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You Hate Her Because He Likes Her

Girls will always be girls. They cannot avoid insecurities. Some know how to handle it, yet some show it by being irritated when they see that specific person. If you ask them why they hate her, they cannot tell the exact reason. They just feel the hate and it is obvious it is all about insecurities.

I had seen the scenarios ever since I was young. I have lots of friends that are in the same situation. Sometimes, a good friend is in a situation where every girl at school is hating her because there is a guy at school that likes her. She is always offended by the treatment because she knows she had not done anything to hurt someone yet she is hurting someone for being existing.

Most of the girls at school will find something inappropriate about her. They waited for her to make mistakes to criticize her. They were finding her weakness and flaws for them to have something bad to say to her. They even establish a group just to put her down. Because of this, she transferred to the different school. The guy, her rumored boyfriend was left in our school. These girls think they won because she moved to other school but they were wrong. I never thought that true love prevails. It concurs all.

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Same case with what I see on social media. I, myself, even hate a certain new celebrity because my favorite celebrity likes her. When I learned about the liking, I can’t accept it. I used to like her. She used to be one of my favorites, but when I found out that my favorite male star likes her, it all became different. I started to see her flaws. I started to see how big her mouth is, how she looks like a human bone, how flat her nose, how thin she is. I even called her as a human frog.

Yes, I am harsh on her, but I am not posting my harsh judgment in social media. I keep my opinions to myself. I do not create something that will get back to me. Karma is digital as they say, however, I still judge her and this is because he likes her. That is how unfair it is. It should not be like that with an open-mind. You cannot tell someone whom he will be like anyway. Liking is an expression and a decision. We all have different taste when it comes to liking. The only problem is that we find them not suitable based on their physical but we cannot deny the fact that their personalities jive.

I still hate her. I need to be true to myself. Again, I keep this feeling to myself as they don’t know me. It could start a war between fans if I will drop a name. Not to keep this feeling alone but to change the idea of hating someone. It is quite unfair to just hate them when the reason is out of our control. It is easy to say that why should we happy for the decision of the people that matters to us and let us be happy for them, but it is not easy to do. We might keep this hate to ourselves, that is I think the best decision for now.


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