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Another Draw Back to Trump’s Policies
March 20, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

America has always gone after the best and brightest of other countries.  American recruiters have virtually stood at graduations to offer jobs to those who had done exceptionally well.

American businesses, hospitals, agencies have been head hunting in major corporations abroad.   Whether the business is  in India, or Jamaica, a hospital in South Africa or South Korea, America has virtually abducted the top candidates.

These selected tops in their fields have come to America as almost celebrities.  They were met at the airport, they are housed, well taken care of, and well paid.

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These people on Work Visas have gone into American Corporations, Agencies, Health facilities and worked more than expected.   They didn’t clock watch, they weren’t aware of over time.  They were happy with their lives in America and what they received.


Many of these people are afraid to go to America.  They imagine arriving at the airport and being turned back. They think of taking their husbands or wives and having them detained.  They have nightmares about being stopped by police on their way to work.  And they ponder if suddenly thieir VISAs will be withdrawn.

Right now,  many are opting to go to Europe or other nations, instead of America.  They are declining America as they are unsure about their status.

They know if they are taken on a five year contract in London, they have five years.   They know if they are good and are offered an extension they can accept it and might be able to gain citizenship.   So when they are offered a job in America or Canada, they pick Canada.  They can arrive in Canada and feel safe.

So why go to America?

Sure, one can declare all these jobs vacant and hire Americans.   But remember who it was who built the missiles, the bombs, created many innovations.  They were refugees, they were immigrants, they were the children of immigrants.

Due to the current uncertainty, many people who are at the top in their fields are not going to America.  They can not accept the risk.  They can not live in a country run by an erratic clown whose pronouncements come as ‘tweets’.   Better to go to a country with a balanced government, where one can expect logic to rule.


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