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Don’t Take my Name Please

My name is Tanikka Paulk and my Passion is writing and I’m blogger. “Advocate” and Founder of :The Remarkable Person Project.” Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose). Have Blogs that go by the title Beyond Life Experiences by: Tanikka Paulk. Here’s the thing they try to my name, credit for my work, and oh my goodness they’ll continuously try to steal my identity. I’m sure I’m the only one. The culprits are so duh. Why would individuals want to do duplicate me= Tanikka Paulk? Especially individuals who are suppose to be highly successful.

“My Work. “Tanikka Tanikka! Tanikka Paulk Work. The one From Miami Florida. One Founder of “The Remarkable Person Project” Which Highlights African American Men, Women, and Youth Craft and Contributions to Society.

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Pretty ridiculous it appears as if not too many are secure within and not pleased with their own talents. Too many try to hang on to another person’s gifts. Lying to make their way in. Proof will tell what the real deal is. Some claim pretending but they’re actually being deceptive. Using the claim in order to gain more. Soon enough they’ll be labeled as con artists. Some are highly success but greedy. The need to make sure others don’t reach the top. Blaming and trying to chastise others when in no position to do so. The whole trying to frame and set up me= “Tanikka Paulk” is just an avenue which can lead the individuals behind a cold cell. My name belongs to me=Tanikka Paulk. Although proof is provided over and over again the individuals continue to try and keep my identity.

No laws enforced but I’m advocating and will continue to do so. No matter how many come up against me= Tanikka Paulk I’m, carrying on. Don’t be surprised who’s apart of the group of culprits. The ones who claim to be angelic are the very ones trying to bring risers down. A take down in which can be quite difficult. The insults, daily attacks, and harassment won’t stop my “progress.” No matter what’s said I’m still confident enough to proceed.

There are some who are so use to getting away with stealing identities and impersonating others. Some may not know how to stop doing what they’re doing. No intervention because the ones “who” are positions to do so could be apart of the corruption themselves. There are some who really deserve to be sent away for many years and until there’s some severe consequences. They’ll probably carry on. In time though. They’ll have their day.

The best thing to do is continue smiling and carrying on. There will be a lot who will constantly try to stop a dream, a vision, and ideas. So many are extremely insecure. Not being “confident” in their own skin could be their downfall. Too many simply give up on pursuing because of what so many have and will continue to try and do. There’s also a lot who will try to drive persons insane because they simply are trying to gain the work of another.

Am I Tanikka Paulk Dismayed by What They’re Trying to do? No!

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    1. People can steal your article, even your art, but they can never steal your creativity that resides deep inside your mind. They can steal your identify or may even try to forge it, but they cannot steal the ‘you’ in you, the real you. They can earn by cheating but they will never have peace and contentment in their minds. They will never earn respect for themselves which is very important if they ought to call themselves human at all.


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