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God requires our prayers: he waits for us to come to him

Do not be afraid to asks for prayers. Do not be like the republican in the Gospel who announced what he was praying for. Instead be humble like the tax collector and surrender quietly to God. As Christians we are interdependent on each other. We are to pray for others and they are to pray for us. It is a give and receive partnership. When we pray for each other we are connected in a spiritual and caring way. We should choose carefully those with whom we share private concerns but we should never fear to ask for prayers.

Sometimes it seems like we will never get the answers to our prayers. That does not mean we are to give up. Praying to God is a limitless requirement and it is important to remember that God’s time is not the same as our time. He always has what’s best for us in his plan. That is why we are to keep praying for he listens to us and gives us the best answer, not the fastest answer.

If we have faith then we know for sure that God hears and answers our requests. Trusting in him puts us in a position to receive what he has for us. We must seek the good of others and not selfishly seek our own desires. God will only answer our prayers if they reflect his will.

We must not be partial or choosy with our prayers. We should pray at all times in both times of ease and times of trial. Some of us only cry out to God when we are hurting physically or spiritually. We cuss God and complain to him. But if we truly accept our role as Christians then we will not do this, for we know otherwise. We have hope and have patience and believe in a Father who cares. Therefore, we should turn to him no matter what we are facing, good or bad.

With the strength of God we are able to overcome the challenge of loving our enemies. It is understandable to not want to pray for someone who has inflicted pain on us. But our loving actions and prayers can be the bringer of peace in odd situations. This way strife will not last.

Being Christians who are faithful means to lift up our sufferings and the sufferings of others to God. He works in our bodies, but also in our hearts and souls. We must pray for physical health to be strengthened but also the spiritual health. Gd being the Great Physician always treats the whole person, not just part of our bodies.

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    1. Our existence comes from him and we are dependent on him for survival. Though we may look to others for our needs it is only God who satisfies us. When we answer the call of God he actively take over our lives. He reveals himself to us as the the only truth who creates us and is responsible for us.


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