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Have you ever wondered about immortality?

Have you ever wondered about immortality? Eternal life has fascinated people from the very roots of civilization and perhaps earlier. Different religions offer eternal life after death. But would not it be great to live longer or forever on this earth in the cosmos? Enjoy the family, friends, blue starry sky and, perhaps, your beloved? No matter whatever our wishes are, humanity has known only two things immortal. It is the cancer and embryonic stem cells. Of course, both can be killed, but we are interested in these things are timeless.

One of the biological theory of aging states that aging process begins when the body begins to accumulate defects in the genetic material. If the DNA chains resulting cracks or similar damage, certain proteins like tailors patch the holes, sew the cracks. However, as the best tailors can not fix a garment that is too much torn, so the protein is unable to repair it if genetic material suffered a lot of damage.  For the cells remains one solution – self-destruction, till not damaged the adjacent cells – perform the suicide.

Thus, normal cells with the irregularities fight exactly like this. However, there is one nature of unavoidable damage, which is impossible to solve in the following ways. As we know, the cells constantly divide. It is necessary for the body’s growth and maintenance of organ functions. From school we know that the body’s DNA is in densely twisted structures called chromosomes. Chromosomes ends are covered by the long repetitive sequences called telomeres. It is like chromosomes ends caps. As the hats protect our ears from the cold in the winter, so Telomeres protect the ends of the genetic material from degradation. The DNA ends are particularly vulnerable because every time when the cell is dividing, the genetic material has a double – copy itself. The copying mechanism is such that every time comes almost a complete copy with the slightly shorter ends. Thus, when the cell divides many times that Telomeres are completely eaten out, the cells no longer divide, as further dividing would even cut out necessary genetic material. Cells division reaches the limit. And not renewed  cells accumulate in various sweeps, unnecessary metabolic products, defects – the body begins to wear out.

Why cancerous and embryonic stem cells are an exception to this rule? It turns out that all organisms have a gene that encodes a protein called telomerase. But this gene is normally inactive, and the cells do not produce this protein, other than just those two types of cells. Telomerase function is periodically to lengthen telomeres, to correct their caps in order to protect the genetic material’s ends forever. This allows cells to bypass the division limit and divide many more times. In theory – infinity times.

But how it could be used for organism’s immortality? People thanks to gene engineered produce therapeutic proteins in bacteria, insulin and even citric acid; in laboratory into animal genomes loads fluorescent tags, so certain gene activation is child’s play.

But we should wait with modification because many questions are still unanswered. What differs the tumor cell from simple cells with induced telomerase production? Can we guarantee that after producing telomerase, the cells will not become cancerous and starts to multiply endlessly? The body is too complicated that we could immediately foresee the consequences of changing even one thing that performs the known function.


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Some incredible facts about human brain.

The human brain has the same structure as the other mammals, but their development level is different. The brain is a very complex organ. There I found some interesting facts about our brain.

The brain has the center of laughter. People with damaged this center can not understand the jokes.

We can not speak on the phone in the noisy room, because the brain can not distinguish ambient noise from the voice on phone.

Yawning really awakens us. When we are yawning, our lungs get more air, which increases the amount of oxygen in the brain.

We are programmed to memorize often sounding slightly annoying songs, because the brain is programmed to remember sequences. So sometimes the song melody stuck in mind, regardless of whether we like it or not.

The brain consumes less power than a fridge light. The brain consumes 12 watts of power – that is 17% of the body’s energy.

Frequent stress can impair memory, because during the stress are released hormones that are detrimental to the temporal area and to the memory.

People who like altitude, climbers and jumpers may encounter strange visions. Due to lack of oxygen they may get damaged processes of visual and emotional processing in the brain.

Computer games, especially strategic with the guns, contribute to the development of the brain multifunctionality. During the game, at the same time is improved the concentration and multi-tasking.

It is impossible to tickle yourself. Try to prove otherwise if you can. Your brain will not allows to feel anything.

Crossed networks of the nerve cells transmit signals from the eye through the nose when we glance at a bright sunlight. As the result, we begin to sneeze.

There may are some other interesting facts about our brain as it is not fully extensively investigated still. But one is sure – our brain is incredibly functioning organ, hiding some surprises from us.


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Making Money from Conspiracy Theory
April 15, 2017

I have seen my fair share of people who spread conspiracy theory. For example, I have seen vegans making myths around non veg food and selling vegan food. But in reality, conspiracy theory is always going to be around and people going to profit from it. I think UFO cult were among the popular ones where people made money from the conspiracy theories. You can find that some of such conspiracy theories are already out there and making people fear. And then there are some of the everyday theories which are designed to make money. In this article I want to put some light on some such theories which are made for the making money purpose. And how to find them out and how to discard them if you want to protect your money. Here are some of my observations.

Vegan Conspiracy

I think many vegans make conspiracy that this type of food is good for you. And they create many such posts on facebook and other places. They shame meat eating as if it’s designed to be bad for your health. In reality we humans have body designed to digest both vegan and non vegan food. And from there you can gather the idea that some of the time such food may not be always have to be one sided. If you have digestion to consume both types then it can be good for your body. I think many people learn about it as they learn more about this sort of propaganda by the vegans.

Patriarchy Conspiracy

Another popular conspiracy that is hot in the market is patriarchy conspiracy. Here you can find that many people are being called patriarchal for having traditional opinion. And here it is pointed out that all the men are bad. But all the women are always good. So for every crime men are being blamed and women are glorified. So this sort of patriarchal conspiracy is bad in so many ways. And nobody wants to admit how that is wrong. Considering this is more or less a gender issue, it makes you think how the conspiracy is affecting how bad that can be in so many ways there as well.

UFO Conspiracy

I think the entire movie industry and the comic industry uses this to their advantage. Here we are being told that beings are either peaceful or evil. And this means there are some of the times when such conspiracy can be bad for the society. You may have to understand there are people who make money on everyday basis from the UFO theories. And then it means one has to find out if they are making profit based on the sales people have interest for this thing. I am not sure if those type of companies who promote such propaganda are doing any favor for the society. And that’s not a good thing if you ask me.

These are some of the known theories which are bad for the society. And we have to learn to filter that as much as possible.

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Fresh pizza recipe from old parents
April 12, 2017
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Fresh pizza recipe

its from our traditional pizza all of the family like it and find it easy to use and prepare too, and mostly the children love it, loved it to when i was child and at my home the family also loved. it make you feel nice taht your family is eating it

From lots of recipes from mother and friends, I choose one that put surprising face at the guest

Prepare it freeze it then all you have to do is put pizza in your microwave to heat it up, market is full of ready pizzas but not daily made

Ingredients you need are :

white flour 2 cups, brown flour 1 cup and water to mix it, also 6 spoons of olive oil and salt

mix first the flour and the water, kneed it few seconds using water and oil. Leave it a side, chop the vegetable that you need and fry them if you like the soft ingredients, you can mix it with ay meat or chicken or anything you like, I like garlic and tomato and some spinach

add it to the spread dough and add cheese at the top, either sliced cheese or the chopped one and then either pur it in the oven or freeze it in pizza trays

they don’t take much time to cook it or heat it or even reheat it, I know some of my family members like to cook it and freeze it, which is also good as long as you are using fresh home made pizza

I know many houses have their own pizza recipe but each has his own taste too, and for me i like many recipes but that is the easiest

This recipe is suitable if you want to do bread also or salty pies too. I like baking and cooking, if you also like it, share with us whats the favorite recipes

Before Mars, A Colony on the MOON
April 10, 2017
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The First step in building a colony on Mars would be building one on the Moon. Figuring out how much and what and where and when supplies become crucially low;   right there, just a few days away from Earth.

Figuring out how to create a complete environment; doing it underground with various air locks so that a survivable atmosphere can be created and maintained.

Imaging setting up drilling equipment to go one hundred yards into a mountain, or building from within a crater. Drilling one long corridor, and removing the stones and dirt, the making side corridors.   That tunnel would act as caves did in early days of human evolution.

Inside that moon cave, with three or more air locks so that little air would be lost when entering and exiting.

There would be a garden in that cave in which various vegetables could be grown in human waste, fertilised by human waste.  Hence the collection of waste would be important and procedures set up to deal with waste.

Water would have to be brought in then manufactured.   Water would be the most priceless commodity and human waste, urine would have to be processed so as to create a constant supply.

There would have to be protocols for bathing and hand washing to avoid bacterial infection, for the danger is if people can not bathe every day, can not adequately wash their hands, the method of removing bacteria needs to be well organised and not rely on getting supplies of various preparations from Earth.

This would be the most crucial feature, how to create and maintain and enhance water as well as breathable air. Air would be a bit easier, with plants exhaling Oxygen and inhaling Carbon Dioxide, but the levels need to be carefully monitored to insure the abundance of oxygen.

To create a livable, maintainable and renewable environment on the moon must be completely established before the idea of going to Mars is on the table.   For where a set of rockets full of supplies can be deployed to orbit the moon, just in case the inhabitants get into difficulty, that will not be possible on Mars which will take months to travel to.

If humans develope faster travel so that getting to Mars is a week, maybe two at the most, the danger is lessened.   But considering how long it will take to go from Earth to Mars, and being aware that humans have not developed the necessary technology to great a ship that can land and take off and enter space, it is not even a suicide mission.

To send people to Mars before completely comprehending how to create a livable environment on that planet, how to maintain it, how to add to it,  is a total waste of resources because the people will simply die.

To create livable environments on the moon and to maintain them over a period of years would make it far more likely that lessons would be learned and duplicated, and that a colony could be set on Mars and become self sufficient within a few years.

This means that a number of supply ships would have to be sent from Earth every month or every other month until such time as they can be limited to twice a year.

But first, let human colonise the moon.


Dreams – the trips of our soul.

Dreams are one of the most mysterious phenomena of human life, closely related to reality. Our subconscious conveys in our dreams supposed events in certain forms, scenes, characters. The oldest scriptures – the Vedas – explain that dreams is kind of our hovering soul’s journey to adjacent parallel world, the opportunity to visit the desired corners of the Earth, or even other planets in our universe. It seems incredible, but dreaming in one moment we can find ourselves in farthest place of the world.

Memories of dreams are stored in the human subconscious, but sometimes it happens that they slip away to the consciousness level. There are people who have so called life’s dream. It is jammed into the consciousness that the emotional impact does not abandon whole life, disturb the peace or cause some mystery puzzle that cannot even explain. People react to dreamed images, encourages searching for meaning of dreams. In ancient times, dreams were one of the main signs that determine the behavior of people, when they needed to decide on some important issues.

It was believed in ancient Babylon that the good dreams are a sign of success and are sent by the gods, while bad dreams mean the disaster that demons bring. The Egyptians considered dreams as a message sent from God and to the dreams of Pharaohs were given special attention. They were distributed to the warnings of disaster or success, god’s requirements to perform certain actions and dreams as ritual results.

In fact, the approach to dreams varies. Some people consider the dreams as prophecies of the future. Others believe that they are meaningless. Still others believe that it is signs from which they can better understand the life situation and realize their potential. The fourth say that dreams are the bridge between life on earth and extraterrestrial worlds, where they can meet with the dead or divine beings.

At time of dream, everything what we have gained being awaked, is merged into one image, which can be clarified. Everyone can learn to understand the hidden meanings of dreams, create his own dreams book and separate prophetic dreams from negligible. Only need a lot of effort, patience and time.

We dream what have heard, seen or survived during the last day, what caused the troubles, disturbed natural human condition, as well as dreams showing human nature. They can be good or bad, but do not pay attention to them, because they will not materialize. Dreams, bringing the messages of the angels, saints and other divine beings, arising from sins or received for the merits when we live for others also are good or bad, but very soon they come true.

You should not pay attention to dreams that you dreamed during the day time, even if dreamed several times. They do not materialize. Dreams saw in the first half of the night up to midnight is fulfilled in the period of year. Later dreams will come true in shorter period. Awakening after a good dream in order that it might be fulfilled you should not sleep anymore. Dreamed a bad dream, on the contrary, it is necessary to fall asleep that it subconsciously would be covered by another dream, try to forget and not to tell anyone.

It is important to look beyond your dreams and believe in them without fanaticism. Anyhow, prophetic dream is not a final judgment, but only one of the possibilities of the future, which is always possible to turn into more favorable direction. Therefore, whatever we would not dream, our destiny is in our own hands!


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The techniques of Aura cleansing.

Protective Bubble. This is probably the most commonly used practice to protect the Aura. Imagine a white light descending from God, the Divine, the Universe, from anything that is for you the highest power and flowing it into your head through crown. Let it spread through your entire body to the feet and fill your aura, cleaning any negativity and converting it to more white light. You are surrounded by a bubble of white light. White color is pure and strongly protects. When you’re surrounded by your bubble, you can try to imagine white light as a two-way mirror through which you can see, but no one can see inside, or which reflects negative energy back if you go somewhere where you know being the negative energy or a crowd of people. You can also make it colored in a different color or cover it by hearts and imagine that it emits love. You can easily teach this your children, and if they are not old enough to do it you can do it for them, just imagining how bubble surrounds them. You might want to do this on a daily basis, before letting them go to the school. You can also surround your home by a bubble. When this is done, ask Archangel Michael to stand at the door and keep you and your home from any negative or lower energy. Now you and your home are protected.

Aura meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with the Divine and a great positive note to start the day. Even simple meditation can help relax. Aura meditation directly works with unwanted energy release through earth, with aura cleansing, energy channels and centers – chakras. For Aura meditation sit quiet place. Sit in comfortable posture with straight spine for about 15 minutes, performing basic breathing exercises from stress. Be conscious about what you’re doing; note the breaths and exhaling movements. When you feel that you are completely relaxed, shape in your mind the white or golden light and let it surround you and flow through you from top to toe. You can send it directly to your heart and then down through your feet into Mother Earth’s heart, in its very center. Visualize it moving up and down near your spine. If you are distracted by thoughts or other interference, you can again restore yourself self and re-imagine white light and monitor your breath.

Sea salt bath. Water helps to wash out the dirt, both physically and energetically. Swimming in the sea or ocean, in saline and abundant mineral water, cleans refreshes and energizes the energy body. Sun expands and nourishes the aura and sea extracts and removes the stress and negativity. Cleansing and balancing effects on the body of salt have been known for centuries. If you do not live near the ocean, get regularly Epsom or Dead salt bath. This can be especially scrubbing and relaxing procedure after a full day of stress. If you do not live near the ocean and do not have a bath, take a handful of sea salt and rub into your skin before using the shower. This will help remove dead skin cells, revive your aura and pull out toxins.

Essential oils. Excellent aura cleaning, earthing and energy lifting ethereal oils are Bergamot and orange. You can add a few drops of these essential oils in a base oil and apply to the skin or use in a diffuser that cleans the aura for you and your home, and workplace.

Other suitable cleansing essential oils: Rose essential oil helps to strengthen the aura and promotes healing and the love for yourself. Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, soothes and restores the field of aura energy. Basil essential oil helps to clear negative energy and release the pain of the past. Sage essential oil helps to cleanse and protect the aura from negative energy or mental attacks. Citrus essential oils help to re-energize and load the aura. Sandalwood essential oils can help eliminate mental damage caused by attacks and strengthen intuition and aura vibration.

Different aura cleaning methods help to purify the different aspects of your energy system.


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Why clean aura is important to us.

Did you know that if you feel stuck, anxious, angry, depressed or even sleepy, the cause may be in stagnant energy or unwanted energy of your energetic field, which you have gathered going through the day to day life? Our energy of aura is like a magnet that attracts or repels flying around the energies wherever we are and go. That is why it is necessary to protect a daily basis and regularly cleanse your aura from foreign vibrations and negative energies, especially if you are empathetic, intuitive and tend to easy accumulate other people’s emotions or even pain. Fortunately, there is a fairly straightforward process and there are many ways to do this.

What is an aura?

All living things have an aura that surrounds the physical body. Aura is pure energy field. If we look at our bodies through enough strong microscopes we could see that we are made up of atoms, which is energy. The body’s energy is not limited by its physical form, but expands into an egg shape. Egg-shaped energy is what we call the aura, and it can be seen using Kirlian photography. Aura is made up of different types of energy that occurs over on the surface of the skin and under it.

Aura is a very subtle interaction of energies and there are many layers of colors and shapes. Aura properties change depending on the person’s emotional, mental, physical or spiritual state. Personal mind and aura mind are one and the same. Our aura acts as the mirror of our soul, our spirit, and our personalities depths. Each of us is different and our hidden self is manifested through our aura.

Why is it important to clean the aura?

The condition of our aura in many ways creates a filter through which we see and experience the world. When the aura field around you is strong, healthy and shining brightly, it makes you feel and look energetic, more shiny and at peace with your soul, as well as helping to create more positive outlook and easy to manifest your desires. Many of us know any person who helps us feel good just being near him. It is the energy of their aura that influences you very strongly.

When you are going into contact with other people, you exchange part of energy with them. Each thought becomes energy when it is traveling through your aura, making an impact on it. Your aura, your source of life attracts the spiritual world and affects your life circumstances and relationships. Try to remember that every time you negatively think about something, this idea attracts for you more of the same. We create our auras and can change them to attract a positive experience into our life.

If you do not clean your aura from negative thoughts and influences, your spiritual energy system get dirty. People around you start to feel uncomfortable with you and you begin to attract lower vibrations (persons, situations, experience), which is not healthy for you and others. Stagnant or negative energy can have a particularly damaging impact on your mental and physical condition, and even lead to a lack of success and happiness, as well as pain or illness. Aura cleansing is a vital part of your well-being. Just as you take care of personal hygiene of the physical body, you have to on a daily basis to protect and maintain your body’s energy to ensure your optimal health.


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Our consciousness is the level of our health, mind and energy.

Have you noticed that one moment, your mood can be great and you can feel inside a lot of energy, but after a few hours because of some kind situations, your the world can just roll over? To imagine consciousness and especially state of consciousness is very difficult, if it is possible at all for human mind, like we need to have any model, which can hold in hands, flip over and demonstrate.

One of my favorite consciousness models are described in the beautiful Carlos Castaneda books on Central American Indian discoveries of consciousness control. The interesting thing is that this model is consistent with the information that we find in the ancient east scientific writings. It was written by yogis that explored the subconscious depths.

Consciousness is thickening of energy filament that reveals itself by more active radiance. Maybe it sounds very mystical, but it’s just a metaphor, which is much easier to understand than the scientific models of neural networks. Interestingly, yogis, and shamans often see this glow, and by its design they are able to identify human physical and mental condition. It is also not magic, but the human eye opportunities associated with epiphyses also known as the pineal gland located in the brain. Ordinary people cannot see glow due to the low amount of energy in the body and untrained mind, but the practice of yoga helps to store energy and you can finally see the energy fields when the excess energy activates the pineal gland.

Our well-being and energy level depends on the state of consciousness. If we want to manage our well-being and have good emotions or just stop a bad mood, when it is useless, we have to learn to manage our consciousness. This can be done, but it is not very easy task. I would call the work with the consciousness as a natural activity belonging to us, like the thinking, eating and daily work.

The principle is simple: we need to master the changes in consciousness that we could consciously change its status, instead of being tossed by the changes.


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Mystique and secrets – who are ghosts?
halloween-1746329_960_720 (1)

Ghost phenomenon has already many thousands of years. These bodiless phantoms have received some or other human attention at all the times. There was a time when people implicitly believed that ghosts exist, then people feared them, and now people are trying to investigate them. Ghosts are probably the world’s oldest recorded paranormal phenomenon. Ancient civilizations were afraid of ghosts, because their appearance is usually meant death and starvation. Nowadays, the ghost phenomenon is interesting not only for people but also for the scientists.

There was always assigned connection between the ghosts and the past, though often there is a talk about the relationship with the future, when the phantoms warn about the future events. In that case, the ghost appears for to prophesy, and opens the human eye. Of course, such prophecies are rare, although they occurred throughout the history.

There is a theory stating that the ghosts are nothing more than materialized human fears via intangible phantom form. But how then to explain the fact that sometimes the ghosts tell about future events. Maybe here is guilty the human instincts? Because it is believed that the ghosts more likely see the people having a strong intuition.

People believe in ghosts and statistics here is very simple. Some people believe even that can contact with the ghosts. It is obvious one thing, when people are trying to contact the ghosts, for instance by the spiritualism session, it does not promise anything good. As soon as the man attempts to make contact with ghosts in such spiritualism session, such connection usually ends in some form of disasters, diseases, strange events and so on.

The classic occult claims that in spiritualism session we are communicating not with the spirits of the dead, but with the semi-minded astral world entities, that are created by the human fears and passions. They usually feed on human emotions and vital forces, in order to be able to evolve to the higher astral level. In any case, the occult adepts warn that the practice of spiritism is stupid and irresponsible because of such practice always ends badly for who is trying in this way to get in touch with transcendence.

It is believed that the goal of the appearance of a ghost is an attempt to show the person how thin is the line between life and death. People can only observe and wonder. Chronic of royal dynasties are full of stories about ghosts. Such histories pass on of mouth to mouth, are recorded in historical sources, depicted in old paintings and tapestries.

These days, nothing changes. The only difference is that the ghosts are recorded by a video camera. Nowadays, some people believe in ghosts, but most are still afraid.

Each ghost story, in particular, is accompanied by some kind of legend. This is usually sad and scary stories. While witnesses are rarely able to fully comprehend what they saw. Typically, the ghosts are tied to one place, and can haunt for hundreds of years. Anyway, ghost appearances, usually are accompanied by panic transfixing the one who sees it. Rarely who manage to keep sober mind at such moments.

According to the stories, after the panic quite often come death, because a man distinguishes a high dose of adrenaline. There is known not one case after a meeting with a ghost, for the man straggle nerves, or occurs infarction. In any case, the meeting with the ghost is frightening event and somehow affecting human life.

What is a ghost? Ghost is a spiritual image of a human, animal or objects, generally speaking about the painful past and not going to the contact with a human. Ghosts are often confused with a phenomenon called poltergeist. People these phenomena often consider as synonyms. However, Poltergeist is a completely different nature. It is believed that the poltergeist is an accumulation of negative energy, capable to physically affect the environment.


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