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Gruesome But True – A Male Snake Caught On Camera Lovingly Embracing Corpse Of A Female Snake

Gruesome But True – A Male Snake Caught On Camera Lovingly Embracing Corpse Of A Female Snake
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

Look at the picture in this blog; this is the picture of the two snakes embracing. You may not believe this, but it happens this day. A male snake has shown a tender feeling towards a female snake. We thought that animals do not have affection towards their opposite sex. It is proven this day when a man from northern Australia came across a horrifying sight two snakes embracing lovingly, but that male snake had embraced the newly found dead body of a female snake thought to be its mate. What is bitter to think about is the female snake dead and pregnant. Australia is noted to having many snakes and different kinds of animals. Children there are taught at their young age about nature and characteristics of animals.

This man who has seen this scene is a science teacher who brought with him his students early morning to teach them about reptiles only to get shocked when saw these two snakes in dept feeling of something except the female dead. As they get closer to the scene they realized the female snake was pregnant with that male snake and all her eggs scattered on the road. It was told that the female snake was hit by a car. What a terrible moment seeing animals like this. These snakes are non-venomous and the driver should have not killed the pregnant snake, so pitiful view. We are also affected with this happening. Everyone should realize that animals should not just be killed brutally for they also have life. They are part of nature and they in return protect nature from danger.

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It also important to science teachers to inculcate onto the minds of the children to give value to lives of animals so they could also develop appreciation to animals lives like snakes. The children will also have interest to share their role in their community and to the society as a whole develop a safe and protection behavior to animals especially in dealing with snakes and other reptiles. Their young minds need to equip with the right values about love to animals. Further, the children can have awareness of their role to share to their peer and group mates these animals need protection and they are also entitled to safety. The snakes are mainly feed on amphibians and small lizards. They do not eat humans just bite, LOL. They can also eat cane toads which are poisonous to other animals for they safe. The snakes are also important to other animals.

Look at the picture as photo image, these are the two snakes that lovingly embracing each other. What a pity to them. They also have their instinct of love. The male snake showed its feeling this way gruesome, but true as backed by science. You may see a YouTube on this just search about two snakes in embracing mood yet the female died. My heart goes to the feeling of these two snakes.

Image shown here, the two snakes showing their affection

Source: World News

    1. I am afraid of snakes, and can not even look closer at their photos just like what you asked us to do! ha ha ha! I just read your words and description of what the male snake did!

    2. hahahaha, so funny snakes also have love to their opposite sex.

    3. cely said on May 13, 2017

      @acelawrites, You are funny friend hehe he this snake shown here won’t bite just smell lol. By the way, I really pity the pregnant snake. In YouTube, viwers can see the entire episode of this how the snake left the dead girlfriend snake. Better the snake has a feeling unlike the terrorist no feeling to humanity. I may agree with my own logical reasoning that snakes are better than some humans. There is no cruelty in animals among themselves, but humans ghere are.

    4. Snakes or human we are all attracted to opposite sex. But this one is romancing a dead snake, hmm just wondering if the snake have the thing called necrophilia. That is weird, isn’t it?

      Anyway, I don’t know if its mine only but I cannot see the photo.

    5. cely said on May 13, 2017

      @SuperD, Why can’t you see the photo? I can see well these two snakes embracing body intertwining male snake to the dead female snake. That is very impossible you cannot see the snakes. What do you see in the blog image, empty space? I wonder.

    6. cely said on May 29, 2017

      Better the snake knows the feeling of pity and compassion compared to bad people like the terrorists, rebels, Abusayaffs and more that stir the world with their ruthless killings of innocent people. They should not have born in this world so peace will reign all throughout the universe.

      But this snake, if people only see this thing, they surely agree with me that snakes are better than some human beings.

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