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Mystique and secrets – who are ghosts?
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Ghost phenomenon has already many thousands of years. These bodiless phantoms have received some or other human attention at all the times. There was a time when people implicitly believed that ghosts exist, then people feared them, and now people are trying to investigate them. Ghosts are probably the world’s oldest recorded paranormal phenomenon. Ancient civilizations were afraid of ghosts, because their appearance is usually meant death and starvation. Nowadays, the ghost phenomenon is interesting not only for people but also for the scientists.

There was always assigned connection between the ghosts and the past, though often there is a talk about the relationship with the future, when the phantoms warn about the future events. In that case, the ghost appears for to prophesy, and opens the human eye. Of course, such prophecies are rare, although they occurred throughout the history.

There is a theory stating that the ghosts are nothing more than materialized human fears via intangible phantom form. But how then to explain the fact that sometimes the ghosts tell about future events. Maybe here is guilty the human instincts? Because it is believed that the ghosts more likely see the people having a strong intuition.

People believe in ghosts and statistics here is very simple. Some people believe even that can contact with the ghosts. It is obvious one thing, when people are trying to contact the ghosts, for instance by the spiritualism session, it does not promise anything good. As soon as the man attempts to make contact with ghosts in such spiritualism session, such connection usually ends in some form of disasters, diseases, strange events and so on.

The classic occult claims that in spiritualism session we are communicating not with the spirits of the dead, but with the semi-minded astral world entities, that are created by the human fears and passions. They usually feed on human emotions and vital forces, in order to be able to evolve to the higher astral level. In any case, the occult adepts warn that the practice of spiritism is stupid and irresponsible because of such practice always ends badly for who is trying in this way to get in touch with transcendence.

It is believed that the goal of the appearance of a ghost is an attempt to show the person how thin is the line between life and death. People can only observe and wonder. Chronic of royal dynasties are full of stories about ghosts. Such histories pass on of mouth to mouth, are recorded in historical sources, depicted in old paintings and tapestries.

These days, nothing changes. The only difference is that the ghosts are recorded by a video camera. Nowadays, some people believe in ghosts, but most are still afraid.

Each ghost story, in particular, is accompanied by some kind of legend. This is usually sad and scary stories. While witnesses are rarely able to fully comprehend what they saw. Typically, the ghosts are tied to one place, and can haunt for hundreds of years. Anyway, ghost appearances, usually are accompanied by panic transfixing the one who sees it. Rarely who manage to keep sober mind at such moments.

According to the stories, after the panic quite often come death, because a man distinguishes a high dose of adrenaline. There is known not one case after a meeting with a ghost, for the man straggle nerves, or occurs infarction. In any case, the meeting with the ghost is frightening event and somehow affecting human life.

What is a ghost? Ghost is a spiritual image of a human, animal or objects, generally speaking about the painful past and not going to the contact with a human. Ghosts are often confused with a phenomenon called poltergeist. People these phenomena often consider as synonyms. However, Poltergeist is a completely different nature. It is believed that the poltergeist is an accumulation of negative energy, capable to physically affect the environment.


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Prophetic dreams – to believe them or not?

It has long been believed that by the seen dreams people can predict the future. There were created numerous books of dreams, explaining the meaning of the dreams. The belief that there are prophetic dreams, occurred not from nothing, because in reality it has been repeated what has been seen in a dream, although the current science denies this, saying that there can’t be a prophetic dreams, that there are only random coincidences.

People approach to dreams are really various and different. Some argue that never dream, but really do not remember their dreams: this is due to certain, usually too rational, mental model. Other people dream, but are not used to pay attention, especially if their dreams are scattered, blank, black and white.

Women are interested in dreams more than men, they love to tell own dreams and pay attention to them, because they believe in their significance. They note that some dreams are exceptional, special. In one of the ancient texts is written, supposedly if the night vision is especially vivid, realistic, and you remember it after awakening to the last detail, it can come true. Modern psychologists, studying dreams, list the following special features of the dream:

– Long-lasting, bright view;

– Abundance of eloquent ambiguous characters abundance;

– A coherent story with a beginning and an end;

– Conversations with the dead ones, visits to hell or heaven;

– Supernatural sensations in a dream, such as levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, leaving the body, turning into animals;

– Intense excitement after awakening.

Prophetic dreams, apparently, belong to the extraordinary class. We are particularly concerned about those dreams which are warning us about the death of a close one, a bankruptcy or any other, not necessarily personal, trouble. But how to react after such a warning? How do we know whether this particular dream is prophetic? Here we are entering into the underground psychic zone, which the official science ignores. However, some brave ones still are trying to understand the phenomenon of clairvoyance, although move forward very slowly and detect more questions than answers.

They argue that intuition and clairvoyance are associated with the kind of some people’s mental sensitivity to the threat and attention to the future. The truth, some of us live in the past, others are worried about the present, and the thirds are more interested in the future.

One psychology professor, analyzed hundreds of fulfilled dreams, found that most of the dreams subjects take place the next day.

90 percent of their images are more realistic than symbolic, and most of the content – alerts about future threat or even mass disasters. Such dreams tend to recur several nights in a row or visit several times overnight. Women see them twice as likely as men.

Dreams give us information on what is worth to do in life, what we to change – it is needed properly decode them. We do not have to perceive a seen dream scene directly; every details need to be analyzed. A great help can be a books of the dreams.

However, there are dreams in which the encoded information is completely empty. The man himself has to select which information is relevant to him. For example, if a person wakes up from sleep in a cold sweat, such dreams have to be encrypted. But if there were no problems or something specific, you can really forget the dream, and there is no need to attack the books to look for answers. Only the man himself, having assessed his dream, can decide whether or not to go deeper into it.


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Gene therapy – a future method of treatment.

Holy Bible says that God is the creator of everything. He created out of nothing the infinite universe, planet Earth, us surrounding beautiful landscapes, and finally – a man who has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of us God awarded with beauty, strength, health, and for some people did not get these properties. So not in vain is said that there is no perfect people. Do you imagine the world in which we take over the creator’s role, and we would have the potential to change ourselves in the desired direction? To become perfect beings? I mean that we could control our genes, and at the same time our decisive features. Just think how we could avoid the disease, maybe even be immortal. There is a real possibility – it is gene therapy.

In 1970, scientists discovered a way allowing isolate the desired genes in the DNA chain. These were the first steps toward the science of gene therapy. Currently, this method of treatment is defined as the way in which the genes, affecting a specific defect are replaced by the right genes to cure the patient’s disease.

Into this world we come with a unique set of the chromosomes that consists of genes determining the outer personality characteristics, as well as health properties. However, not everything always goes according to plan. Sometimes genes mutate, change or have DNA errors in the structure, which our body is unable to repair, and which causes certain disorders and diseases. Sometimes these diseases are even inheritable. Thus, gene therapy is like a source of hope for all patients, since it would be possible to remove the disease before it has showed first symptoms.

There are currently two known gene therapy methods. One is a somatic cell gene therapy. In this case, the wrong genes are replaced by the right ones and then our body’s cells start to produce the right proteins and ultimately suppress, eliminate the genes which determine certain disorders. However, this method affects only the patient’s health and not influences the next generation.

Other gene therapy’s method is applied to the reproductive cells. In this case the right genes are inserted into the reproductive cells. The process influences parents and their offspring who will have healthy genes. It is also possible to insert the correct gene in the early embryo stage, and in this case the effect will be observed only in the embryo.

One of the main challenges of gene therapy is the transfer of the right genetic information into desired cells. Thus, at present, there are several methods of genetic material delivery – is the use of viral vectors, chemical or physical methods. However, the most popular is the use of vectors. The right genes are packed into capsules, and they travel to the sick cells. Vectors are usually viruses, as they are well able target to cells and to transfer the information.

However, not everything is gold what gold glisten.  Using gene therapy method with viral vectors is inevitable immune response. For our immune system it does not matter whether the virus is good or bad, the goal is to destroy it. Thus, in order for the gene therapy to work, it is necessary to significantly impair immunity.

A positive result of gene therapy is obvious. We can clean up genetic diseases prior to its onset, as well as avoid them in the next generation. It is possible to cure diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, heart failure, and many other diseases. Thus, gene therapy is a great future medical instrument, because it can to control and eliminate hereditary diseases.

On the other hand, always need to think about the consequences. First of all, there is still a lack of knowledge about gene therapy, its functioning, monitoring, as well as the safety of genetic information contamination. Thus, the procedure is very risky. Scientists rely on more theoretical knowledge than specific facts. Of course, after more experiments and searches, can be discovered the answer to this problem.


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A long life – is it only a dream?

Current century is the golden age for the various companies, who sell youth for the human – every day we hear commercials that talk about new wonderful products stopping the aging: various anti-wrinkle creams, hair dyes, which can paint even gray hair. The desire to stay young and the special offers of such products makes people to take up even drastic measures – they become regular customers of surgeons. So, people spend more time trying to prevent aging, rather than trying to understand this process. Maybe people could live healthy for longer if they had a deeper understanding of aging and its consequences.

Since ancient times, they were looking for ways to extend the life span. Hygiene compliance helped to prevent infections; antibiotics, vaccines creation made a lot of benefits in the medical field, but it only increased the survival and prolonged life span, but did not stop aging.

Aging involves a lot of harmful biological processes that accumulate and speed up the different tissues, cell aging, weakening the whole condition of the body and the performed functions. It should be noted that there is not only a calendar age, but also biological and the same old people can be of one calendar age, but a completely different biological. For the biological age, scientists have developed a set of biological aging markers. These physiological parameters indicate the individual functional level. It was found that some biomarkers, for example, insulin is correlated with mortality.

It is said that evolution is a biological engine and one of the most important phenomenon in the evolution is an adaptation. The natural selection is carried out in order to keep certain genes to future generations. However, in the natural environment is found a high mortality of organisms due to accidents, diseases, which make it difficult to draw conclusions about the gene, leading to a longer life.

Of course, a person lives much longer than animals. But why we cannot be immortal, or at least to live longer? Supposedly, it depends on energy. Each body distributes its energy to the reproduction, regeneration, growth and maintenance of steady state. So, one theory says that the body is aging not due to genetic reasons, but because of poor energy distribution for cell renewal.

It is believed that the regulation of the calories might also increase the longevity, but is still under investigation. Scientists claim that calorie restriction influences the hormones in different tissues and changes in biomarkers. Caloric restriction maintains optimal functioning of tissues and thus increases the resistance to stress levels, maintain optimal metabolism. Maybe people could live healthy longer due to the mechanisms associated with the hormone insulin system.

Without oxygen, we could not make enough energy and would quickly die. It is believed that increasing the amount of protective mechanisms in the fight against the lack of oxygen, we can improve the health status and add a few more years.

Currently, researchers are concentrating on aging and pharmaceutical companies developing various products to slow down the aging process. If someone will create a material, which reveals itself as a calories regulation or strong genes manifestation that determine resistance to stress, it could prolong the lives about 25 years. Imagine that we could enjoy healthy and fulfilling life even up to 80 years. It sounds great! However, this idea not avoids critic’s eyes. According to them it may affect adversely the financial point, as well as increased despair. But researchers believe that the increased life expectancy and health will not cost a lot and people will be able to enjoy more productive, longer and healthier life. Thus, durability can turn into reality.


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Is the human brain similar to the computer?

According to the theory of existential experience, the human brain is very similar to a computer.  The brain itself chooses, usually unconsciously and mechanically, the quality of consciousness, which will be ready to suffer, and the tunnel of the reality, which is needed to manage the coming signals from the outside world. When the mind begins to realize that programs itself, its creative abilities become endless. Some scientists call it Meta programming.

The brain in Meta programming state purposefully expands the deliberately taken a number of signals. Usually a person to everything looks superficially, and then is looking again and again. The dull objects and boring situations is being transformed, because they appeared uninteresting, when the mind processes them according to the old mechanical applications. Synergistic unity of the observer and the observed comes when the mind with absolute clarity and precision accept an environmental signals. Then the process of experience turns into a learning process. I know for some ears it sounds a bit difficult to understand. Such consciousness, completely incorporated into the experience, can be called an awakening. Since in the existential world we constantly have to choose, we are learning all the time conscious, but do feel neither stress nor anxiety.

It seems that our minds best is working in extreme situations. The soldiers that are rewarded for bravery, often speaks that absolutely do not remember what they did during the battle, because everything went very quickly. However, I think that each of us would remember not such terrible memories where the brain begins to function extremely fast and efficient.

It’s likely that our normal senses can go out into the real universe, signing out of what we are doing and where we are and what is happening around us. In the experimental situations this relaxation, something like hypnosis is intolerable thing: we have a clear understand each existential detail of the world.

Some people, for example, racers and climbers, simply crave for extreme situations, when their lives are in mortal danger, only to again and again to enjoy especially good brain activity and high switching to the certain true status. Meta programming habit replacing the old habit to wander around the real universes, increasingly is causing a feeling of bliss, and for the person begins to appear that he uses his brain not for its intended purpose.

Imagine the two people find themselves in the same time and same existential situation, but the situation is going through two different reality tunnels. If those people are fundamentalists, then each of them own experience might call as objective and will choose a passive response tactic to the situation. Later, the two men begin to argue fiercely and split into two parties or two churches. They have no way to agree, which way is more realistic. In the end both of them will take revenge for each other for the made a clumsy mistake.

But if both of these citizens will be conscious and aware of their relativity of the reality, then despite significant ideological differences, they will try to understand each other. Those people will realize that their reality is only the fruits of creation, and will be able, without any suspicion and accusations communicate with one another. This is the highest pilotage. Imagine how many problems would disappear if we all understand this.

It seems that by awarding us the brains, the God forgot to leave the operating rules on how to properly use them. Therefore, the history of mankind has become a ground for learning from mistakes. Human tasks – to discover the rules of the use, and we need to pay for it a high price.

Realizing that brain exploitation requires a great deal of responsibility and vigilance, we get not only technological, but also aesthetic and moral lessons. We then realize that the empirical world of the experience is integral and continuous, and that separation of the reality forms into kaleidoscopic, mutually unrelated fragments, such as science, culture, ethics, and religion is simply a symptom of spiritual immaturity. And this approach provides more suffering than good.


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Things We Can Do to reduce Pollution
March 10, 2017

We all are facing the issues with the pollution. And there are very serious issues that are arising due to the carbon footprint. And not a lot of people are helping the economy. I would say that it is right time that we can do something to reduce the carbon footprint. It would be interesting to see how we can get the most out of such situation and help the nature. Here are some of the ways with which we can reduce the pollution and control the carbon footprint. You’d find these some of the tips helpful if you are interested in making better decision for nature.

Solar Energy

If possible all of us need to rely on the solar energy. Though not all places can do that considering there is shortage of solar energy during some months. And it means one has to wait for charging and adjusting with the energy. You’d find that solar energy requires a lot of efforts to manage. Also it is going to expensive. But you can find that there are some of the solar chargers that can be good saving our energy. And you can pretty much charge it quickly. Though it costs a lot. You may want to give these chargers a try and see if you can save your money over a long term.

Organic Food

You should avoid buying the junk food. Most of the junk food is processed and that is going to make you less likely to eat once health is damaged. So make sure to eat local and fresh. There are many ways with which the organic food can help people. Pollution through the local and fresh food is less. And you may find that local food requires a bit less money than the imported food. Organic food processing is costly so buying the local and fresh helps the economy too. For me there are some of the benefits of the organic food as it helps the body too. And as it’s less processed, it can be good for overall health.


Many people these days are using the LED light. And so we have to consider them for saving energy. Only issue with the LED is that it is not good for the eyes. So one thing to consider is that LED require some heavy lifting. You should consider using the CFL too but they are different when it comes to shape and sizes. I have found that some of the time, these are available at more cheaper cost compared to the other products out there. So they are worth taking a look at, you should check those options.

Wind power

Some of the nations are now shifting towards the wind power. And they are powering the cities and the seashore region with the wind energy. This helps a lot when any place requries energy more than any other sources. Considering the wind power is safe and clean energy source. It’d definitely help get some good amount of energy that way. You’d find that it is also sustainable and works on all season to some extent.

These are some of the options that we should consider for saving the energy. You may find more such options if you subscrbe to the clean energy.

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Popular Aquariums in the World We Don’t Know
March 10, 2017

Aquariums are known to be exotic and entertaining for anyone who is interested into underwater life. There are plenty of things we can look at when it comes to the aquarium. And we can learn a lot about the fish and their life. We can learn how to keep them alive. How to manage their life-cycle. This way we can learn more on their existence on the planet. Here are some of the aquariums where you can learn more about the fishes.

Aquadom, Berlin, Germany

This is one popular aquarium in the world. The reason being the height of this aquarium dome. There are some nice fish into this vertical dome. And also there are some small fishes around the aquarium. The reason it got popular is because there were many presentations around this aquarium. It is located outside the hotel in berlin. It is indeed one of the good places worth visiting if you ever go to Germany. You may need to check that one for sure.

Deep Aquarium, Hull, England

This is one more aquarium worth checking out. It has plenty of sharks and deep water fish. This aquarium has the submarium interface. So you’d find out the fish from above and below you. And it has some of the fishes which are separated by tanks. They have taken care of lot of small things. And this goes to show you that how much good aquarium experience you can have there. There are some of the laboratories there. And the place is funded by public money. You’d find a lot of good fishes in the aquarium worth checking out there.

Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre, Dubai

If you ever want to see the best aquarium in the world, then this is the place to be. You’d find that there are 33K species in the water. And they are taking care of lot of fishes in there. Research level studies also being conducted in this place. You’d learn a lot about fish species and how they are kept in captivity. You’d find that some of the species are nearly endangered and being taken care of in aquarium such as this. Worth visiting this place atleast once in a lifetime.

Turkuazoo, Istanbul, Turkey

This aquarium is unique due to it’s way of preserving some of the fishes in europe region. There are lot of species being kept here. And the research level studies are also conducted on some fishes. The place seems to be getting a lot fo tourist attraction. And there are around 10,000 sea creatures kept there. With a lot of species which are harder to find outside the place. You’d find some rare among fishes over there. I suggest you should definitely check out this place if you are interested in fish of variety from both freshwater and sea water.

These are some of the popular aquariums around the world. The more we see it, the more we can learn about various types of fish species. If you can afford to visit them then these are worth the experience.

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Terrifying Natural Phenomena That We Don’t Know

Nature is both beautiful and devastating. And it can be interesting to see how it can change the shape of the planets. It works in such a random way that we don’t know how to prepare ourselves for the changes. It can be interesting to see how people who live around such natural things and still manage to survive. It’d be interesting thing to learn about Terrifying Natural Phenomena that are around us. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the Terrifying Natural Phenomena that you don’t know.

Volcanic Eruptions

On our planet there are plenty of locations where the volcano is going to erupt. And so you have to watch for the signs of them. I wonder what are some of the places where the volcano is always active and people still choose to be around. It would be interesting to see how such places can live nearby the volcano closer location. That being said, there are some good ways we can track the volcano activity these days. And we can surely learn more about the volcano on the planet earth.


Many places on the planet face this issue of tsunami. You may find that tsunami is damaging and often affects many countries. Those who are living nearby the shore are constantly under the damage these days. And it would be harder for the country to relocate the people all the time. Often they can give the warning. But the people have to relocate and save themselves. You may find that it does not happen in many cases.


Though regular lightening is harder to observe. But in every day around some places. You can see that they have issue of thunderstorm and other things. That seem to be the issue that may affect many people. There are even cases of Lightning affecting the airplane and some of the boats. Though these cases are not new but often they do happen. We just happen to ignore those things most of the time. It’d be interesting to see how many lives are affected.


They happen in many places. In case of the mountains and the waterfall places where there is a shallow water during rain. Those places are known to cause the landslide. It just happens that most of such places affect the people around. And those places are also known to cause some issues for the people who are living nearby landsliding area. So many of them relocate during the high rain. It is known that some countries people leave the town during the rainy season.


These are known to occur on regular basis. And they have very high capacity of destroying the world. It seems that the flood are known to affect the people in many ways. It’d be interesting to see how the people prepare for the flood. Based on what I have observed is that flood are known to have affected more damage overnight. So many people are not even aware of that. It’d be surely damaging condition to live into for sure.

These are some of the Natural Phenomena that you may want to pay attention to. They happen all the time, being prepared for them is the option.

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Things We Don’t Know About Moons in Solar System

Our solar system is vast and we have plenty of things to know about those small planets. Moons are considered as dependent planets. These planets are basically connected to the other planets. And they act like satellite to the host planet. Most planets in the solar system are having the satellite and moons. So each of them have their own properties and specialty to look forward to. Let’s take a look at some of the moons in our solar system. And what are some of the facts that we need to know about them. Let’s discuss those things.

Saturn’s moon

The planet is known to have some of the good moons around. And each one of them are formed due to collision with the saturn. And they are very small size compared to other moons in the solar system. Some of those moons have the ice and other environment variables in them. It is believed that the moon of saturn may likely to have the life. But there are no real data to support those claims. So we may see more about it soon once we explore those planets.

Ganymede and Titan

These two are another set of moons in our solar system. But considering how they are in size. It is believed that the mercury is more in height compared to them. Also it seems that based on the observation being made so far for the solar system. And the recorded data shows that the size of the moons have known to be bigger. So the amount of things we don’t know about these moon makes us wonder how they can be a good replacement for some planets in our solar system.


This is another moon of the solar system. It is known to havee this moon for the neptune. The amount of year it takes for the neptune is around 26 years. So this is one of the interesting things about the moon of the neptune. You’d find that the structure of this moon looks more or less to the size of some comet. And it does not look like this small satellite is likely to have any atmosphere in it. So it’s something that many scientists are not going to deeply research about it.


This moon of mars is known to appear twice in the sky. So the amount of time it takes for it to finish the rotation around mars is very high. So that means it has high gravity. Also there is very less chance of having life into the mars moon phobos. It however does make you wonder that how come such gravity is making the moon rotate that much fast. One interesting observation about this moon is that there are plenty of minerals around this moon that were observed.

Jupiter’s moon Europa

This moon is known to have lot of water on the planet. And this water is likely to have more some form of biological organism. It’s likely that the moon is going to havee some life in it. But nothing much is yet to confirm. But in future there are going to be some missions with which we can see if we can see life on the planet. Lot to be explored about the planets in future.

These are some of the things that many of us don’t know about these moons in our solar system.

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Things We Don’t Know About The Vastness of Universe

Universe is too vast that we don’t know what are some of the things that are out there. In order to understand our place in the universe we have to see what are some of the things that we have observed so far. And why we consider we are among the rare ones in the universe. Things for us to be different we have to actually go to each place and see. But if we are to be seeing everything it’d be harder to calculate the data about the universe. In this article, we take a look at how our universe is vast and what are some of the things that we can see with it.

Whirlpool Galaxy

One of the interesting thing that can be seen in the space. And you’d be surprised at the various types of colors and shapes with it. But the thing is that the shape and the size and color is due to some of the small blackholes in it. So the whirlpool galaxy is known for having some life if there are habitable planets with sun in it. That is one reason many people have some attraction towards this galaxy. It’d be fun to see how many of such are out there and how many of them have chance of life.

Milky Way

We are inside the milky way galaxy. And we can see some percent of our own galaxy. And that’s what make us look at the galaxy and feel good about it. There are many stars in our own galaxy. Other than our own solar system there are many other small solar systems to explore. I think if we were to explore more of our own galaxy, we would find some interesting worlds. And we can find out why our solar system is pretty unique.

Pale Blue Dot

One of the interesting things about the universe is that there are lot of small things that you can see. You may find that pale blue dot is an imagery taken by our satellite. And it went high enough This image tells you that the earth was 4 billion light years away when the image was taken. So you get the idea that universe is so vast. That there has to be life somewhere and we have to explore and see for the same.


Some of the comets are so interesting that makes you think how they are being spotted on regular basis. Some comets rotate around our galaxy due to gravitational pull. And they can be seen after specific time again. So it can be really good experience to see how some of such celestial objects are around us all the time. We don’t think of them unless they are effectively visible to us. For example Halley’s comet is visible after so many years. So it can be interesting to see that comet.

These are some of the good things about the universe that are going to surprise you. A lot of things are yet to be explored so you have plenty of things to see in future.

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