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April 20, 2017

I just found out another free online event. I received the newsletter from Tosha Schore from Your Partner in Parenting this morning, and she mentioned she will be one of the interviewees in this summit. Her topic is Parenting Boys Peacefully which I am quite interested in, as I have two boys now. After several years of parenting my eldest son, I realized that I need to understand boys better and I might need to parent him in a different way that I thought.


This Ultimate Moms’ Summit starts from 1 May 2017, and it is a 4 day event. There will be more than 40 expert speakers sharing their wisdom of being a mom, hence I think we will be able to learn and be inspired from these interviews.


I know I have joined quite a number of free online events lately, and spending too much time listening to the webinars or interviews. The Peak Work Performance Summit is another free online summit that is going on. I just have to pick those I am really interested in and have to let go those I might not know them well, though they might also be good to me. In this summit, I actually only know about Tosha Schore and Hunter Clarke-Fields from Hunter Yoga. I have been following some of Hunter’s yoga practice and I really like her talking about yoga, mindfulness and parenting as these are my interests as well. So, I guess I am just going to focus on listening to their interviews, and the rest I will just check in and see if their topics interest me. I might also check out Anya Manes who is going to talk about talking to children about sex. This is also a topic that parents will need to talk to the children.


Another reason I joined is that besides being able to listen to these live interviews, we can also access encore interviews from last year summit. I am interested in listening to Dr. Laura Markham from Aha!Parenting as she was taking about Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings. I am very interested in this topic now, as I am learning how to let my two elder children play together peacefully all the time, though most of the time they get along well with each other. I think I will surely get some good tips from Dr Laura’s interviews. Another encore presentation I would like to listen is from Patty Wipfler, from Hand in Hand Parenting. She also always offers useful tips for parenting. I might be listening to Kim West, from The Sleep Lady, as she talked about gentle methods to help your child get a good night’s sleep. My two younger children do not sleep well at night, especially the baby. Though I understand many babies can’t sleep very well at night, waking up every hour seems to be quite tiring for him and for me too. So I wish I will be able to learn some good techniques from her.


If you are interested to know more about this online event, check here: The Ultimate Moms’ Summit


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