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I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again

I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again

By erlymags ( @cely/ @lovern )

The first time I hear this song, my heart was awaken from a very deep refusal to love again. Because in the past I had been a victim of a false love, that is why, I told myself not to fall in love again, but when one day while dining at a fast food center a ver lovely song was played and fortunately I was able to write down the lyrics of the song, yet, at first, I never knew the singer/ composer of the song. I decided to know them through Goggle search and much to my joy for the lyrics I jotted down are all correct hehehehe.
The singer of the song “I Only Live To Love You” Is Cilla Black.

“I Only Live To Love You “

I only live to love you
Love you until forever
Day after day, year after year
For always we will journey together.

I only live to love you
Walk with my dreams beside you
Smile after smile, tear after tear
In shadow or in sunshine my love will guide you.

When there are clouds above
If I have you to love
Why do I care
When you are there?
For when you came my way
There was no yesterday
Only tomorrow with you…

Here is my hand to lead you
Here are my arms that need you
I only live, live for your love
For my love will be your love now and forever.

The lyrics of this song have changed my decision in life. From that day on, I told myself why not give another try. Not all men are liars. There are many good and only few them that hurt. I like the line “For always we will journey together, very nice, so meaningful and it this line touches the deepest chamber of my heart. All of us know how love is felt and how hurt is felt if love is broken. There are only few liars so why should I generalize all men’s approach of love.

The other line that stirs my emotion is when the singer says , “In shadows or in sunshine my love will guide you. Wow, the best line so promising and life fulfilling. This all we like to happen in our love life to have someone with us for better or for worse, for not all the time that life is covered with clouds of tears, but there are so many time life is uncovered with sunshine. Love is truly beautiful. Foremost, the last line indicates substantial impact of love to human lives according to the support of the last line of the song which stated that: “There was no yesterday, only tomorrow with you .” What a promising line that almost breaks the silence of my lonely heart. I told myself to give my life another chance to fall in love again.

I am so much thankful to the composer of the song “I Only Live To Love You” , and it’s very lovely singer with a voice that awakens all souls from a very deep sleep Cilla Black.

Image credit to Skyrock

    1. cely said on May 19, 2017

      Writing is my passion so here I am submitting a short blog to let every one know that love is a very strong impulse that drives many men crazy and drives many young and old ladies insane for love truly hurts and despite this many continue loving even to a wrong person. Love truly kills for there are so many evidences that show the world many committed a suicide to forget the love that hurts them and to forget how love is felt. They never like to feel the hurt again from a man;s lie and cheat.

    2. Very nice song .I also like this and thanks for reminding my soul the beauty of love. I appreciate this much. I am your fan immortal under the shadow of the sun.

    3. cely said on May 20, 2017

      @immmortal, thank you for my fan.I am so happy to have a virtual fan and you are immortal, lols. Thanks for your constant support and inspiration.

      How nice to meet you in your nice photo.Are you boy or girl?

    4. You are right. All men are not liars. I agree with you. I am going to copy this beautiful song. I am in love with this song. Can I have its video link?

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