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When Planning for Reunion, Plan Earlier to Avoid Problems

My photo of a seashore

My husband’s siblings planned a family reunion for the next weekend and they chose it to be held in a resort so everyone can have swimming moments at the pool.

They chose to hire a hot spring resort in Laguna, province in Southern Luzon, Philippines. And it will be an overnight affair until the next day, a Sunday, for those who wanted to stay there longer and avoid the sizzling temperatures in Metro Manila.

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Some of them would be coming from Mindoro, Southern Luzon, some in Metro Manila. We will be around 40 to 50 people in all, including the children.

Now here’s the problem: It is summer season, and it is the peak season for swimming pools, or resorts. Many of those we called or inquired online are almost fully-booked. Even the one which is our favorite resort in Laguna, the so-called “Batis ng Makiling” (River of Makiling) was fully-booked. We should had reserved earlier the private pool area there which is very suitable for family gatherings. It is a secluded area within the resort, which has five big family rooms that can accommodate some 30 people. It has a big gazeebo with long table and chairs where the guests can eat, or enjoy singing in the videoke.

But it was late, we should had made the reservations during the first week of May or even earlier so we can have that date booked for us.

So we settled for another resort nearby, also a hot spring resort, but I think it is less beautiful than the first choice we had. It is alright because the manager gave us some discounts if we reserve for one night and one day; so it will be on May 20 evening up to the whole day of May 21.

Everyone seems so excited about the reunion. We had group chats, or group video calls to make the reunion a reality. We listed who will join, and how much each had pledged to pay for the resort and for the food. Some of us will also bring extra food, like it would be potluck. Later on, we will cook our food there, or will just order some food from nearby restaurants there.

I hope it would be an enjoyable bonding time for all of us! nd next time, we will plan everything in advance, in earlier time to avoid so many problems.

    1. cely said on May 13, 2017

      That will be the most unforgettable reunion. 50 is big enough and you will have lots of fun swimming, introducing each other and family members. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit my friend hehehehe. Share us your photo in Mylot not here for there are many mangnanakaw of photos here ,at mga kapal muks.

      • Thanks Cely, Yes, everyone is so excited about it. But I cannot wear those skimpy swimsuits because I do not have beautiful legs and body! ha ha ha! That is one of my weakness, wearing short shorts! I wish I have beautiful legs! ha ha ha! About the photos, we should use Pixabay photos here, not our own photos because people from somewhere can use it though the photo was taken from the Philippines, or it is your personal photo.

        I think it was because we have that media library here where all our photos remained there, and some people think it is just alright to pick photos from there. When I was new here, I was guilty of that; I even used one of your photos of an old man who was unemployed, but it is from Pixabay too, or what we can call a “generic” photo.

        The admin should remove that “Media Library,” to avoid such mistakes.

    2. Dina said on May 25, 2017

      So how’s the clan’s reunion? Where was it held?

      I bet it’s a very happy occasions, since it’s a reunion. Relatives you haven’t seen for years will be coming.

      And I suppose the foods are many and are of those favorites of everybody. And I bet there was lechon?

      I am excited to see pictures of your reunion. Maybe you should post about it here and post pictures, my friend.

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