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Children need more games, not toys.

What kind of gifts like the children, that would uplift their imagination, thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, in other words, that kids not only like it, but also gifts would train them. Of course, the most precious gift for both children and adults is being together, sincere attention, together lived experiences.

What is the influence of advertising for children gifts selection? I noticed that most children’s desired gifts are those that are associated with the most popular animated films and TV series. I believe that every child’s toy can develop creativity and social skills. Toys developing imagination and creativity teach adequately express feelings, develop empathy and develop children’s emotional intelligence.

The best gift for children always is the time spent together. The games best unite parents with children. It develops children’s thinking, emotional intelligence and social skills.

If your children have at home a lot of games, give the experience to children. Organize a treasure search in the backyard or in the park. Invite them to a movie theater or amusement park. Such entertainment and fun experience provides a lot of fun for both children and you, and will help to understand that you have more than imagined. In addition, you will create special memories of both yourself and your child, about which your child could speak when will grow up.

It seems to me that choosing presents to the children, the most important is not the size or cost of gifts, but how much effort you have put into choosing or preparation of the gift, how much gift shows that you care about your child.

A gift does not have to become the main focus of the festival, but only a symbol of how you appreciate each other. Therefore, remember that the best gifts are those that give the opportunity to reveal the child, develops his problem solving skills and critical thinking as well as an opportunity to reveal his imaginative and creativity. Therefore, children need more games, not toys. They need more attention, rather than objects.


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