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Goals can be met With Continuous Action

Trying to get somewhere or achieve a dream? Well there so many ways to do so but one sure way is to be active. Yes, that’s right to continuously be productive. Even if there are days where there’s little productivity. Some actions are better than none at all. Goals can be achieve in a timely manner however one must be prepared for setbacks and in some cases major setback. A setback doesn’t equate failure although some may express such. Really does not. Not trying is a sure way to fail.

No matter how many express that trying to reach certain goals is impossible. The goal seeker shouldn’t give up. For some reaching certain goals may take longer than others. There could some unforeseen reasons and if so. Do not become discouraged. Progress on. It’s best to be surrounded by positive people. The visionaries who are in tuned with achieving visions and dreams. Meaning they’ll want to become success and more than likely won’t have time for horse playing.

In the process of productivity there should be work going on. The distractions will occur and even the most focus person may become distracted from time to time. It’s important to quickly get back on track. So many have fallen victim to the criticism. Not all critics are right some are overly critical. There are some who are only vocal because they’re trying to hinder and cause distractions. Do not become unsettled with the actions from others.

Not are persons are happy when others are trying to achieve. There are some who are and will continue to try and sabotage others. The ones who are toxic should be avoided but if there’s no way of avoiding the individuals then there at least spend less time in their environments. Don’t want the toxicity to spill out on achievers. To achieve means to be determined in whatever one is trying to achieve. There must be confidence and one must feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s pretty difficult to achieve being anyone else.

Some may choose to write down their goals and others will just continue on without having to jot down their goals. Some may choose to embed their goals in their heads. Some information should be written down and kept in a safe place. All goals won’t be achieve in the same time frame. Some are achieve later on and in some cases some goals are put away until later on in life.

No matter how long it takes to achieve a goal. There should be a desire to do so. The time it takes to achieve any goal shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying to achieve. Some may become frustrated with the time it takes to achieve the goals. When frustration enters the mind may become fatigued and little progress occurs. Continue to be alert and active with the goals. Eventually there will be completion. When all the goals are achieved. There will major relief. Persons feel better when they’ve achieved their goals.

Do not become dismayed when some send out messages about the length it’s taking to achieve the goals. Some may try to cause discouragement. Don’t become discouraged just continue to do what’s necessary to achieve and watch what happens after the work is done. The finished product is what one should be seeking. There is joy when the achievements occur. Some may not feel comfortable trying to achieve certain goals and that’s why some choose to try and discourage others.

“Continue to Believe in Self and Continue to Stay Motivated.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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    1. Dreams are very constantly achieve. Many times, people set goals to achieve their dreams without realizing the circumstances that might take place on their way achieving the dream. In other words, there are things one must go through to follow the plan in place.
      A plan can be change more than once because we never know what obstacles that may get in the way of pursuing the dream.
      Some plans change several times before the dream is accomplished.


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