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7 unobvious gadgets that can be useful for new parents

There are a lot of things that parents have to buy before their baby come in to the World: crib,… Read More

5 years ago


It had been said that; - "Two career relationships work best when one partner is more advanced than the other."… Read More

6 years ago

It’s sound innocent, but That’s not fair

It Might Sound Innocent, but Don’t Let Your Kids Say This Phrase. There is a phrase in our vocabulary that… Read More

6 years ago

Make your child fell better.

It's something all of us try to do every day.. Being a parent can be challenging and rewarding at the… Read More

6 years ago

Little Children Must Not be Given Electronic Gadgets

Child psychologists say parents should not give their children electronic gadgets like cellphone, tablets, i-pad or other modern gadgets which… Read More

6 years ago

Harmful phrases that we say without thinking to daughters.

It is said that the words we say to our children later become their inner voice. Therefore, when speaking with… Read More

6 years ago

Children need more games, not toys.

What kind of gifts like the children, that would uplift their imagination, thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, in other words, that… Read More

6 years ago

How Bad Is Health Care?

This is a true story.  I only change the names. Desireen and her husband Errol were in New York City… Read More

6 years ago

Menstruation; women’s struggle every month

What is period? Feminine cycle (men-STRAY-shuhn) is a lady's month to month experience of bleeding. When you bleed, your body… Read More

6 years ago

Parents, Especially Mothers Should Take Care of Their Children

Image credit: In our country, it is a given role of women, of taking care of their children not… Read More

6 years ago