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It Hurts To say Goodbye
May 21, 2017

It Hurts To Say Goodbye

By erlymags ( @cely/ @lovern )

No one can deny this feeling that saying goodbye because someone is leaving you is so hurting. Humans as we are, we cannot control this kind of emotion for this is part of our existence on earth. This also means that we are humans for we know how hurt is felt. Sometimes we want to say so unfair if someone leaves us though the leaving is temporary. One reason might be a transfer of work. It is not the leaving without coming back, the temporal leaving that almost breaks a heart. Despite there are many ways to contact the person because we have this time numerous means like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, but it cannot be avoided to feel some doubts. Sometimes we think that the person we love won’t anymore come back that his excuse is superficial no bearing at all. Our boss bade goodbye, had a farewell party because she was hired in Nebraska, and I personally felt my heart started to miss our boss; she was so kind and considerate. We felt the total loss of a nice boss and person.

In fact, even to a virtual friend met at a site, we also cannot avoid to feel the aching of our heart. I have so many virtual friends I met in different writing sites and after those sites shut down without clear reasons, virtual friends would eventually scatter anywhere as long as there is an opportunity to explore to have a passive income. This time, it is not enough to carry on your shoulder one job. Prices soar high and if there is no back -up income, it will be hard for a family to pay the bills and most especially of the family has many children, parents are obliged to work hard, if possible they do not sleep. There are so many overseas workers and they find it hard to be far from his family, but there is no choice for if will listen to his emotion, he is still alone solving the crises at home. Those parents who left their children sacrifice much the longing of their beloved children. Every now and then they are restless for they are thinking about the money sent for them if properly spent by the guardians. This time, we have to be very practical for we are now living in the world of survival. It is like elimination of the unfit and survival of the fittest. Sorry, I forgot the author of this. This was our lesson during college.

It really hurts to say goodbye when you mean to part your ways with your girlfriend-boyfriend. Yes, this kind of feeling is like killing the person. It must be remembered that the feeling is temporary after some days you can move on and gladly give yourself another chance to be happy in your own expected ways. It is also hurting to say goodbye to some friends here for they believed this site would soon shut down due to non-payment of the writers. Though some of them could still meet again somewhere, but the usual activities here will not be forgotten. Some has built a solid friendship. I do not know if this site can rise again. It really hurts to say goodbye and we cannot also avoid shedding some tears of losing some nice friends. They are virtual friends, but they are more than real friends. They can give awesome supports and suggestions. They are great. Let us hope Literacy Base will rise where it falls. My heart aces for this reality and I cannot avoid myself to cry. Goodbye nice friends and LB. May you won’t be shutting down. May you can resolve some conflicts so we will be happy again in this awesome and wonderful blogging site. I might be a sentimental one, but , yes, I am.Sick! To God be The Glory…

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    1. cely said on May 21, 2017

      It hurts to say gooddbye for it is also not easy to forget the past with someone leaving us. Though the left is temporal, but the feeling cannot be controlled.Humans are truly emotional.

    2. Rob said on May 24, 2017


    3. cely said on May 25, 2017

      @Rob, thanks for feeling what I feel. I know you got me. maybe you are a new writer here and feeling desperate for the site never cares at all. They are dead.They no longer reply people here, so sad, what a terrible loss of the site to good writers they never care.

    4. Dina said on May 26, 2017


      When we become members of a writing site, we are able to maintain rapport with our co-members with whom we get constant comments and interaction.

      Though, it cannot be avoided when the site will be closing. But we can always tell them about another site where we can continue our friendship with them.

      This happened to me when myLot told us that they won’t be a paying site anymore. We were paid still for those who have $5 and above on their banks.

      So, when a co-member told me to try Bubblews, I went there and invited the other myLotters.

      Thus, the fun continued at Bubblews. But it’s so sad when Bubblews closed. Although, I am already back at myLot, months after it finally closed. Others followed also.

      So, it’s just like that. We can continue whatever friendship we have here by inviting them to be with us with another site where we will be earning too.

      I am saddened when you said that LB will close. Was it announced officially?

    5. cely said on May 26, 2017

      @Dina, it is just a hearsay that this site is closing hehe. I think we are wrong. It seems the site owners are cleaning the site by sweeping away those plagiarized blogs. I hope that the site rises back so people come back and enjoy every discussion made. What makes writers think the site is closing because of the non-payment of the writers. I am not paid off that April redemption. Not only me, so many those who redeemed end of April. all not paid. That is the reason why writers condemed the site as to close soon. I hope not for I like Literacy base to exist for years.

    6. It is sad to have heard many rumors that LB may soon be closing down its operation. Many of the friends and writers to have been affected due to their outstanding payment.

      Folks, I felt for you too, even I have just started and have contributed my few posts here, I don’t make that much when compared to you guys out there. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt a person because he or she have indeed genuinely have spent their precious times hour and hour here trying to make an extra income.


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