and mind to finally touch the soul.

Music as Language

      Just picture in your mind a world without music? What would the world be like in the absence of music? It would be all dead silence right? Yes of course.

Music is near to every ones heart. It is within our human experience. It is not something that is beyond our understanding or beyond our reach. Music is human as it can be.

From the most ancient and primitive civilization you can find the earlier form of musical expression and musical instruments. Even nature and birds sing its own distinct kind of music.

A language is something that has meaning which is expressed either through a written or spoken form. Language is supposed to be understood and to be share—a medium for human understanding and communication.

The world for sure would be a better place to live if there is a deeper understanding between and among one human being through the medium of music.

Music as a form of language is not just an ordinary language but it is the “language of the soul”.

One may ask, if there is really a soul. And if there is indeed a human soul why is music said to be the language of the soul?

Music as Language of the Soul

      Human being is not only pure matter but is composed of body and soul. The body is of the material, while the soul is of the metaphysical and the spiritual—of the divine sparks in every human being.

It is no wonder why music moves us inside deeply, evokes feelings and sentiments within us, inspires us, and refresh and relax our mind and body. It is also no wonder why Pythagoras considers and values the therapeutic effect of music to one’s heart and mind.

Remember the story of King Saul and David in the Old Testament? That whenever King Saul was afflicted with the evil spirit, David played the harp with his hand and the effect was that King Saul would be refresh and be well and that the evil spirit certainly departs from him.

Such is the power of music—refreshing, makes as well and whole and the “evil spirit” of negative thoughts and thinking departs or completely banish from us the moment we hear the sound and harmony of music.

So the next time you hear any piece of music, take your time to carefully listen not only with your physical ear but with the spiritual ear of your soul.

Yes, listen with the spiritual ear of your soul for there is the power of great music.


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    1. I don’t know if music is the language of the soul but I do know I love music.

    2. It is so good to know that you love music. What type of music do you like to listen to? Are you listening to music every day? Do you go to concert? Maybe I’m asking too much from you.

      I have long love-affair with music that started during my high school days. I use to listen to love song which nowadays they called “ballad”; although from what I know ballad is usually associated with poetry.

      Since then my love for music keeps on growing. I like country/folk, jazz, love song, classical, new age, new wave, slow rock and other musical genre. My taste for different kind of music is almost eclectic.

      I like so many singer and artist. I have so many tapes and CD collections through the years. Most of my favorite music are the constant source of my inspiration in life.

      I love to hear and discover new music—songs that I never heared before. I also like to read books about the lives of great musicians and composers.

      I hope that your love and appreciation for music will grow as the year passes by. As I write this reply I’m listening to Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Season”.

      Talk to you soon.

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