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Earnably – Enable you to earn only easily
May 29, 2017

As a stay at home mom, I have always been actively looking for ways to allow me to make money online, so I can continue to take care of my kids at home while still being able to bring some income to my family. While there are several sites closing down, stop paying and changing the rules so we can’t earn easily, I have found another good site here – Earnably.


Let’s look at the advantages of Earnably:
1. Of course, most importantly is the site pays. Though I have not got paid by Earnably yet, I have a few friends who have got their payment very quickly after making their request.
2. The minimum payout is only $1. As a newbie to a making money online site, you will gain more confidence with the site if you have received the payment. With low minimum payout, it is easier to reach and we will have confidence with the site faster.
3. You can earn PayPal cash from Earnably. With several sites stopped paying via PayPal, I am happy to know Earnably still pays via PayPal, as PayPal is always my preferably payment processor. Besides PayPal, you can also choose Amazon gift cards or bitcoin payment.
4. There is a leveling system where we will get more bonus and advantages when we are at higher levels.
5. Referral commission is attractive. You will earn 10% of everything your referrals earn by completing offers. You will also earn 5% from second tier referrals if you are level 3 members.

6. You can earn by entering promo codes which you can find online easily.  This is an effortless way of earning points at Earnably.


There are several ways of making money at Earnably, which you may have already familiar with:
* Completing offers
* Taking surveys
* Watching videos
* Performing tasks
* Downloading apps
* Performing actions, which include submitting bug reports and promoting Earnably
* Entering promo codes


If you are interested, please check it out here: Earnably

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Join me in The Tidying Up Letting Go Of Stuff Challenge
May 4, 2017

Have you read or heard of the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing“? It was written by a Japanese author, Marie Kondo, and she is the founder of the KonMari Method.


I have been reading a lot about her book on the Internet, in various blogs, especially parenting blogs. I have been reading how magical the KonMari Method is, but I have not really read or buy the book yet. I doubt if I can really follow the KonMari Method in tidying up and letting go of stuff. I roughly know how the method is by reading here and there from other blogs, it sounds good, but I am just not sure if I can do that, especially with three young children at home and two of them enjoy creating messes and having fun (and one is still a baby).


I just found this challenge from Finding Joy. It is a 6 week email course or challenge. We will get a link to each week’s post and a challenge from the author, Rachel Martin. It sounds good for me. I always like to participate in challenges as they always help to motivate me to do and be better. Moreover, I will be told how and what to do every week, and hopefully I will be there after six weeks. This plan sounds good to me.


I am currently decluttering, tidying up and organizing the stuff in my home now. So this challenge just comes at the right time for me. It is always good to have some friends who do this together with me, but I can’t really think of who needs this challenge in my real life, so I am happy to share it here and hope to inspire anyone who might be benefited from this challenge.


If you are interested in this challenge, you can find out more information here: The Tidying Up Letting Go Of Stuff Challenge


Image: Pixabay
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Join the Food Revolution Summit and think about food revolution
April 29, 2017

I knew about this Summit from the Peak Work Performance Summit I was listening to. One of the interviewees was Ocean Robbins. I did not know who he is until finding out more about him.



I suppose many of us know the very famous ice cream shop, Baskin Robbins. One of the co-founders was Irv Robbins, and he is Ocean’s grandfather. Ocean’s father, John Robbins, the only son of Irv Robbins decided to walk away from Baskin Robbins and pursue for a healthier life style, better food and simpler life. John and Ocean Robbins founded The Food Revolution Network, as they would like to bring more awareness about the healthy food and also support people to have a healthy lifestyle.


This is the 6th annual food revolution summit, and it is from 29 April to 7 May 2017. There will be more than 24 World’s Top Food Experts sharing more information about healthy food. There will be topics about nutrition, how to live for a healthier and longer lives, how to eat to beat cancer, plant-powered health and much more.


I like to eat ice cream, and I still eat some junk food nowadays. I like to drink Coca-Cola, though I do not always drink as I know it is bad for health. I do visit McDonalds once in a while, though I know it is not healthy food. I also aware that I need to make a change. Though I do not think I have a very unhealthy lifestyle and eat bad food, I know it is not good enough. There are more I need to find out, to know and to learn how I can eat healthier, live better and also help others with this knowledge too. I watched a video by Ocean Robbins, he mentioned his dad decided to leave the ice cream world because another co-founder of Baskin Robbins, Burt Baskin who is also John’s uncle suddenly died because of heart attack. He was conscious about this and he did not want to live the unhealthy life like that, and he also did not want to produce something that would harm others’ life. Both my late grandparents had diabetes, and my dad has high blood pressure and cholesterol, and he did a surgery because of atherosclerosis. Because of my grandparents, I started to beware of my food intake, especially sugar intake, as I knew how suffering it could be if I have diabetes. I did not like to live or end my life like that.


Though I have been eating more vegetables and less sugar and salt, it is certainly not enough. There are still many knowledge I need to gain in order to eat well. I am interested to find out more about GMO, as Ocean Robbins mentioned that a lot in the interview, and also plant-powered health. Recently I also watched a video series about cancer, and found that some food are just great to prevent or cure cancer. It is our responsibility to eat well, and it is our job to teach our children to eat and live well too. As a mom, I would really like to offer this wonderful gift to my children – a better lifestyle.


If you would like to find out more about Summit, click here: Food Revolution Summit


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Join the Ultimate Moms’ Summit for free
April 20, 2017

I just found out another free online event. I received the newsletter from Tosha Schore from Your Partner in Parenting this morning, and she mentioned she will be one of the interviewees in this summit. Her topic is Parenting Boys Peacefully which I am quite interested in, as I have two boys now. After several years of parenting my eldest son, I realized that I need to understand boys better and I might need to parent him in a different way that I thought.


This Ultimate Moms’ Summit starts from 1 May 2017, and it is a 4 day event. There will be more than 40 expert speakers sharing their wisdom of being a mom, hence I think we will be able to learn and be inspired from these interviews.


I know I have joined quite a number of free online events lately, and spending too much time listening to the webinars or interviews. The Peak Work Performance Summit is another free online summit that is going on. I just have to pick those I am really interested in and have to let go those I might not know them well, though they might also be good to me. In this summit, I actually only know about Tosha Schore and Hunter Clarke-Fields from Hunter Yoga. I have been following some of Hunter’s yoga practice and I really like her talking about yoga, mindfulness and parenting as these are my interests as well. So, I guess I am just going to focus on listening to their interviews, and the rest I will just check in and see if their topics interest me. I might also check out Anya Manes who is going to talk about talking to children about sex. This is also a topic that parents will need to talk to the children.


Another reason I joined is that besides being able to listen to these live interviews, we can also access encore interviews from last year summit. I am interested in listening to Dr. Laura Markham from Aha!Parenting as she was taking about Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings. I am very interested in this topic now, as I am learning how to let my two elder children play together peacefully all the time, though most of the time they get along well with each other. I think I will surely get some good tips from Dr Laura’s interviews. Another encore presentation I would like to listen is from Patty Wipfler, from Hand in Hand Parenting. She also always offers useful tips for parenting. I might be listening to Kim West, from The Sleep Lady, as she talked about gentle methods to help your child get a good night’s sleep. My two younger children do not sleep well at night, especially the baby. Though I understand many babies can’t sleep very well at night, waking up every hour seems to be quite tiring for him and for me too. So I wish I will be able to learn some good techniques from her.


If you are interested to know more about this online event, check here: The Ultimate Moms’ Summit


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Learn Strategies from Productivity Experts at The Peak Work Performance Summit
April 17, 2017

I received a newsletter from Power of Moms about this summit, as one of the co-founders, April Perry is one of the interviewees in this summit. She and her husband, Eric Perry will be presenting the topic “Organizing Your Life” in the new created “Work Life Balance” section.


This online summit is hosted by Ron Friedman, who is the author of the book “The Best Place to Work” and the founder of ignite80. The purpose of this summit is share the strategies to help us get things done. It starts from 18 April to 27 April, 2017 and it is FREE.



There are interviews from different aspect of peak performance each day, include motivation, productivity, habits, energy, health, success, leadership, build your brand, wealth and work life balance. Everyday there are 5 interviews on one of these topics, and the interview will be available for 24 hours. I do not think I can finish watching all the interviews in the coming 10 days, otherwise I will be certainly stressed out instead of getting more things done, hence I am going to pick the interviewees or topics that really interest me.


The topics that we will be learning really interest me, such as how the most successful people start their day, how to design the perfect to-do list, how visual thinking can help flesh out our ideas, how to get more sleep, how to spark our creativity, how to stay energized all day long, and much more. I am currently learning these and also applying some of them to my life, so I can be more productive, get more things done and yet get good sleep and happy life as well. So, this summit really sounds good to me.


Currently, these are the interviewees and their topics I am spotting:
1. David Allen – Getting the right things done
2. Greg McKeown – Determining what is essential and eliminating everything else
3. Natalie Jill – How to get fit in 5 minutes a day
4. Todd Herman – What top performers do differently
5. Paula Rizzo – How to write the perfect to-do list
6. Mark Timm – How to run your family like a business
7. April and Eric Perry – a productivity expert’s guide to organizing your life
8. Michael Hyatt – how to have your best year ever


While looking at the topics of the interviews, I am actually interested in many of them, so I might just take some time to watch them and see if I will be inspired. Michael Hyatt and April Perry are two bloggers I have been following through, hence I am surely not going to miss these two. As for David Allen, I have been been reading April Perry and other bloggers mentioning about his book, Getting Things Done. I would like to know what strategies he is going to share with us too.


If you are interested, you can check out this page for more information here: The Peak Work Performance Summit


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Stop limiting belief and just start to write!
April 15, 2017

I received the newsletter from Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less this morning. In the newsletter, she mentioned a friend who would like to grow his business and focus on his blog, but some major childhood insecurities held him back when he thought about writing. Her advice to her friend is to just WRITE as the best way to become a better writer is to write. She also suggested a challenge for her friend to spend the first hour of every day to just write, and not to stop until he has at least 500 words. There should not be any editing or judging, but just writing every day. Her friend did that and told him it was a good challenge, and he is less afraid of writing every day since he started the challenge.


It is an inspiring story. There are many times we have one of these limiting beliefs. Ruth stated a limiting belief is a thought or belief we have about ourselves that holds us back from achieving our full potential. These beliefs might not be true, but they are really holding us back from getting where we want to be.


I watched a webinar by Michael Hyatt yesterday which is about writing a book. He also mentioned there are restrictions that hold us back from achieving what we want, for example publishing a book. These restrictions include fear, uncertainty and doubt. To overcome these restrictions, we just need to start, focus and finish it. Yes, if we do not start writing, we always have the fear as we do not know whether we can really write. If we do not start writing, the fear will definitely become real, as we are not writing at all. If we are uncertain about the path, we should just focus on the direction we want to move forward, and just walk towards it. We will get to know better and clearly once we get down to the path. We should just keep writing and finish it so we will not have any doubt on ourselves.


I do not write much at LiteracyBase because of the word requirements. I do not always have much time to focus on writing without any distraction from my kids and I am not sure if I can reach at least 300 words in a short time, hence I usually do not start writing. But there are many times once I start writing, ideas just keep flowing in and I can just hear the typing sound from the keyboard. Michael Hyatt also said that inspiration does not show up until you do. I agree with that, and there are many times I can hit 500 words in my post without struggling. Without starting, I always worry I might not even reach 300 words.


So, I think it is always good to stop this kind of unhealthy limiting beliefs, and just set the goal or vision, plan for it, start moving forward and focus on it until it is finished. I believe the more we practice, the better we will be, and we should not worry about being perfect too.


Image: Pixabay
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Join No Spank Challenge to have Peaceful Homes & Classrooms
April 13, 2017

Do you spank your children? Would you like to learn how to teach and guide your children by no spanking, punishment and even yelling?


30 April is Internationl SpankOut Day. It is a day to bring awareness to everyone where we need to stop physically punish our children and start guiding them with non-violent alternatives. Many parenting websites or blogs share resources, tools and techniques on the gentle parenting discipline methods, so parents or caregivers will get to learn and stop physically punishing the children.


Amy Bryant from Parenting Beyond Punishment has been having this No Spank Challenge for 4 years. This year, the 4th annual challenge focuses on “Peaceful Homes & Classrooms“. It provides great information not only for parents, but for educators. This online event is usually held in April, and it is free. It is a three week program, which is from 10 to 28 April 2017. There are webinars, teleconferences, live Q&A, articles for us to access and learn from the parenting experts. You might already knew some of the event contributors: Amy Bryant, Lori Petro, Tosha Schore, Robbyn Peters Bennett, Sheena Hill and many more.


We do not only learn to information about stopping spanking or physical punishing the kids from this event, but we also learn how to teach and guide our kids better, with more effective ways and without yelling. There are topics such as “How to get kids to listen without yelling“, “Parenting from our center“, “Dealing with our own triggers“, “Games to teach emotional regulation“, “How to set limits and be heard” really catch my attention. I am not so worried about spanking, as I never spank or hit my children, but I do yell, scold, get angry with them and I am constantly learning how to guide them with positive or attachment parenting methods, which is I would really love to have a peaceful and joyful home. How nice if everyone in the family is happy working and hanging out together at home? I understand this “ideal” condition does not come from our kids. I cannot expect my kids to listen to me all the time, to do what I request them to do or even do more than I expected. I need to expect myself to make a change, to bring harmony to the family, to build better connection with the kids. First of all, I need to learn how to regulate my own emotion before I can teach my kids to regulate theirs.


I am sure it will be a very busy month, as there are so many great information floating around for this event. I will need to allocate time to read the articles and watch the webinars, but still spend good time with my kids. Sometimes I have spent too much time online learning these parenting tips and techniques, but I did not really apply them in real life, as I still get angry and yell at my kids sometimes.


If you are interested in this event, check it out here: Peaceful Homes & Classrooms (No Spank Challenge)


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Free Waldorf 101 Mini Course by Earthschooling

Have you heard about Waldorf or Steiner Education? Would you like to learn more about it? Earthschooling, a well known Waldorf Education curriculum provider, is offering a Waldorf 101 Mini Course for free in one week. Earthschooling is offering a freebie every Friday, and for this week, they are offering this Mini Course for everyone who wants to know more about Waldorf, or how they can apply Waldorf philosophy at home. It is just a PDF download, and does not require sign up, so you can just go to the site and download the free file.


If you have heard about Waldorf Education, you will know rhythm is always an important topic. Here, you will learn more about rhythm, how to set it up for different grades, and what curriculum are needed for each grade as well. Rhythms and curriculum are listed from preschool to grade eight, so whether you have young children or pre-teen kids at home, this might be good for you. There are also examples of daily rhythm, weekly rhythm and monthly rhythm. How to design the rhythm and curriculum in a day is also very important for kids to learn. These are easy to understand and even if you are not homeschooling your children or following Waldorf philosophy, these are actually good for every child, and they are even good for adults.


If you would like to learn more about how Waldorf Education is teaching the kids, you will want to know about Main Lesson Block. This is different from how we are taught in public school. Besides the curriculum, many might relate Waldorf Education to natural toys, fairy tales, artplay and handwork. You might also want to know more about the four temperamentsSanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. The first time I attended a seminar about Waldorf Education was to learn these four temperaments. Learning this is not only good for teaching our kids, but also good for us to understand ourselves and everyone else better too. Even if you are not interested in Waldorf Education, I think learning the temperaments is good for everyone too. Earthschooling has provided many good resources in temperaments, the founder, Kristie Karima Burns has even written an adventurous story about the temperaments, and my children loved listening to it. There was once Earthschooling offering the audio format for this story for free (for a certain period), so if they are offering it again, I will surely share with you here as I think it is really a good story. By the way, the name of the story is “Journey of Analise“.


This 60 page file really covers a lot about Waldorf Education. I still think this is not only good for those who are interested in Waldorf Education, but for everyone who would like to learn more or have some activities with the kids at home. I always think, by learning to teach my children, I actually learn more than them.


If you are interested to know more, click here to check it out before next Friday: Waldorf 101 Mini Course


Image: Pixabay
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Journey to Joy: Free e-Course by Joyful Courage
March 31, 2017

Would you like to be more joyful? Are you on your journey to joy? Casey from Joyful Courage is offering this free e-course to guide us walking the path to joy.


There are 3 modules in this e-course, where there is a video, a meditation audio and a workbook guiding us in each module. The modules include topics like awareness, choice and practice. After you have signed up, you can just access these three modules, watch and practice them at your own pace.


Joyful is the word I chose for year 2016 and also year 2017, as I am not truly walking on the journey to joy yet. So when I saw this e-course, I was really joyful and excited to sign up. I have been searching around “outside” and collecting information and techniques to help me to be on track, sometimes I think I should just stop searching and collecting, but just start doing it. I have tried, and I am still trying to go back on the right track. Perhaps sometimes I just need some inspirations or enlightenment that wake me up and push me back to the track. Perhaps I just have not find the really hard push or a big knock on my head yet. I believe I will be walking on the right track again as I always know where I want to be. I just need to keep walking towards my direction, and I will not be side tracked too far.


I agree with Casey, awareness is the first key. We need to be aware, then only we can plan what to do. I also agree that we all have choices. Well, perhaps some might not have, or they choose not to have, I think most of us here are lucky to be able to make our own choices. We can always choose the way that lead us to our goal. Lastly, without practice, we may stay on the same spot or wander anywhere else, so practice consistently and persistently is important too.


If you are interested in walking to joy with Casey, check here: Journey to Joy


Are you walking on the journey to joy?


Image: Pixabay


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Oil Cleansing Method: The natural way to clean our face
March 28, 2017

Yes, you read it right, it is really using the oil to clean our face. My commercial facial wash is going to finish soon, I was thinking if I should go and buy a new one, or I just try to make up something on my own. I have aloe vera plant in my garden, I know it is good for cleaning and curing the acne too. I have been having acne problem since I was a teenager, and I still get that very often now though I am already an adult. (I used to think only teenagers have acne, but apparently I was so wrong.)


When I was reading how to make aloe vera gel or aloe vera face wash, I pumped into this: Oil Cleansing Method. My first impression was, how could it be? My face is already very oily, and causing many pimples, how can I still apply oil to my face? Yes, it is right. When I continued to read and find out more about this method, I think it is really worth to give it a try.


Reasons for using the oil cleansing method:
1. It is natural.
I know I will continue to buy some commercial and chemical products, but I hope I can try to make some natural products on my own, as I would not like to bring so much chemicals or toxins into my body, especially my children’s body.


2. It is cheap.
Of course it depends on what oils we are using, but I think it is still cheaper than the commercial products.


3. You can get it easily.
We might already have this oil in our home, such as Olive oil. I have read coconut oil works for some people too. We can actually use the oil to cook, and also to wash our face. How good it is! There are many other oils that are suggested to use too, including jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, etc.


4. It is easy to prepare.
There is no complicated process for us to make the oil for face cleansing. You just need to mix the oils according to your face condition by following some standard recipes or experimenting yourself. I also read from a blogger that she sometimes just uses one oil, without mixing with other oils. Castor oil is always suggested to be the major ingredient, as it helps healing and cleansing. Since I do not have castor oil at home, and I have jojoba oil, so I decided to just use jojoba oil. How simple it is. I even skipped the mixing procedure.


5. The cleansing process is simple.
What we need are: The cleansing oil blend + wash cloth + hot water


First, I just pour some jojoba oil into my palm. Then I use my fingers to rub on my face and massage. After some time, I soak the wash cloth into hot water and cover my face. I like the steaming experience, I just feel great about it. After steaming for about a minute, until the wash cloth is cool, I just use it to wipe my face, rinse and wipe again for a few times.


I tried the oil cleansing method for the first time last night. It was a great experience. I never expected my face to be so clean and comfortable.


Have you tried the oil cleansing method? Would you like to give it a try?


Image: Pixabay


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