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Journey to Joy: Free e-Course by Joyful Courage
March 31, 2017

Would you like to be more joyful? Are you on your journey to joy? Casey from Joyful Courage is offering this free e-course to guide us walking the path to joy.


There are 3 modules in this e-course, where there is a video, a meditation audio and a workbook guiding us in each module. The modules include topics like awareness, choice and practice. After you have signed up, you can just access these three modules, watch and practice them at your own pace.


Joyful is the word I chose for year 2016 and also year 2017, as I am not truly walking on the journey to joy yet. So when I saw this e-course, I was really joyful and excited to sign up. I have been searching around “outside” and collecting information and techniques to help me to be on track, sometimes I think I should just stop searching and collecting, but just start doing it. I have tried, and I am still trying to go back on the right track. Perhaps sometimes I just need some inspirations or enlightenment that wake me up and push me back to the track. Perhaps I just have not find the really hard push or a big knock on my head yet. I believe I will be walking on the right track again as I always know where I want to be. I just need to keep walking towards my direction, and I will not be side tracked too far.


I agree with Casey, awareness is the first key. We need to be aware, then only we can plan what to do. I also agree that we all have choices. Well, perhaps some might not have, or they choose not to have, I think most of us here are lucky to be able to make our own choices. We can always choose the way that lead us to our goal. Lastly, without practice, we may stay on the same spot or wander anywhere else, so practice consistently and persistently is important too.


If you are interested in walking to joy with Casey, check here: Journey to Joy


Are you walking on the journey to joy?


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    1. fully written in simple way, i like its idea and how you can be your own and do choices to make your homes

      • Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I am glad I have the freedom to make my choices, even though some might not be agreed by many people, it does not really matter as I know what I am doing and I know these will be good for myself and my family too. Following the trend or majority might not be a good thing, but we must first listen to our heart, listen to our inner message. After recognizing and hearing to ourselves, I suppose we just have to work on it.

        I have always read, being happy is actually a choice. Though I am always aware of this, I do not all the time make the choice to be happy. I still choose to be angry, worry or depressed sometimes. That is why I think these three steps are very important to us if our ultimate goal is to be happy. I hope many of us will be learning from this course.


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