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The United States; pedaling backwards
March 29, 2017

I have never believed in ‘global warming’.   I believed in ‘climate change’.   I believed that the Earth’s axis might be moving and that areas may be warmer or colder then they were in the 1950s.   HOwever!   What is the ‘norm’ is questionable.

The Earth was much hotter and much colder than it is today.   There were hippopotomi wallowing in ponds in Wales.  There was a time the entire Earth was under ice.

If you go back no farther than an ‘eye blink’ (in Earth’s time) to Biblical days, you’ll realise that the Earth was much warmer; everyone is wearing sandals.

If you go back a tenth of a blink to the 1500s you’ll see how over dressed the people were, because it was so cold.

If you study history you’ll find that the Norsemen or Vikings traveled to Canada in open boats, and in 1912 an ice berg was hundreds of miles south of that route, and caused a ship to sink.

So when it comes to major climate changes I am reticent.  But I am not reticent when it comes to pollution. When it comes to burning coal, which once blanketed London in a permanent soot smog, I am totally against it. I am against fossil fuels, especially when solar/wind/sea is so much cheaper and easier.

Trump appointed a guy who is anti-environment to the Environment Protection Agency.  That’s like making a Muslim Pope.  He did it to destroy the Agency.   Why?  Because he, Donald Trump, the POTUS is invested in Oil.   It is his pocket which will be filled when coal mines open.   His pocket, your lungs.

Never before in history has America gone out of its way to elect a guy who treats America like his personal piggy bank.  But he’ll get away with it.

He’ll pollute rivers, the air, land, he’ll cause a great desecration, and profit from it.  When he leaves office he’ll have made twice what he has when he entered.

He knows it.  He never hid it.  He knows Americans are stupid.

He knows the racism that bubbled up during the period of a Black Man in the White House.  And he fanned those flames, ignited them.

So many Africans and Black Caribbean people have been deported based on their skin colour, not their overstaying or breach of laws.

He has pushed his anti-Islamic agenda and enjoys the results.  He has a personal hatred for Mexicans and is going to make them pay.

Americans go along with him, because he appeals to the most base and ugly traits that exist.

Where other nations are moving to solar to wind, to renewable energy, Trump is going to bring America back to the 1950s.   And those who complain and protest and present facts, will be laughed away and called ‘Fake News’.



Some People Are Their Own Worst Enemies
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

When I was a little kid, I heard my mother talking to someone…okay, I was eavesdropping as I did… and I heard her saying that someone, I don’t remember who, was ‘her own worst enemy’.

When you are a little kid, some concepts miss you.  You can’t get an understanding of what that could possibly mean.  You think about it, but you don’t have enough information in your little kid brain to make sense of the term.

Maybe the next day you ask your mother, or another adult, what an enemy is, and you try to get a grip on how a person could be the enemy of themselves, and you just can’t grasp it.

Then some how, maybe you get angry, so refuse to eat food you really like, or go where you want to, as if your parents would suffer if you didn’t go to the park.

And then you realise what it means to be your worst enemy.  To punish yourself in some twisted concept that somehow your deprivation has a devastating effect on some one else.   But the only one to suffer is you.

If you are intelligent, if you ‘get it’, you won’t perform that masochistic dance.  You will not perform an act that harms yourself.

As you get older you learn about ‘politics’.   Maybe it is during a class election.   You learn about voting.  You learn how people vote against themselves.

As you continue to grow and learn you see ‘how it is done’.   You see how people can be played.  How they can be manipulated to act against their own interests.

You see how ‘everyone’ doesn’t like Tim so anything that Tim says is opposed.   The organisation will spend bags of money instead of listening to Tim.

It seems shocking, the first time you see it.   To see a group of people who are told they don’t have to pay this money because of legal breaches, but because Tim is the one who spoke and Tim is the Scorn, they pay the money.

If you have a few Machiavellian traits, you learn how to create a Scorn and how to insure the Scorn gives the best advice, knowing the group won’t take it.

So Machiavelli is selling rotten meat. Having made certain that Tim is the Scorn, has someone tell him that the meat is rotten.   Then Machi offers to sell the meat to the group.  Tim objects.  The group slaps aside what Tim says, and buys Machi’s rotten meat.

This ‘voting’ against one’s best interest is how Trump came into power.

It wasn’t just white Christian men who voted for him.

It was stupid women who, if the camera was off, Trump would do his famous ‘p grab’, because women are dirt in his world.   He buys women, and if they don’t please him, he throws them out and buys another one.

It was intellectually twisted Black men and women who thought by pleasing ‘Massa’ he’d make them house slaves.

It was whacked out Muslims who thought, for the same reason, that they would be protected when other Muslims were being deported.

The only people who would benefit from Trump would be wealthy white men, business partners, those who had something to get from tax cuts, oil deals, and new ways to exploit workers.

Sure, if you are a guy who wants to run a pipeline and pollute rivers and the air of some city where you don’t live because you can make millions, you vote for a guy who will help you do this.

You don’t want anyone who cares about the environment, who talks about ‘renewable energy’, you want a good ole boy who’ll let you profit from other’s pain.

But if you are a working stiff, a guy who needs Obamacare and some help to get through the day, to vote for Trump was to prove that you are your own worst enemy.


Obama Care Survives! Score One For Justice
March 25, 2017

America does not have anything like ‘socialised medicine’.   Just as in 4th World Countries, if you can’t pay you die.

In America, there are the County Hospitals which will give emergency care and charge you later.  They won’t go beyond the basics.  If you can’t pay, you die.   That is America.

In America health care is as expensive as in a 4th World Country.  Everything has a cost and if you don’t have Insurance, (which is expensive) and you can’t pay, you die.  It’s simple.

Sure, Americans pay taxes.  That money goes to drop bombs on other countries, give aid to other countries. Medical Care in America is not free.  Is not covered by your taxes.

Things are so bad in America that a man who needed a kidney transplant committed a crime. He committed a crime, waited for the police to arrive, was arrested, plead guilty, and went to prison. He went to prison so that he could get the medical care he needed.  For in America, one can’t deny medical care to prisoners.

Obama Care extended medical coverage to people who can’t afford Insurance.   Extended coverage so that a person wasn’t denied care because they couldn’t pay for it.  Denied care because either they had no insurance or the insurance would not cover the care.

To give you and example…

A person was in an accident.  Taken to the hospital they needed a pin in their broken bone.  They needed a wheel chair, then a walker.   The person needed rehabilitation.

Because of Obama care, that person is walking around today and unless you are told, you wouldn’t know there is a titanium pin in their leg.   They weren’t just stuck in a cast, hoping the bone healed in some form, they weren’t just tossed out on the street to drag themselves.

Because of Obama Care, this person received the operation, the pin, the wheel chair and the walker…free.

Because of Obama Care.

When a billionaire like Trump wants to kill medical coverage for the poor or working poor, because it costs him $10.00 more in taxes, all I could do was pray that the American Congress grew a brain and did not destroy Obama Care.

Prayers are answered.

Watching From Outside the United States
March 23, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

Many of us here do not live in America.  We watch events with various impressions of dread and mirth.

Speaking for myself, I thought Trump was a clown.  We have comedians here, such as IT & Fancy Cat who do this kind of political satire.  We often have shows where these comedians pretend to be politicians and repeat things that were said in Parliament.

When it became clear that Trump was really a candidate I was sure he had to lose.

This man, Donald Trump is a disgrace.  He can not speak intelligently, acts as if he’s drunk/doped up/mentally deficient /all three.   He’s an embarrassment.  He wouldn’t be allowed at my dinner table.

Yes, I know Americans are racist.   I know they hate the fact that a Black Man was in the White House, and instead of being able to say it, they go around in twelve circles to make it seem that Obama is/was incompetent or ignorant or incapable, which is why they object.

Not his skin colour.

But it is and was always the colour of his skin.

To vote for the whitest most racist candidate was obviously the American way.  And Trump was that white racist.

Those who know how ‘politically correct’ Americans speak understood instantly that when he said; “Make America Great Again,”  he meant “Make America White Again.”

He went after the soft target, Muslims and Mexicans in an obvious manner.   Not so obvious has been his deportations of Africans and those from the Caribbean who are Black.

Despite the fact there are 50,000 unregistered illegal Irish immigrants in America, no one is going after them.  This is because they are White.

By directing eyes to Muslims and Mexicans, what is happening in the Black communities in America is ignored. Funny that over 200 people have been murdered by the police since January 2017 and there isn’t any publicity. We haven’t heard a peep from Blacks in America.

We know Trump lies.  He has been caught in so many, even before the election.  But Americans are kind of stupid.

It reminds me of a situation that happened at the P.T.A.

Barbara’s mother was supposed to bake two cakes for the function.   She brought one saying that the other hadn’t come out well.

Everyone believed her.

Later, Leni’s mother mentioned that Barbara’s mother had bought the one cake from the bakery.

So here comes the split;   Do you believe Barbara’s mother that she baked two cakes and only one came out well, or do we believe Leni’s mother who said that the one cake was purchased from the bakery?

Americans are in that position.

Do they believe what Trump tells them and take every thing else as ‘Fake News?”   Do they shut their mouths because they don’t know for a fact?  Do they listen to Leni’s Mother and check the bakery?

The easiest thing is to ‘reboot’.   That is go back to where their brain was before Leni’s mother spoke.

How many times they can do that depends on how stupid they are.


The Trumpies Seem to Fall Silent
March 23, 2017
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Although some people see hope, as if brains are being grown by the mindless Trumpies who cheer ever tweet their Massa makes,  I don’t.

I don’t because I had a very peculiar experiences some years ago.

Imagine a woman of sixty who tells you a story she absolutely believes.   You happen to know the events, the environment.   You prove to her that the events she described could not have happened.   She fell silent.  Then, as you wait, she ‘reboots’ and returns with the same foolishness plus she is not speaking to you any more.

It has been proven, beyond doubt, that Paul Manafort was the political advisor for a previous Ukraine President.   It has been proven, beyond a doubt that shell company was used to collect money for Manafort.

Any spin you want to put on the story, go ahead.  But it is true.  It happened.

Now how does a person, running for President, hire a man who has tight links with the Pro-Russian deposed President of the Ukraine as his campaign manager?    How does he do it?

Trump knows he can play the American people like a piccolo.  He’s already gotten them under his mind control. He started early by doing the ‘Five Lights’ trick.   For those that don’t remember it, Captain Picard was being tortured.   Four lights were shined on him and he was asked; ‘how many lights?’   He said Four and was zapped.  He was told there were Five lights.

This Five Light trick comes from 1984, the dystopian novel by George Orwell.   In it, people were to say, 2 + 2 = 5.   This was the ‘double think’ which allowed their brains to be controlled by ‘Big Brother’.

Trump began playing with the minds of Americans from the day of inauguration with the Crowd trick, then focused on ‘Fake News’;  that is all the most respectable news services in the world were Fake News, and the twisted biased second rate right wing rubbish was ‘real’.

Everything Trump has done has been a game with the brains of Americans.    He had idiots from Syria supporting him, yet sent their relatives back to Syria.  He’s had Blacks running behind him, while Black lives cease to matter and the over 200 murders by the police don’t even get a sentence in the newspapers.

Despite the various alerts of the connection between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign, they’ve been slapped away as mosquitoes.   But this one can’t be slapped away.   This one can’t be explained away.

So the Trumpies. like that woman I mention, fall silent so as to reboot and come back with the same rubbish they’ve been vomiting since the election.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave…
March 22, 2017
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Donald Trump’s ex-campaign chair, Paul Manafort,  had links to former pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.   The evidence seems unarguable.

A document found in a safe in Kiev (the Capital of the Ukraine) has exposed that Manafort had tried to mask payments sent to him from Yanukovych’s party.
The American FBI announced to the House Intelligence Committee that it is officially investigating whether there was a connection between Trump’s campaign team and Russia.

Apparently, there is a six-page document which has Manafort’s signature.  This document is a contract and invoice for assorted computer equipment.  The payment for such ‘equipments’  was $750,000.

Manafort, as any born Trumpie, denies it.  He says he doesn’t  recognize the document and that the signature was not his.
But, there is a real connection between this Trumpie and Russia.
The document mentioned has the date October 14, 2009.  This is  when Manafort worked for Yanukovych as a political consultant in Kiev.

The date and the sum of $750,000  match details in an off-the-books ledger,  reported on by the New York Times.  This ledger contains the secret payments which were made by Yanukovych’s party which are being investigated.
Manafort’s name appears twenty two  times as the recipient of payments which added together equal $12.7 million dollars.

A spokesman for Manafort, denied all the allegations.
When the ledger appeared in the middle of Trump’s campaign for President,  Manafort denied all allegations of corruption.  He claimed he never received any cash payments off the book and that his work in Ukraine was perfectly legal.
The FBI is investigating this ‘consulting work’ Manafort did in the Ukraine.
The contract and invoice seem to be between the Ukrainian office of Davis-Manafort ( a company Manafort partly owns) and something called Neocom Systems Ltd.

Neocoms’s address as 1 Mapp St Belize City. This address is used by a number of offshore companies, including many named in the infamous Panama Papers.
Neocom was dissolved in 2014 and was no longer a legal entity in Belize.   It was a shady ‘off-shore’ company with no details.
Interestingly,  Neocom has bank accounts in Kyrgyzstan and Germany.

Deniers of Russian involvement in the Trump campaign are falling silent.
A Source of Fake News
March 21, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

The New York Times a respected News Paper,  confirmed that the rather unsavoury report. Fox News has a legal analyst,  Andrew Napolitano, who created his allegation that Barack Obama asked British intelligence to spy on President Donald Trump to a discredited former CIA analyst.

Larry C. Johnson, the analyst, was given the theory by Russian news network RT.   This was to back up Trump’s accusation that Obama was responsible for an illegal wiretap.

The story promulgated by Fox News is that Obama asked “the British spying agency” for “transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump”. Sean Spicer, the Trump mouthpiece pushed this story.

On the 14th of March the link between Napolitano’s claims and Johnson was exposed.

The Times also noted Johnson spreading false rumors that video existed of Michelle Obama using a racial slur against white people.

Napolitano is a friend of Trump.

Johnson,  was once a Fox News contributor.  He said Napolitano called him and requested that he speak to The New York Times.

So here is the infamous example of ‘Fake News’.   This is why Trump has been using the term, and pointing at others.   He had every intention of pushing Fake News.   He had every intention of creating Fake News.  And by doing what I call; Faight and Look at the Other Guy, and Finger Never Say Look Here  two items previously published.

In the first, I reflected back to primary school days that when you expel gas you turn and look at the person next to you.   In this way, you make it seem that the other person has done it.

This is why Trump opened the ‘Fake News’ argument.

He wanted to utter Fake News, but look at the ‘Other Guy’, so tried to put it into the minds of the simpletons who run behind him, that the Fake News was coming from other sources.

In the second article I mentioned how one attributes their faults to someone else.  One lies and calls another person a liar to divert focus.   Trump is a master of this.   He commits an offense then tries to get everyone else to blame someone else.

If people are looking at him because of one offense, he faights some lie about someone else to divert attention.

Many people suffer mental slavery.  They give their brains to someone else and follow whatever they say, no matter how stupid, illogical, or pointless.

The reason we have been swamped with ‘Alternative Facts’ and “Fake News”  is because the source of this misdirection is the White House.

It Can’t Happen To Me!
March 20, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

Of all the famous ‘last words’ the title of this article is probably in the top three.   The idea that certain things can’t happen to you is putting out a welcome mat for those very things.

Intelligent people, those with common sense, never utter those words.   They know that they can not control the possibilities so see something happen and take the warning.

Right now, there are a number of what I call ‘Trumpies’.   These are NOT white American men.  If they were, they could utter these words with certainty.  If you are a white man, if you are a Christian, if you were born in America, you can sit back and watch deportations and immigration restrictions, and police excesses, and various hate crimes, and eat your pop corn, (or chew your tobacco) and say; “It Can’t Happen to Me!”

If you are not a white American Man, then don’t say it.

I have a friend, a Black Jamaican, who is in America on a Work Visa.   Maybe he’ll try to take citizenship.  Maybe he won’t.   But right now,  for him to think those words, proves he is not very intelligent.

Firstly, he is taking a job that a white American man can fill.  Maybe the white American man is not as stellar, but if he’s good enough, why should America give the job to a foreigner?

Secondly, he is Black, meaning that with racists in the Administration of the White House, Black Lives Don’t matter.  If he is shot and killed, mistaken for a bank robber, it won’t make headlines.  No longer do the murders of Black men, unarmed black men, by white police, armed white police, make headlines.   You’d have to do a search and only find that 219 have been killed since January 2017.    Many do not have their race admitted.

Thirdly, if he’s lynched by some unknown people because he is black, there won’t be much of an investigation.

Yet, he like the loud mouthed Syrian woman who was and probably still is a Trump supporter, (this is the woman whose relatives were returned to Syria under the immigration ban) he will not think that what happened to her, can happen to him.   That if he returns to Jamaica for any reason, he might not be allowed back into America.

Too many people don’t see the encroaching dangers.  They don’t realise that right now, if they are not White Male Americans they are at risk.

Yet, I suppose, it will not be until my friend feels the Trumping that he’ll realise it Can Happen To Him.

Another Draw Back to Trump’s Policies
March 20, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

America has always gone after the best and brightest of other countries.  American recruiters have virtually stood at graduations to offer jobs to those who had done exceptionally well.

American businesses, hospitals, agencies have been head hunting in major corporations abroad.   Whether the business is  in India, or Jamaica, a hospital in South Africa or South Korea, America has virtually abducted the top candidates.

These selected tops in their fields have come to America as almost celebrities.  They were met at the airport, they are housed, well taken care of, and well paid.

These people on Work Visas have gone into American Corporations, Agencies, Health facilities and worked more than expected.   They didn’t clock watch, they weren’t aware of over time.  They were happy with their lives in America and what they received.


Many of these people are afraid to go to America.  They imagine arriving at the airport and being turned back. They think of taking their husbands or wives and having them detained.  They have nightmares about being stopped by police on their way to work.  And they ponder if suddenly thieir VISAs will be withdrawn.

Right now,  many are opting to go to Europe or other nations, instead of America.  They are declining America as they are unsure about their status.

They know if they are taken on a five year contract in London, they have five years.   They know if they are good and are offered an extension they can accept it and might be able to gain citizenship.   So when they are offered a job in America or Canada, they pick Canada.  They can arrive in Canada and feel safe.

So why go to America?

Sure, one can declare all these jobs vacant and hire Americans.   But remember who it was who built the missiles, the bombs, created many innovations.  They were refugees, they were immigrants, they were the children of immigrants.

Due to the current uncertainty, many people who are at the top in their fields are not going to America.  They can not accept the risk.  They can not live in a country run by an erratic clown whose pronouncements come as ‘tweets’.   Better to go to a country with a balanced government, where one can expect logic to rule.


America First; America Only; the new Policy
March 18, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

One was expecting, somewhat sadly, that this would happen.   Only maybe not as enormously.   The United States which once contributed to many of the ‘Good Works’ all over the world, now has stepped back.   No. No more money for foreign aid.

Okay, make the point that a lot of the countries that the United States ‘helps’ hate America.    So, pulling back and out, is not unexpected.

Cutting the budget to the Environment Protection Agency was expected, but not so much; at least keep up appearances.

The reality of what Trump is doing; that resonates with European nations.   Many will either have to assume the United State’s burden, or let the projects go.

A number of ‘public’ radio stations in the U.S.. will probably close, as will whatever artistic endeavours are funded by the American budget,  be they music, art, dance are no longer important so will not be funded.

One suspects various educational grants will also be removed, and health care will be a shambles.

But!   The American Military will be well funded, so will Home Land Security.   America will be ‘safe’, that is locked down.

Trump’s meeting with Angela Merkel was interesting.   She had flung open her borders, causing a lot of annoyance and anger all over Europe.    After a few terrorist attacks she has backed off, somewhat, but no where near Trump’s xenophobia.

Many people in Germany, which are annoyed with Merkel might flirt with the far right,  but seeing Trump might cast a vote for her to avoid getting a Trump.

As I’ve said before, it isn’t just his so-called programs, it is his observable clumsy, boorish, intellectually limited persona.   He is repulsive and although many of the far right candidates are not as offensive as he is,  they are daubed by the same brush.

So the world watches and wonders and shudders.