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Bible study: Genesis 1-The creation story

Have you ever noticed how God created the world? Let’s take a look at Genesis 1 and see the order in which God created all things.

On the 1st day he created day and night. On the 2nd day he created the sky. On the 3rd day he created the earth, seas, vegetation, plants bearing seeds and trees producing fruit. On the 4th day he created the sun, moon and stars. On the 5th day he created the water creatures and birds. On the 6th day he created the wild animals, land animals and man.

This is one version of the creation story. A second version is found in Chapter 2 of Genesis. This Genesis 1 account tells us that God took six days to create the world. This six days could mean an actual day, days, weeks, months or even years. Debating how long a day is, is not to be an issue, even though some make it an issue. By the look of the account, it seems that God took it easy on day 2, for he only created the sky at that time. But the 3rd day was very productive as he did a whole of lot of creating that day. The 6th day, last day in the creation story saw God creating the most important of all his creation, man.

Now man, as in the word itself, has caused some stir among academics and activists. The Bible only says man. Now on first look we will take it to mean only the male gender, especially as Chapter 2 details the account of God forming a woman from a man’s rib. History and theology will later tell us that man especially in the Hebrew/Jewish culture denotes both male and female. However as the years progress and as the talk of inclusivity becomes more popular, activists and academics have proposed the use of the word humans. So on the 6th day God created humans in his image and likeness.

God was pleased with all his creations. By creating he puts order and organizes the world thereby giving meaning and purpose to all that existed. By creating us, God passed the mantle of caregiver. He gave us everything in creation to care for along with enjoying what he has given to us. By doing this we are responding to his generosity and love.

Creation itself has evolved both humans and non-humans. Many animals that were in existence long ago, no longer are, popular and prime example, the dinosaur. We should be aware by now of our relationship with the earth. If the earth dies we will die. But if we die the earth will live on. So let us do our duty as caregivers and care for our earth and all its inhabitants.

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    1. Answering the call of God does not mean that each day for every minute we lie prostrate before him. But and more importantly it means serving others thereby providing them with the necessary freedom they require.


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