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Finger Never Say Look Here
March 17, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

In a previous article called ‘Faight and Look at the Other Guy”  I explained how when you do something ‘wrong’, you attack someone else.

In that article, I mentioned something kids did in primary, (maybe secondary?) school.   You can’t hold it in, you expel gas somewhat explosively, the ‘fragrance’ wafts, and to displace perception, you look at the person next to you, as if he did it.

In a more adult context, one does something wrong, and distracts by attack.  The best ‘defense is a good offense’ goes the saying.

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In Jamaica we have the saying, ‘Finger neva seh look ya, it always seh look there,”  which means that one doesn’t take the blame, one directs the blame elsewhere.

The best practioner of this behaviour is Donald Trump.   Every time he is exposed, he attacks someone else.

We know he made up the story about Barack Obama ‘spying’ on him.   It just popped into his head, fell out of his big mouth, and people are supposed to chew it up as if fresh bread.   But there is no… pardon the expression.. proof.

Adults need proof.

A child can say, “The Chair hit me!”   a child can say, “Uncle Tony knocked over the vase..” because a child is afraid and needs to apportion blame to others.   A child is surprised when his mother doesn’t believe that the chair hit him or his uncle was the one who knocked over the vase.   He might throw a tantrum.

Welcome to the 2017 White House!

Trump is angry.  He lied, to divert attention from his own faults, divert attention from the increasing evidence that there was someone or something ‘behind the curtain’ when he ran for office.  As a stupid man with an I.Q. equal to Forrest Gump’s, he decides that Barack Obama ‘tapped’ his phones.

His expectation is that everyone will stop looking at reality and run into his fabrication.

Alas, in just two months people have learned that Trump is a liar.  That Trump is not suitable for any office, much less President of the United States.

His played all his ‘Trump cards’ so that no one, save his double digit followers,  will take much of what he says seriously.

A friend of mine said to me; “The best thing about Trump is that he will unify people against him and his policies, and America may have a cathartic experience.”

It would be wonderful if all those people who were a little anti-Islamic, a little racist, a little annoyed about immigrants stand in shock, seeing their ‘leader’ and being ashamed to have voted for him, and becoming better people.


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