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The Incredible Healing Power Of A Horse

The Incredible Healing Power Of A Horse
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

Many of you may not believe that a horse is very important to man not only to a sport he likes or to have horse to serve his family as carriage in the absence of wheel. It has been proven as best animal friendly despite alone in his house. Who could believe now that a horse could be a help to people that deal with physical, emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral problems? I think many of you would laugh at this, but this is backed by science. Almost all animals play great role to man not only providing him with its meat for is food, skin for clothing, carriage, fields plowing, but all of those mentioned above that related to man’s healing

What do you notice to animals like horse? All animals know how to take care of themselves. They are all equipped with a ready-instinct to take care of them in nature. Even if they are exposed to sun they could still survive for many hours, though there are some animals that cannot survive under the extreme heat of the sun like a cow. What do you notice to a cow? To those farmers, they have a carabao with them as their partner in the field. A carabao has a strong endurance against the incredibly heat of the sun. It can also withstand under a circumstance in a pace exposed to sun. Carabao only requires daily dipping in mud, a cow not. It requires a daily bath in a river or plain water in spring, faucet or well.

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Let us go back to horse and its healing power. At first I was amazed. I was not able to sleep right away at night thinking about how nice to own a horse. Yes, after knowing this, I have a great desire to own a horse. Scientists have made their research on different varieties of animals. Their purpose is to know how we humans can learn from their different health mechanisms. Other animals have been found to possess amazing healing powers that can treat human illness. Their healing powers could also help rehabilitate patients. This is so incredible especially on a horse. We thought a horse is nothing but an animal. I wonder why those horse owners and horse racers find life in calm and serene because the ability of the horse to have these have been acquired by the horse lovers.

A horse can stay calm despite alone in the lonely field. It can withstand abuses of man. A horse could also withstand against a ferocious storm and bad climate alone. Anyone who can inhibit these attitudes of a horse could have a strong will to willingly undergo any circumstances and outsmart life’s problems. A horse
Is important to people who have depressive attitude and killer minded – mind. The best is to always talk to a horse, touch its forehead many times to inhibit the inherent characteristics of a horse- the healing power of the mind to stop loneliness, worries and uncertainties of feeling and beliefs. If you want to be physically, emotionally and socially strong, see a horse or pet a horse. Life is indeed mysterious. All that we have on earth came from God for all His children on earth to inherit them, yet others never care and never understand. To have peace of mind is sometimes hard to do for those that lack power to survive and lack power to accept some realities, so you need a horse to pacify you and give you a serene life. Life chaotic and problematic gives anyone an unhappy life. You need a horse. Go find a horse to stabilize your entire needs: physical, social, emotional, spiritual and financial needs.

This time many of us are restless .There are so many reasons why feel this way. I believe the primary factor that drives many of us to feel this way is money. Despite of the fact that money cannot buy happiness, many also oppose for in the absence of money, one can be in a total loss of everything, A life can be extended because a patient could be treated well in a hospital; a debt can be paid already having surcharges accumulated ; foods could always be available on dining table; there is always money for children’s tuition; there is always money to pay many bills; there is always money to buy important materials needed at home and more only money can do. All these can make life miserable without money. That is why we cannot despise those who are always feeling down and out of control. They might have lost their control not to spend much to avoid extravagance for this can lead life to live on LOSS.

We have to be thankful to the scientists for everyday they study and research some possibilities that could help the human beings. There are many landed six feet below the ground through ending their lives shortly for they cannot anymore suffice to live in too many complications. There are also many life’s gone astray just to survive in a wrong way. From the standpoint of the researchers, it seems that animals are better than humans for animals have their own ways to heal themselves. They have their own healing power despite they have minds only they understand. Look at dogs despite others cruel to them , but look at the way they are treated well by their masters, they are superb pet that could convert the mind of man in peace.

From now on, let us think like a horse so we can always heal all our weak body and mind. From now on, let us love animals. Let us not be cruel to them. They are family member so love is all they need. From them, love and healing power can be inhibited so we all can live in peace and satisfaction of what we have. Life is beautiful worth to live. Don’t waste life, rather love it to the fullest for we only have one life to live and enjoy. To God Be The Glory.

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    1. cely said on May 13, 2017

      Some animals are better than man in attitude , perseverance and thinking.

    2. Horses are beautiful animals; and they are farmers’ friends too because they can carry heavy loads like farm produce or harvest. It is interesting to know you like to own a horse! why not? But you should have a caretaker because it eats grass, etc. and also needs so much care and attention. But they could be lovely pets. Have you seen the dwarf breeds? They could be easier to maintain than large ones.

      Their healing power is amazing; just like dogs, cats and other animals do.

    3. cely said on May 13, 2017

      @acelawrites, so true I like to pet a horse, but my sister disliked my idea for we are in the city and we lack space. It may take so much time attending to the needs of horse.

      How nice there is horse dwarfism I may check that on like, By the way, a horse is very expensive my friend. I cannot afford almost 78 thousand hahaha. I just look at horses in search engine.

    4. cely said on May 20, 2017

      I have just bought a baby horsy. His color is golden brown. I have to tame him and make him like me so we can be a team. Despite he is so young, he can adjust himself to the situation to stay in loneliness. I fence horsy , installed lights, electric fan and planted many trees so when he is big so with the trees. It is not difficult to tame this pet of mine. I always talk to him. He looks so smart and adorable. The kids at hiome also enjoy touching horsy’s forehead. I am thankful for this knowledge on horse as a healer.

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