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Making new friends in school
The Best Relationships are Built Through Friendship_The Web of Relationships - V (Concluding Part)Image: Pixabay.com

It’s the first day of school, and your child doesn’t know anyone.  They are scared and nervous and don’t know what to expect.  Give them some help finding friends.  If you are taking them into their classroom on the first day, introduce them to the children sitting next to them.  Teachers often put nametags on the desks so you can let your child know the names of the kids sitting by them.  After you tell them the kid’s name, ask them to repeat it back.  If your child cooperates, have them say hi to the other child and tell them their name.  It’s the first day of school, and your child doesn’t know anyone.  They are scared and nervous and don’t know what to expect.  Give them some help finding friends.  If you are taking them into their classroom on the first day, introduce them to the children sitting next to them.  Teachers often put nametags on the desks so you can let your child know the names of the kids sitting by them.  After you tell them the kid’s name, ask them to repeat it back.  If your child cooperates, have them say hi to the other child and tell them their name.   Making new friends are basic social skills that get better with practice.  Help your child develop these skills in other areas such as play lands and parks.  Then when it comes time to make new friends in a classroom, your child has overcome the shyness that is associated with talking to new children.   If you have a child that is really shy, help them to meet new friends by telling other children what your child’s name is and asking for theirs.  You can then introduce the two children and try to get your child to say hello. As your kids find new friends in their classroom, give them opportunities to play outside of school.  If possible, plan playdates for after school and take turns at each house.  Weekends might be a good time to have friends come and play.  Have a few activities available that they can do so they do not get bored. A new trend is to make business cards for your children with their name and phone number on them.  They can give them out to friends that they would like to play with.  This is really great for small children that might not know their phone number too.



School shopping.  The stores love this time of the year.  They load their shelves with products – full of color and covered in cute patterns and popular pictures.  They tease us with the newest and best products available, guaranteed to save us time and make things simpler.  My children run up and down the aisles in the school section, hoping I will buy them the decorator erasers.   I have a tote in my closet full of school supplies from last year that we didn’t need.  I seem to be collecting them.  We didn’t need them again next year, but rest assured – I will keep them yet another year.  We might want to use the forty red pens that I purchased two years ago. You can be more sensible when purchasing school supplies.  Go with what items you used last year.  Your daughter might want the big, shiny trapper keeper, but did she use one last year?  Did she find it easier to keep subjects in individual folders, or did she like a binder system with folders?  When purchasing supplies, also consider how much of the items will need to go back and forth from home and school.  When you add in books, do you or your children want to be carting around that much weight? Decorator pencils are very cute.  However, the average yellow pencils work just as well.  The same idea applies to other supplies.  Determine what items you need and use, and decide if you will allow a few of the cuter (and not necessary) items to slip into the cart as well.  Packing school supplies to take on the first day of school is part of the excitement.  And that striped eraser just might make someone smile wider.

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Don’t be a doormat or let people use you.
legs-If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you're laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body. - by Miranda Kerr Everyone is busy with his own daily schedule, working for a job to survive, study in order to achieve good academic result and homemakers busy with household chores, baby sitting. You have a lengthy to do list that you could hardly accomplish half of them throughout the day. You feel frustrated, disappointed and stress out because things are always going the wrong way. Your daily tasks and responsibilities are never ending, it never will either ! You are not alone... No matter how busy you are, it is crucial that you need to take some time out to : recharge your energy rejuvenate your body relax your mind and soul From home to office, from home to school, work is never done because your boss / teacher only demand for more sales/academic results and obligation to accomplish every tasks given. You barely had any room to breathe for a second. You are too busy with your personal schedule that you don't have any spare time for your family or even yourself. Now, it is time to replenish your needs before you burnt out your brain. Here are some useful tips how to take some time out to relax # 1 - Enjoy a Drink Order a soothing, cool drink or a cup of warm tea/coffee/cocoa . Better still, make your own drink at home. Sit down on a sofa, try to relax yourself, read your favorite book, magazine but not the newspaper. Don't fret yourself over the daily news because you had enough plate of it at work. #2- Mini vacation Plan for a mini vacation trip to nearby places or out-station. You don't have to go oversea vacation which is expensive and tiring after a long trip. You can save money on short distance trip and enjoy the relaxation of the facilities provided. Look up at budget vacation websites, book the vacation package online to save the hassle of driving and getting stuck in the traffic jam. Always compare the prices and facilities before deciding where to go for your vacation. Make sure that transportation is provided ( tour bus- so that you don't have to drive, time to sleep during the journey) #3- Listen to Music If you can't apply for a leave from your job, why not enjoy a good dance at the disco, aerobic exercise, enroll yourself for a dance lesson or simply on the Home theatre system / radio and dance to your favorite music! This is the best way to release your stress which will help you to enlighten your mood. Music in your ears is better than your boss lectures. #4- Brisk walk A morning or evening brisk walk is essential. A daily walk of 20 minutes will help you to relax your mind and body. Breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy outdoor activities such as bird watching, the view of flower beds, kids playing, people cycling, sunrise, sunset. Give your tired eyes a break from electronic gadgets. #5- Watch a short video If your internet speed is fast, no disconnection, you might as well watch a short film, movie or variety show to entertain yourself. Sit down on the couch, get some healthy snacks and drinks. Do enjoy a good show to relax yourself. A comedy video would be better to keep yourself happy. More tips: call a friend hit the gym sleep soak yourself in a bathtub go for a spa pamper yourself with a massage Any other relaxing tips to share with me? Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple Photo belonged to peachpurple Read more articles written by peachpurple HERE Join LiteracyBase NOW and start sharing your experience with us while earning moneyput out your legs and relax-pixabay.com

You consider yourself a trustworthy friend, loyal and dependable. You try your best to be helpful and generous to the friends you make. You invest much time and effort in a friendship. You’re always around to listen. Because of this, you’re the person your friends run to during times of crisis. You eventually become the one individual who is always there to help.

But occasionally, you meet a friend who is incapable of reciprocating.

You may encounter someone who will only look for you when you’re needed. But when you’re the one in need, this friend will offer some convenient excuse not to be there. There is always something more important than you. You are never a priority. And even when you’re together, your friend constantly insists on getting his way. You’re forced to follow whatever your friend wants and you give whatever he needs. Your wishes remain secondary.

Despite this, you continue to hope that this friend will realize how well you treat him and that he should give some time and effort back. But this friend never does. In the end, you eventually feel drained. And when your usefulness to this friend has run out, you may find yourself discarded and forgotten.

Sometimes the desire to feel accepted makes a person vulnerable to abuse. This is especially the case with lonely individuals. Opportunistic people will see this weakness and may come to exploit it. If you feel you have friends who only seek you out when they need you, maybe it is time to rethink these so-called friendships. Otherwise, you may eventually end up a discarded doormat.

Ive been there before with a friend who becane my room mate only to not pay rent and wind up stealing from me.

I moved in with my sister but she charged me an absurd amount of rent.

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People I May Know…on Facebook
April 28, 2017

I was wasting time on Facebook, and there was this list of ‘people I might know’. Hmmm?

So I began to scroll through it. It looked like either the poster from a strip club or women for rent lease or hire.

I really had to jump out of it, because up to now, I can not understand why any one would post these pictures of themselves on line.

These women look like well… they probably are what they look like. And they will be treated as what they look like.

After all the years of women wanting to be taken seriously, after all the struggles for equal rights, to not be treated as an object; these women whom I do not know, and don’t want to know, post these images on Facebook, for what purpose?

Are they Catfish?   You know, Catfish?  Those are people looking to scam others by pretending to be sexy chicks?   Okay.  That makes a little sense.

Some old and ugly 45 year old guy posts the image and will play cutesy with whomever is stupid enough to ‘friend’ his photo.   But are there men that stupid as to send money to a female they don’t see?  What?

Are people that stupid?

Are these the usual kind looking for an all expense paid vacation in someone else’s house? But I don’t know them.  I don’t want to know them.  And they don’t know me.

As you may note, I don’t post a photo here or anywhere.  I don’t talk about my personal appearance, not even gender.  Why?  Because it is irrelevant.

Facebook is a kind of joke for me.   I only joined to play Scrabble.   Friend of mine invited me, I opened an account and have been playing with all sorts of people besides my original opponent for the past few years.

I don’t post personal stuff, just network an item I wrote, or comment (rarely) on something someone I know wrote… and when I say someone I know, I mean I have been to their weddings, I have shared coffee with them, I know them.

If I don’t know you in real life, I don’t know you on Facebook.

So why do those in charge give me a list of ‘people I might know?’ made up of these trashy people?

Despite all the warnings about what happens when you are too open on Facebook, these people have no sense at all whatsoever.

They spill their guts, they make themselves targets, they offer themselves for sale.

This world is getting very creepy.

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This is the rest of my life

I disappointed deeply this winter, not only into my employer, into my family but also into some of my friends.

Now I know I write my personal posts all the time, but because I solve this thing with myself hardly I will be able to move on.
It is not all about sleeping properly, being taking care of yourself properly, the right food and thinking optimistic… I actually have to have a reason to move on.

The first time when m y employer told me that he can’t grant me a prolong vacation I broke in tears. I planned to take a prolonged vacation to solve this burning family issue with an elderly man in my family who required assistance at home, but could not count in with his own children.

I tho high that my employer will be full of understanding. One reason I was hoping to see him melt over this is because I was providing this assistance completely free and in good will, but aside that my family was forcing it – both emotionally and socially on me. So, I was really counting in with my employer’s good will that when this problem is solved I can go back to my job.
But, instead of the understanding, I was met by his cold calculation. He told me pretty straight forward that I am in failure if I think he will let me go and come back like this and I will probably get pregnant in a process…

Now, that was an insult right in a start. First, I told him, I have three children at home already, I don’t want more… He just said just because you have three doesn’t mean you can’t have more, what are you infertile… But, I was in shock I asked him how come he is that way, he said I should go home and stay home if I don’t care for my job and career. I said, what a career, I work only 2 hours in the day, and when I am here, I slave. When b a hall needs cleaning, I do that with no pay extra hours.
Of course, I was fired. He took a younger and ‘more capable’ women to do this. Do you know how bad you feel, not even being thirty and somebody calls you old?

After that, initial shock, I went to see my mother and my friends. My mother was sympathetic how much a woman of her age can be, not much. My friends, which I consider close and dear to me asked me how could I expect something else for me.

But it was said with a tone that I want a special treatment for myself. My job was top notch, and I think they might get a bit jealous over it. Because my friends were either home with children or working less interesting jobs.

At least now I know who are my true friends, and there is not much of that either. I am hugely disappointed by all that happened to me, and while I battle depression and all that came to it I have to decide what to do with rest of my life besides being only a mother and a housewife.

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Can a cold chill be friend who past away be visiting us from the dead?

when we feel a cold chill can it be some one who past way a long time ago visiting us ?
I had some close friends past way this year
I was wondering if that can be one them when I feel a cold chill like a Erie chill
and I am kind of thinking of them at that time of the chill I just got. Some my friends who past away have grown up kids who are young adults with their own kids but with my friends who past away I can their young adult children hurting on the inside . How do I know thank to face book their kids write down stuff on face book so they are kind of saying they miss this person and they are hurting inside with saying they are hurting but I know the young adults of my friend off spring that their soul is hurting a lot . I try to write back to them on face book to try to make them feel better but I know it hard we some times have to morn a person for a least a year to deal with the pain and to me people who past away this is what I belive in the body is gone but the person sprite is still with us and when some one feeling sad that person is actuly with the person so both souls are sad the one alive and the one that not but to me that the cold chill of the person visiting us and I rally think one my friend is visiting me it possible that they are trying to thank me for trying to make their kids feel better because that what I would do I was gone and had kids and say you can see stuff from the great beyond I would want to thank any one who made my kids feel better. As of right now I do not have kids . It just the way I feel.What do you think ? can the the chill be some of the dead visiting us ? Ok that it for now.

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Is sensative friend good or bad?
March 19, 2017

We all have come across one person in our life who has this amazing ability to know and understand you well.

These people leave you with lot of warmth & every interaction with them makes you feel more comfortable.

They are positive & since they themselves are sensitive they communicate with care & are able to consider others feelings they are what we call highly sensitive people.

Here are we the enlist 7 reasons why you must be pals with our highly sensitive people.

They are able manage conflicts between people effectively.Why? Because they have keen eye for observation & details, & their involved behavior helps them to diffuse tensions quickly.

Highly sensitive people have balance of right & left brain and hence level of emotional awareness is very high.

They come across as empathetic, with high understanding to needs of others.

They are also concerned with thorough planning & checking details. This makes them as an asset when any serious work needs to be accomplished.

They like to involve others & help them develop and grow in work. If you have made a mistake, instead of flaring up at you, they will actually try to help you understand your mistakes & instill confidence back in you.

They are intense people they feel deeply for things & they do things with involvement & are passionate about what they want to do. They are perceptive & active & want to find ways to deal with challenges.
In a situation where others are stuck up, and they come up with innovative solutions and can work out the ambiguities.

lot of philanthropy and humanitarian work is a result of efforts made by highly sensitive individuals.These people have sense of purpose & want to make a difference in others lives and are able to give up their comforts for achieving the same.

So Highly sensitive individuals are blessing to society and if nurtured with care and affections can create sea of warmth.

And you might imagine that emotionally sensitive people would be popular as friends. Someone who is tuned in to what you are feeling, your needs & wants would be perfect friend, right?

Many times it is true. Your emotionally sensitive companion is often one who brings soup to when you are sick & remembers that you do not want chocolate cake for your birthday you prefer lemon.

She is entertaining, witty and caring.
But sometimes you may be shocked that the person you were sure would be first to show up when you need her is not available.And How could such an emotionally tuned in person be so uncaring?

Actually, ups and downs of their relationships have nothing to do with not caring.

At same time, if they are threatened in any way, and they may misinterpret the reasons for your emotions.

And For example, the emotionally sensitive may fear your sadness or disappointment or low mood is about them & may be worried or upset as result.

AndThey may not discuss this with you because they feel rejected & perhaps ashamed, so they may disappear without explanation for time.

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How to be a good friend; how to make friends
March 18, 2017

how to, there are lost of posts about how to, but i saw some only asking about how to have friend, so i wanted to write what i know about having good friends, i dont know much as life is endless school, but i know good info

coworkers or study mate, or neighbors are not as good as good friend, good friend is your back support, they are you fun and some times your sadness, but they make you sad for one reason to make you happier person they tell sometimes what hurts you only to see you better

can not imagine life away from my friends, some of them i studied with and some worked with, thats how we met.

some of them our friendship started by hate then friendship and some really smoothly started friendship with.

so it depends on who are you, your presonality and you lifestyle, it also depend on who are they their personalities and their life style

i say that due to the activities and areas that bring all closer.

list of things that helps you to make friend

dont judge, its really bad character that no one like to hear

be nice and sensitive to their feelings and what makes them happy or sad

be polite when you talk about their families in any situation you face

if you dont like some of their opinion dont have to agree, but at least do not be sarcastic about it.

do remember the important things in their lives, such as and not limited to their brith, their graduation also any thing that important to them

in parties or celebrations do bring gifts, like in friendship day or so on, gifts do not put you in trouble, like pricey gifts, its enough to know it means you remember this and you dont go with empty hands, simple thing like flowers, sweets, chocolate anything will do.

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Love with a difference- The crap
March 17, 2017

It was during one our group outing on Marina beach in Chennai swimming and playing games. One of my friends wanted to know if friends still remain friends when they live in a relationship or does it really work successfully? I had no idea or such an experience but I always thought unless someone ends up falling in love there was no way he will stay in relationship.

I have my personal views on this great relationship. It can work provided the rules have been set on. And the great rule is that it’s not just one point to concentrate on. I am sure you know what point I’m talking about. I know it because two of my junior friends are staying in that kind of relationship and it’s working fine for them.

As I was part of this interesting discussion but in my view in all the cases I have heard of it ends up in a load of a crap, my personal view though. It does not work in most cases, as one person will always end up falling in love, if not both, again my own humble views.

The topic then turned to friends about “benefit relationship”. That was something different for me as that arrangement tends to create kind of chronic personality disorder. For me one of the concerned persons becomes more involved than the other does and then the relation will change or take an ugly form, more or less.

I tried to search online later all about “benefit relationship” and came to know certain strange things. Such a relationship is purely based on mutual understanding of privacy, undefined time lines that comfort with the partner. But they are careful enough to not to get attached or awkward.

I was unable to understand if it was possible to live together and still call it something like “benefit relationship. After all what kind of benefit will such a relationship will provide. Maybe they have the sole intention of saving the money by renting one apartment for two single persons. Sounds funny but you cannot rule out the possibility.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/work-transport-pushing-barrow-1201543/


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My piece on the friend zone
March 13, 2017

The other day I was watching MTV’s friend zone. For those who don’t know what the show is about its basically people who are friends in a very common situation where one friend has fallen in love for the other without the other friend knowing. This particular show aims to help people get out of the friend zone by helping  the person in love to reveal their feelings in the hopes that his/her affections are accepted at the risk of losing the friendship due to good modern fashioned awkwardness. Whether or not the show is staged is irrelevant to me to because I know it represents many people around the world who are going through this. Keep in mind that its not wrong to be friends with someone from the opposite gender, merely that people have to accept that when it comes to what you need and what you want, choosing a partner can be very much like between a bottle of vodka and an apple with fruit inside, although the bottle will make for a wonderful night partying and “cutting loose” it will also come with some consequences in the end whereas the apple can be consumed and the seeds inside can later grow a tree. I also couldn’t help but notice the time it takes for most of these people to make a decision about whether or not to date the friend because its usually done in the same moment. One episode caught my interest because the guy in love had prepared himself for the worst.

After thinking that she was helping him on a  show to get another date it was suddenly revealed to the beautiful woman that she is the woman of his dreams. The young lady did a lot of crying, I suppose no one told her that men were designed to like women. What made me distrust her judgement is the fact that she spent the entire first part of the episode talking about how great he was and how he was always there for her. All I thought about was the grey area of a beautiful hell that this guy had been living in for the entire length of the friendship, knowing what the outcome would be and what he would do once it happened. He went to MTV friend zone as a maximum effort with a plan that he would leave town if she said no, which she did. He knew her well as a good friend friend and therefore suspected that she would say no, he created a backup plan that would keep him sane once the friend he knew well would say no, if they were that close then he knew she’d react however she normally reacts and that she would see him the way she always see’s things before telling him, so he made a plan in his head that he was prepared to leave: once MTV contacts him, helps him get the heavy words out of his heart and they did and at the end of his part of the episode he left town, just like he planned. The way i see it, he didn’t leave town because he was rejected but because he finally got it off his chest. While she was crying and displaying some emotions I couldn’t read I noticed he looked relieved. To know that he doesn’t have to dream anymore and can now start a new life with a life lesson.

While this may be sad we have admit that the woman had every right to say no regardless of how she might regret it later in life, I’m saying that because he was apparently there after her break ups which means he knows more than anyone what it takes to upset and what is needed to cheer her up. The general lie being told to friends who are in love and have now admitted to having deeper feelings is the person being asked doesn’t want to ruin the friendship on the off chance that things that work out between them but in all honesty, more people remain  friends after a break up than people who remain friends after one has admitted to having feelings for the other. I was in  relationship where it turned out that the person i was with had feelings for friend of mine, it wasn’t something  that had developed over time, merely that she like others around her liked him. He was that kind of guy they liked, as did she to the point of creating a distance between us until we broke up and somehow remained distant friends, but knowing her over the years I learnt she has a weakness for that sort of thing which helped during the break up as I tripped into a pot fueled hipster phase before finally emerging as an IT specialist. What I learnt was that you cant reflect on yourself based on other peoples interests and preferences, if a particular person can’t see you for the good you see in yourself every morning then would spend your entire life living as a moon to that persons world and although you might eventually be with them, they aren’t likely to stop talking about the people in their lives that gave them good experiences that you wouldn’t consider fun, only later to meet a married individual who actually shares your interests and makes you feel what you might have never felt before.

Its definitely worth risking a friendship for a relationship as friends come and go but if your reason for not being with someone was simply because you didn’t want to ruin the friendship then understand that you have failed to follow your natural instinct of choosing a partner that you would be happy to die beside because in your last moments you don’t want to be with those that were constantly making you upset, its much easier to learn to love someone you already like than to tolerate someone your’e only physically attracted to.

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It’s the little things that make us melt.

Doesn’t matter if it is a friendship or a relationship there are always those little things we notice that show that someone loves us no matter what. Everyone has someone in their life that think they matter no matter how bad or mean they can be. There is always someone out there that wants to try and understand us.

There are those little things we notice that does make our hearts melt and makes us realized we are loved. It doesn’t even need to be a big gesture. Remembering little details of silly conversations where you accidentally told someone what you like. The fact that they remembered means they had interest in what you were saying.

That little smile given when you need it, that moment you need a person to do nothing but just be there. That is all we want in the world. To be alone but have company to feel better.

Someone to help you get back up on your feet when you are at your lowest point, telling you that you matter to people no matter what.

Finding that one soulmate that is just like you but at the same time completely diferent, someone who challenges you and all times.

That person that, just by looking at your face know what you are thinking or even feeling.

Never think you are alone in the world. There is always one person that is going to miss you and needs you. They will notice if you are gone. No matter what you think there is a person for everyone.

All of this text is to help people realize that there are alot of people out there with so many friends and family or even lovers and still feel alone. So alone that they can’t stand life and think it is time to move on out of this world. This is for everyone to be aware that we need to see those little signs that something is wrong, help those people you love and care for.

Help prevent someone from hurting theirselves or worse. Make the world a better place and save a life my caring.

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