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My First Kiss From My First Love

My First Kiss From My First Love

By: erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

I got a boyfriend at age 14 ; the guy was 25. He was many years older than me. That time he already had a stable job as a Veterinarian. I met him in our city during his vacation in his uncle’s house. At first I hate to see his face. He was not ugly, but that was the usual action of a young teenager having an older suitor, LOL. He personally introduced himself to me, hehehe and I was so shocked to know someone wanting to know my name and shake my hand. I was so terrified, yet I was so polite to accept his ordeal. That was the beginning of courtship. He sent me card every day, and called me through long distance call twice a week. My parents never knew about Mike’s courtship, they will surely oppose the idea of having a relationship with an older guy. I felt so sorry for my parents for I accepted Mike’s love after three years of courtship. We became lovers and that time I was already 18, still too young and Mike 29, hehehe.

I do not know if I was experimenting, but I fall for him after he showed the ways how a girl falls for a guy; he did triumph to have me his girlfriend. We were so happy and we sang together in phone singing our theme song “My Love Will See You Through.” We sometimes met once a year or once in every two years for 13 years. During his visit, we sat far apart, simply because my father was a military official and always guarding me. He never had a chance to hold my hand and kiss me. I also did not long for his kiss for I was so afraid. My parents were so strict and Mike never gave up.

My parents realized that I was big enough to protect myself, so in the next visit of Mike, we were allowed to sit in our waiting shed very near our stairs. The lights were so dim but we could still see each other’s eyes clearly. My heart started to beat faster when Mike moved closer to me. I was so afraid for I never had other guy in my life. He was my first love and intended to die for it. Then Mike hold my hand and as fast as a thunder, he succeeded to kiss me in my lips. I saw his eyes upon my eyes, and then my father called me. I was so afraid that father might have seen Mike kissing me abruptly but shortly.

Then that evening, I was not able to sleep right away. I still felt the kiss of Mike. That was my first and last kiss with Mike for about 13 years in a relationship with him. We were about to marry that same year when he met an accident. His car was side swept by a ten wheeler and he died on the spot. I almost lost my breath when learned my love left me without coming back. I also wanted to die that moment with him, so painful and hard to accept the reality. With the help of my family and Mike’s family, I was able to move on after three years in sorrow. Until this time, I cannot forget my first love and my first kiss. Our love ended in tragedy. From that time on, my heart was hard as a rock afraid to fall in love again. I been in pain for many years and I still feel my heart aching in dismay of love.

Image Credit to Skyrock

There Are Foolish Beings That Like To Do Harm
May 24, 2017

There Are Foolish Beings That Like To Do Harm

By erlymags (@cely/ @lovern)

Anywhere in the world there are foolish beings. They never care if who they hurt really hurt or not. They only feel their excitement to see people sad, cry in despair and die so suddenly. This time, we are war on drugs because of some fools that reside in the country of my residence. I do not know why they like to take illegal drugs then after that do some foolishness that may lead to a heinous crime. The killer drug dominates their brains so they cannot anymore think what is right and wrong. There are so many people affected with the foolishness of people who from the start just like to experiment how good is drug or how it turns out to be after prolonging the taking. Of course, one will become addicted. That is the simplest premise if you take drug you will become a drug addict. It will be the drug that dominates your brain and the entire domains of the human body.

There are indeed pretending to be fools to prosper their desire to play havoc to terrify the world. One island in our country, Ph is now under Martial law. Why is this so? Again, we will go back to foolishness. There are many IS militants already residing in Ph and some Muslims are keeping them so these terrorists continue to terrify the island of Mindanao. It was declared last night by President Duterte Mindanao to be under the state of martial for 60 days to one year. It depends on the situation. If the peace and order situation continues no choice, but to move the law up to one year or forever. We are now affected with the foolishness of some people keeping or hoarding the enemies in their homes. In fact, there is also a university mostly manned by Muslims hide the IS militants, Abusayaffs and other kind of rebels in the vicinity of the campus. That is so weird considering that university is a government run university and used by Muslim administrators to keep the IS militants? That is cheating and treason so the culprits must serve the crime keeping the terrorists.

The world is no facing different killings, bombings and just recently Manchester was on sorrowful situation having 22 died and 50 seriously injured during the concert last night when a bomb blasted the arena. That was a very horrible and scary moment .The killer was also killed by police. That killer was 22 years old, Libyan and so young to become evil. It was told he was normal. The killer has just arrived from his training in Syria. That guy was doing foolishness to life. He should have reassured life. Doing foolishness is not a joke. It may become severe that may end your life and the life of others who love peace.

Image Credit to Yahoo Ph News
Image shown during the Manchester blast

If You Were Me, What Should You Do?
May 22, 2017

If You Were Me, What Should You Do?
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

This is about confession. I have helped three people got employment in the university where I am teaching, two females and one male. Except the other one for she is already a retired teacher in the public school, but the other two became regular teachers. They got an item last year, but none of them said thank you to me. In fact, one teacher is my second degree cousin, but it seems she does not anymore remember how I plead to the program head to hire her. How I like to say in front of her that she has thick face hahaha, maybe more than that. What makes me feel bitter about her is , she was wed last year and never had she invited me. What a shame on what she had done to me. What relieves me is the word of God that we are judge according to our deeds. The word deed inspires me, but you know, I am just human and sometimes I cannot avoid grinding my teeth hehehe.

If you were me, what should you do? Are you going to strike her? I am not a quarrelsome type that is why that relative is so lucky, if nit she will surely be kicked out in school. I hope she will have a better life after marriage. I just remember her but never will I treat her as my relative. I believe she would have a bad karma. I am nit cursing her, but that is the reality, in fact, it is written in the bible and even found in the aphorism of Confucius which stated that : “ Don’t do unto others what you don’t like others do unto you.” The other one I helped is my male friend. One day I met him along the road looking so desperate and depressed.

I have learned that he was removed from the school where he served for five years for some reasons only he knew. So, to make the story short, I brought him to our dean’s office and recommended him verbally; afterwhich, he was told to submit his credentials. The next day, he was hired, so instant; the reason is the dean likes me for I am so sincere and loyal to our head. Every time there is a contest by department, it is always me she recommends to represent a dance number whew, that was not too much for I also like to dance. Whatever dean likes me to do, I obey for it is very important to obey first before you complain, LOLS.

That friend became regular but never had he remembered me during important celebrations. There are many ingrate people in the world. All I can say is there is God that sees all our deeds. Somehow I told myself, I should have not helped them. I better helped some unknowns for they will surely remember me and show some acts of gratitude. The other one already 68 years old, but I told dean to hire her because her pension is not enough for her medicine maintenance medicine. She was hired and given up to this time 5 loads. Better this old lady, every birthday of mine; she always gives me a very nice birthday card. I told her not to anymore give but she insisted for she found some happiness doing it. There are indeed individual differences. I do not know what should you do if you were me.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have found some lessons on my experience.

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It Hurts To say Goodbye
May 21, 2017

It Hurts To Say Goodbye

By erlymags ( @cely/ @lovern )

No one can deny this feeling that saying goodbye because someone is leaving you is so hurting. Humans as we are, we cannot control this kind of emotion for this is part of our existence on earth. This also means that we are humans for we know how hurt is felt. Sometimes we want to say so unfair if someone leaves us though the leaving is temporary. One reason might be a transfer of work. It is not the leaving without coming back, the temporal leaving that almost breaks a heart. Despite there are many ways to contact the person because we have this time numerous means like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, but it cannot be avoided to feel some doubts. Sometimes we think that the person we love won’t anymore come back that his excuse is superficial no bearing at all. Our boss bade goodbye, had a farewell party because she was hired in Nebraska, and I personally felt my heart started to miss our boss; she was so kind and considerate. We felt the total loss of a nice boss and person.

In fact, even to a virtual friend met at a site, we also cannot avoid to feel the aching of our heart. I have so many virtual friends I met in different writing sites and after those sites shut down without clear reasons, virtual friends would eventually scatter anywhere as long as there is an opportunity to explore to have a passive income. This time, it is not enough to carry on your shoulder one job. Prices soar high and if there is no back -up income, it will be hard for a family to pay the bills and most especially of the family has many children, parents are obliged to work hard, if possible they do not sleep. There are so many overseas workers and they find it hard to be far from his family, but there is no choice for if will listen to his emotion, he is still alone solving the crises at home. Those parents who left their children sacrifice much the longing of their beloved children. Every now and then they are restless for they are thinking about the money sent for them if properly spent by the guardians. This time, we have to be very practical for we are now living in the world of survival. It is like elimination of the unfit and survival of the fittest. Sorry, I forgot the author of this. This was our lesson during college.

It really hurts to say goodbye when you mean to part your ways with your girlfriend-boyfriend. Yes, this kind of feeling is like killing the person. It must be remembered that the feeling is temporary after some days you can move on and gladly give yourself another chance to be happy in your own expected ways. It is also hurting to say goodbye to some friends here for they believed this site would soon shut down due to non-payment of the writers. Though some of them could still meet again somewhere, but the usual activities here will not be forgotten. Some has built a solid friendship. I do not know if this site can rise again. It really hurts to say goodbye and we cannot also avoid shedding some tears of losing some nice friends. They are virtual friends, but they are more than real friends. They can give awesome supports and suggestions. They are great. Let us hope Literacy Base will rise where it falls. My heart aces for this reality and I cannot avoid myself to cry. Goodbye nice friends and LB. May you won’t be shutting down. May you can resolve some conflicts so we will be happy again in this awesome and wonderful blogging site. I might be a sentimental one, but , yes, I am.Sick! To God be The Glory…

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I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again

I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again

By erlymags ( @cely/ @lovern )

The first time I hear this song, my heart was awaken from a very deep refusal to love again. Because in the past I had been a victim of a false love, that is why, I told myself not to fall in love again, but when one day while dining at a fast food center a ver lovely song was played and fortunately I was able to write down the lyrics of the song, yet, at first, I never knew the singer/ composer of the song. I decided to know them through Goggle search and much to my joy for the lyrics I jotted down are all correct hehehehe.
The singer of the song “I Only Live To Love You” Is Cilla Black.

“I Only Live To Love You “

I only live to love you
Love you until forever
Day after day, year after year
For always we will journey together.

I only live to love you
Walk with my dreams beside you
Smile after smile, tear after tear
In shadow or in sunshine my love will guide you.

When there are clouds above
If I have you to love
Why do I care
When you are there?
For when you came my way
There was no yesterday
Only tomorrow with you…

Here is my hand to lead you
Here are my arms that need you
I only live, live for your love
For my love will be your love now and forever.

The lyrics of this song have changed my decision in life. From that day on, I told myself why not give another try. Not all men are liars. There are many good and only few them that hurt. I like the line “For always we will journey together, very nice, so meaningful and it this line touches the deepest chamber of my heart. All of us know how love is felt and how hurt is felt if love is broken. There are only few liars so why should I generalize all men’s approach of love.

The other line that stirs my emotion is when the singer says , “In shadows or in sunshine my love will guide you. Wow, the best line so promising and life fulfilling. This all we like to happen in our love life to have someone with us for better or for worse, for not all the time that life is covered with clouds of tears, but there are so many time life is uncovered with sunshine. Love is truly beautiful. Foremost, the last line indicates substantial impact of love to human lives according to the support of the last line of the song which stated that: “There was no yesterday, only tomorrow with you .” What a promising line that almost breaks the silence of my lonely heart. I told myself to give my life another chance to fall in love again.

I am so much thankful to the composer of the song “I Only Live To Love You” , and it’s very lovely singer with a voice that awakens all souls from a very deep sleep Cilla Black.

Image credit to Skyrock

Gruesome But True – A Male Snake Caught On Camera Lovingly Embracing Corpse Of A Female Snake

Gruesome But True – A Male Snake Caught On Camera Lovingly Embracing Corpse Of A Female Snake
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

Look at the picture in this blog; this is the picture of the two snakes embracing. You may not believe this, but it happens this day. A male snake has shown a tender feeling towards a female snake. We thought that animals do not have affection towards their opposite sex. It is proven this day when a man from northern Australia came across a horrifying sight two snakes embracing lovingly, but that male snake had embraced the newly found dead body of a female snake thought to be its mate. What is bitter to think about is the female snake dead and pregnant. Australia is noted to having many snakes and different kinds of animals. Children there are taught at their young age about nature and characteristics of animals.

This man who has seen this scene is a science teacher who brought with him his students early morning to teach them about reptiles only to get shocked when saw these two snakes in dept feeling of something except the female dead. As they get closer to the scene they realized the female snake was pregnant with that male snake and all her eggs scattered on the road. It was told that the female snake was hit by a car. What a terrible moment seeing animals like this. These snakes are non-venomous and the driver should have not killed the pregnant snake, so pitiful view. We are also affected with this happening. Everyone should realize that animals should not just be killed brutally for they also have life. They are part of nature and they in return protect nature from danger.

It also important to science teachers to inculcate onto the minds of the children to give value to lives of animals so they could also develop appreciation to animals lives like snakes. The children will also have interest to share their role in their community and to the society as a whole develop a safe and protection behavior to animals especially in dealing with snakes and other reptiles. Their young minds need to equip with the right values about love to animals. Further, the children can have awareness of their role to share to their peer and group mates these animals need protection and they are also entitled to safety. The snakes are mainly feed on amphibians and small lizards. They do not eat humans just bite, LOL. They can also eat cane toads which are poisonous to other animals for they safe. The snakes are also important to other animals.

Look at the picture as photo image, these are the two snakes that lovingly embracing each other. What a pity to them. They also have their instinct of love. The male snake showed its feeling this way gruesome, but true as backed by science. You may see a YouTube on this just search about two snakes in embracing mood yet the female died. My heart goes to the feeling of these two snakes.

Image shown here, the two snakes showing their affection

Source: World News

Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think?

Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think?
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

A mom’s love is everlasting , no matter how hard-headed a child is mom can always keep her temper and hide her hurt hoping one day her child when becomes mature gradually changes his attitude. Sometimes her wish of this comes true and others never had happened for the worse had dominated their child’s being. If you are a mature one this time, try to imagine living life without a mom. It will be so difficult for your relatives cannot give the love a mom gives. There are many incidents that happen every now and then a child left to an aunt or distant relative suffers abuses. Child abuse is rampant in our society this time. It is sickening to see children left to the care of a relative because their mom died during their childhood or left them for some logical or illogical reasons. There are also children left under the care and protection of the social services, boys town, adoption centers and in orphanage hoping these children could have a family they call their own. These children also long cuddles, warm hugs and cares of a mom. They are so pitiful and there are so many of them around the world looking and longing for love.

Without a mom, your stomach will always be empty. If you are so young the moment your mom left you, varied experiences would never be in your young life like cooking. How could you cook if you are just a child? Everything is relied on mom, the washing of plates, the washing of your clothes, the cleaning of the house, the cooking of your foods breakfast- dinner, bathing you, changing your wet clothes, putting on your pajama at bed time, sending you to school until your are old and capable enough to go to school alone. Your mom has multiple chores she never had complained about. She is always patient and so happy to see you in good health and always happy and always making her happy with your giggles and sweet smiles. For a mom, you are more than gold. She would also take care of your dad for dad is the family bread winner. There should be give and take. Because you are with your mom 24/7 so when you grew up, you will also like to help your mom as a consolation of all her struggles. Mom will be happy to see you learned some chores. Learning is indeed the best and first school of a child. When you were a child, you never had seen your mom feeling bored and tired of what she is doing for the family.

Ask yourself now if you have tried to imagine life without your mom. I am so sure your answer would be hard without a mom. We always seek comfort in mom’s loving arms while eyes focus on her eyes. What a nice feeling when both your eyes meet. You can feel mom’s deep love no one can ever give it to you and to everyone. There might be times you give your mom heartaches and headaches because you do not like to be corrected. You want to be independent in all your decisions without consulting first to your mom or dad. Feel lucky if your mom is still wait you despite you are old and having own family. You can always have a good advice from your mom. I hope that you also had shown great response of love to your mom. There are special days we can offer and share to mom our love during her birthday, during Christmas and most especially during “Mother’s Day. “ I hope you had expressed your love to mom during this day through giving her lovely roses or anything you believe her favorite and by constantly saying these words “I love you mom.” The best feeling would be cemented in the heart of mom and see how see how she smiles to you direct to your eyes, so sweet that could melt a heart hard as a rock. There is nothing in this world lovely as having a mom that we always rely on. I am not lucky, my mom died when I was 6 years old. I never had felt her love and never had felt she touched my hair, so sick thinking about mom leaving me and my other siblings so young. We are still lucky for having a father that also acts like mom. Because we were so young that time when mom passed away, so dad do the cooking, cleaning the house, bathing us children. Other chores like washing of dishes and rags were done by my elder sisters. When dad was at work in the field as a military official, we were left under the care of our elder sister. We also owe much our survival from our elder sister who, at that time was 10 years old.

Our sister became mature at age 10 when mom left us. When I was 8, I also learned to clean the house and washed my own clothes and underwear. I also became mature at age 8. This age, eight years old, does a lot of fun for kids playing dolls with younger sisters and neighbors, but in our case reverse because we do not have a mom to do the chores for us at home. We have to work at a young age in order to survive. We are so thankful for our experience brought me and my siblings’ strong lives. We both became emotionally, morally, physically, socially and spiritually strong and stable. We also thank our dad who is now with mom in heaven with our Lord. I hope other children feel the efforts and struggles of their mom for them to be happy and stomach full. This time many no longer respect their mom. They just easily shout at them like a dog. If you only see the past when you were in her womb and the time you came out to this world and how mom took care of you by spending sleepless nights just to always answer your need, maybe you can never dare to hurt your mom’s feeling. Can you not see her tears falling down her check? Those are tears of a hurt feeling, not a lament why you were born that way. It is not too late by the way to show you care mom.

Image credit to Pixabay

The Incredible Healing Power Of A Horse

The Incredible Healing Power Of A Horse
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

Many of you may not believe that a horse is very important to man not only to a sport he likes or to have horse to serve his family as carriage in the absence of wheel. It has been proven as best animal friendly despite alone in his house. Who could believe now that a horse could be a help to people that deal with physical, emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral problems? I think many of you would laugh at this, but this is backed by science. Almost all animals play great role to man not only providing him with its meat for is food, skin for clothing, carriage, fields plowing, but all of those mentioned above that related to man’s healing

What do you notice to animals like horse? All animals know how to take care of themselves. They are all equipped with a ready-instinct to take care of them in nature. Even if they are exposed to sun they could still survive for many hours, though there are some animals that cannot survive under the extreme heat of the sun like a cow. What do you notice to a cow? To those farmers, they have a carabao with them as their partner in the field. A carabao has a strong endurance against the incredibly heat of the sun. It can also withstand under a circumstance in a pace exposed to sun. Carabao only requires daily dipping in mud, a cow not. It requires a daily bath in a river or plain water in spring, faucet or well.

Let us go back to horse and its healing power. At first I was amazed. I was not able to sleep right away at night thinking about how nice to own a horse. Yes, after knowing this, I have a great desire to own a horse. Scientists have made their research on different varieties of animals. Their purpose is to know how we humans can learn from their different health mechanisms. Other animals have been found to possess amazing healing powers that can treat human illness. Their healing powers could also help rehabilitate patients. This is so incredible especially on a horse. We thought a horse is nothing but an animal. I wonder why those horse owners and horse racers find life in calm and serene because the ability of the horse to have these have been acquired by the horse lovers.

A horse can stay calm despite alone in the lonely field. It can withstand abuses of man. A horse could also withstand against a ferocious storm and bad climate alone. Anyone who can inhibit these attitudes of a horse could have a strong will to willingly undergo any circumstances and outsmart life’s problems. A horse
Is important to people who have depressive attitude and killer minded – mind. The best is to always talk to a horse, touch its forehead many times to inhibit the inherent characteristics of a horse- the healing power of the mind to stop loneliness, worries and uncertainties of feeling and beliefs. If you want to be physically, emotionally and socially strong, see a horse or pet a horse. Life is indeed mysterious. All that we have on earth came from God for all His children on earth to inherit them, yet others never care and never understand. To have peace of mind is sometimes hard to do for those that lack power to survive and lack power to accept some realities, so you need a horse to pacify you and give you a serene life. Life chaotic and problematic gives anyone an unhappy life. You need a horse. Go find a horse to stabilize your entire needs: physical, social, emotional, spiritual and financial needs.

This time many of us are restless .There are so many reasons why feel this way. I believe the primary factor that drives many of us to feel this way is money. Despite of the fact that money cannot buy happiness, many also oppose for in the absence of money, one can be in a total loss of everything, A life can be extended because a patient could be treated well in a hospital; a debt can be paid already having surcharges accumulated ; foods could always be available on dining table; there is always money for children’s tuition; there is always money to pay many bills; there is always money to buy important materials needed at home and more only money can do. All these can make life miserable without money. That is why we cannot despise those who are always feeling down and out of control. They might have lost their control not to spend much to avoid extravagance for this can lead life to live on LOSS.

We have to be thankful to the scientists for everyday they study and research some possibilities that could help the human beings. There are many landed six feet below the ground through ending their lives shortly for they cannot anymore suffice to live in too many complications. There are also many life’s gone astray just to survive in a wrong way. From the standpoint of the researchers, it seems that animals are better than humans for animals have their own ways to heal themselves. They have their own healing power despite they have minds only they understand. Look at dogs despite others cruel to them , but look at the way they are treated well by their masters, they are superb pet that could convert the mind of man in peace.

From now on, let us think like a horse so we can always heal all our weak body and mind. From now on, let us love animals. Let us not be cruel to them. They are family member so love is all they need. From them, love and healing power can be inhibited so we all can live in peace and satisfaction of what we have. Life is beautiful worth to live. Don’t waste life, rather love it to the fullest for we only have one life to live and enjoy. To God Be The Glory.

Image credit to Pixabay

Don’t miss the donut by looking through the hole (Author Unknown)

Don’t miss the donut by looking through the hole (Author Unknown)

By erlymags (@cely/ @lovern)

This philosophy by an unknown writer is very inspiring. There might be many chances of improvements in your life yet you just take them for granted. Sometimes you ignore them thinking you are still young. Time flies fast and you do not notice the years behind you leaving the fortunes you supposed to harvest in the later years. There are so many times that you miss see the real thing and the right road to success. Our environment and technology sometimes are the bad influence in our lives. If your environment is full of chaotic activities sooner or later you like to join for fun and experience only to miss the many opportunities your life needs for old age. Technology is the highest form of exploitation if you cannot control your emotion and desire. There are so many things to explore through technology through its gadgets, computers, cellular phones, digital cams and so on and so forth leaving sometimes interest to decide which one you should prioritize. We cannot avoid getting exploited the trends of the time, yet discipline and control is a must to avoid addiction of your unusual activities. There are young and old easily get addicted to new gadgets and because of that they sometimes forget they have families to bond with, children to play with and wife or husband to communicate with most of the time to make their marriage bond stronger. Why look the other side when you are on the right side?

See the donut


There are young people who refuse to see and court young girls in their town. They want to meet and court young girls of their age in other places. They forgot that courting a lady near you is the best option, for both of you know each other better, plus your parents are also friends. You know much about too your characters. It is not hard to adjust yourselves if by chance getting married; unlike if you marry girl beyond your knowledge for it takes the time to observe her / his character. You will also learn to love the attitude of the girl/boy’s parents and siblings. Those marriages broken have a wrong sighting of a partner. What they are attracted with is the face or the physical attraction of the person. It should be both outside and inside part of the person nice, friendly, patient, accommodating and has a very strong disposition in dealing with life as married and having children; and knows life, how to deal and ride on with it. Yes, we have ride on with life for if you do not have guts to play with it, life will depart from you. Those marriages broken are those having partners out of control, over control, or no control at all; thus many committed a suicide or leaving home for another man or wife. Why not try a neighbor to court and be yours eternally. My brothers married our neighbors. They have a very strong marriage for they already knew each others’ strengths and weaknesses, plus their parents are supportive and always extending their helping hands. Marriage at the beginning is not easy, it needs adjustments.

Somehow you become blind to see the truth. You are sighting other ladies when you are already engaged. Are you trying to break the tie or trying to create a joke that leads to injury and break-up? It is an insanity to look for another path when you are already on it, proven right and outwitted wrong. It is the impulse of man as born sinner as the probable ground for his weakness. But the mind is stronger than what the heart desires for. But if heart dominates then, it could weaken the whole forces of your being, thereby leading you to the path you want to taste and prove glorious, yet you are dispersed by the reality that you can never outsmart your destiny though we are the one making it, unless do and follow it in the right way, in order to have a triumphant destiny. Another shifting of your insight is the temptation. It is also a very strong force that misleads man to follow his right path unless the man is God-fearing and prayerful for he surely resists temptations. This word temptation has broken many marriages, has spoiled many youths, has influenced good to bad and has almost dominated one-fourth of the entire population of the globe. What is the best chance to hit the mark? This question is easy to understand but hard to follow by others. The hitting of the mark here means never to entertain people that like to exploit your life and get influenced with the wrong doings. If you are already walking in the valley of righteous, never allow yourself to step to the valley of sins for you will surely have few years to live.

See the donut


Walking in the valley of sins would mean getting influenced with drug addiction that would destroy your life, family, and future. This kind of valley would also be equivalent to temptations that may ruin your marriage, and family. You can no longer repair a broken heart and fix a broken marriage. Those countries having divorced made legal, good for you for the other party cannot resist accepting and signing the divorced paper in the court of law, unlike in the country where I reside, divorce to be legalized was not granted by the Supreme Court. If I were the SC, I will listen to the side of the victims so they will know how hard to deal with life having an infidel husband or wife and likewise, and see how the children find it harder for them to see any of their parents suffer in distraught of hatred over love once cherished and bloomed and so suddenly died.

This philosophy whose author is unknown inspires me. I hope you too, feel the same way I do. You may add your insights should you happen to read this blog to whatever site you may belong. Thank you guys and let is never go astray.

Images Credit to Pixabay

What is an ornament? Does it make sense to us?
May 9, 2017

What is an ornament? Does it make sense to us?

By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern)

Ornament is something that pleases the eyes and feeling of the person most especially the women. There are many reasons why enhance the self despite you are gifted with beauty. Although there are some who prefers to be simple for simplicity is beauty, but there are those who cannot feel themselves without anything that adorns their body like a bracelet, dangling earrings, rings left and right, and necklace that almost chokes her hehe. Well, that is the prerogative of the person as long as she has money to ornament herself.


To ornament means to feel the splendor and beauty of the fine jewelry and attire that match to what you wear. These material things can give you a complete feeling. Ornamenting the self started during the primitive era where both men and women gladly ornamented parts of their body even their nose not exempted, LOL. Even babies love to ornament themselves and feel proud of what they wear and this serves as evidence that humans are born not crazy about decorating themselves but beautifying for the eyes of others that will surely appreciate you. It is one source of pride and honor to those celebrities who are famous of their body gadgets the ornaments that are expensive and branded.

Ornament is present during Christmas days for we cannot avoid decorating our Christmas tree with the best ornaments of different colors and sizes that please our eyes and feeling. The season will be complete if decorate our home with symbolic things. Our home with ornamented Christmas tree will be prettier, flasher or more festive. During Valentine’s Day we can also see symbolic ornaments to mean day of lovers. Ladies usually sentimental always pin a heart to let others feel what they feel. Others will be carried with their emotion and they too wear the same red and heart shape hang in the heart side.

Ornament is not just a product of man’s imagination. It is indeed an action to enhance the appearance of a person or thing. An ornament is a decoration. Men and women do it to add credit or glory to a society where they belong. There are also men that like to ornament themselves with tattoos hehe; they feel like a real macho if having some tattoos in their body. Who are doing this most, the movie celebrities for tattoos are expensive and they are not easy to remove. That is the ornament they feel proud of which others do not like, They think those who have tattoos are criminals. LOL and others drug addicts hehe. They do not know that this kind is an ornament for me though there are also few in women.

Ornaments mean something to please our eyes and something worth to imitate especially during Christmas we like to imitate Christmas decors from our neighbors and long to buy the same. Let us always be original. You may also ornament your home with iron gate. Do you also have ornaments in your body or home?

Image by Pixabay