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Join No Spank Challenge to have Peaceful Homes & Classrooms
April 13, 2017

Do you spank your children? Would you like to learn how to teach and guide your children by no spanking, punishment and even yelling?


30 April is Internationl SpankOut Day. It is a day to bring awareness to everyone where we need to stop physically punish our children and start guiding them with non-violent alternatives. Many parenting websites or blogs share resources, tools and techniques on the gentle parenting discipline methods, so parents or caregivers will get to learn and stop physically punishing the children.


Amy Bryant from Parenting Beyond Punishment has been having this No Spank Challenge for 4 years. This year, the 4th annual challenge focuses on “Peaceful Homes & Classrooms“. It provides great information not only for parents, but for educators. This online event is usually held in April, and it is free. It is a three week program, which is from 10 to 28 April 2017. There are webinars, teleconferences, live Q&A, articles for us to access and learn from the parenting experts. You might already knew some of the event contributors: Amy Bryant, Lori Petro, Tosha Schore, Robbyn Peters Bennett, Sheena Hill and many more.


We do not only learn to information about stopping spanking or physical punishing the kids from this event, but we also learn how to teach and guide our kids better, with more effective ways and without yelling. There are topics such as “How to get kids to listen without yelling“, “Parenting from our center“, “Dealing with our own triggers“, “Games to teach emotional regulation“, “How to set limits and be heard” really catch my attention. I am not so worried about spanking, as I never spank or hit my children, but I do yell, scold, get angry with them and I am constantly learning how to guide them with positive or attachment parenting methods, which is I would really love to have a peaceful and joyful home. How nice if everyone in the family is happy working and hanging out together at home? I understand this “ideal” condition does not come from our kids. I cannot expect my kids to listen to me all the time, to do what I request them to do or even do more than I expected. I need to expect myself to make a change, to bring harmony to the family, to build better connection with the kids. First of all, I need to learn how to regulate my own emotion before I can teach my kids to regulate theirs.


I am sure it will be a very busy month, as there are so many great information floating around for this event. I will need to allocate time to read the articles and watch the webinars, but still spend good time with my kids. Sometimes I have spent too much time online learning these parenting tips and techniques, but I did not really apply them in real life, as I still get angry and yell at my kids sometimes.


If you are interested in this event, check it out here: Peaceful Homes & Classrooms (No Spank Challenge)


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