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The Tapes that may exist about a conversation that didn’t happen
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

Excuse me but if I’m a little disoriented. I, foolishly, read and listen to the News. I listen to hat is happening in America. Every day it is something so surreal that I wonder what is in my coffee.

To me, it seems kind of strange that a person would warn another person about ‘leaking’ information, if there was not any information to leak?

I am trying to understand this.

I am trying to understand why Trump would warn Comey; excuse me, that is President Trump, President of the United States, and that is James Comey the ex Federal Bureau of Investigations director whom Trump recently fired, and the subject of the sentence concerns releasing information that we were told didn’t exist, to the press?

There’s supposed to be no information. Right?

I mean, isn’t that what was said? Before? Wasn’t there no information linking Trump to connection with his own campaign and that campaign to Russia?


Isn’t that what we were told? By Trump?

So, this is Earth, the year is Two Thousand and Seventeen. The month is May. At least on the Earth I occupy.

On the Earth I occupy, there were various statements in which Trump was NOT linked to his own campaign, the people who ran his campaign, Russia, and Russians. These statements were made by Trump and his alternative facts team.

Today, on the Earth I occupy an angry threat is made by the President of the United States against James Comey, the FBI director he has fired, about revealing anything about that investigation Comey was stopped or not stopped; that is unclear from continuing.

In his usual method of communication, Trump Tweeted that there might exist tapes of his conversations with Comey.

Uh huh.

So Trump is using these tapes to make Comey keep his mouth shut?

Keep his mouth shut about what?

Not even six months into his term, Trump has proven what a dishonest treacherous guy he is. And that he’s not above ‘blackmail’ not above ‘threats’ and surely not playing with a full brain.

It is pretty clear to the world that something is definitely not right in America.

Talking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

If anyone with a fully operational brain ever listened, really listened to Donald Trump, pre Election, there was a certain nebulous sense that wafted over the performance.

Statements were made which did not have a basis.   It was not transparent how the statements might became practice.

An intelligent person would ask questions, need to understand the how this statement could be put into practice.

Of course, there are not many intelligent people who listened to Trump’s barf.

After the election many of the remarks Trump had made were suddenly turned upside down.  Good was bad, Right was wrong and smiles were frowns.

It was surreal, as one of those dystopian images of the future.   A Nineteen Eighty Four or Matrix or Idiocracy, combined into one alternate reality.

At first Trump praised Comey, his FBI director that is, when Comey was doing his best to tamper with the election by making a false remark about ‘investigating’ Hillary Clinton for a silly email mix up.

Now, when Trump’s Russian ties are about to be exposed, Comey is the worst person in the world.   And Comey is fired without warning.

At first Trump praised Vladimir Putin, now?

Then there was the Burger with the North Korean leader.   This was followed by sending in there’s the Armada, now what?

Then there was the United States, pulling out of NATO, now there is what?

Then the verbal attacks on China, now?

To say Trump behaves as if he is bi polar would be to limit him to only two personalities when he has about six different voices in his head.

No one, not even Trump knows what he is going to do next.

This is sort of amusing for those of us in the not so developed nations of the Earth. For years we’ve been treated as a bit off.   Now, there is no one on Earth more questionable than Donald Trump.

Take a Bow Trumpies…

Why Some 4th World People ‘like’ Trump
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

We were sitting in a Syrian cafe, in Ligunea (that’s a section of upper Kingston) in Jamaica.  This was a group of people from all about the place; Africa, South East Asia, and, of course, the Caribbean who were attending some conference on whatever.

One of the chaps, from Ghana, said; (and I’m cleaning up the conversation a little, cause all of us were using our ‘foreign language’  that is stuff Not Suitable For Airplay);

“America has always been a racist, xenophobic, prejudiced nation.  The election of Obama was mere subterfuge.”

Everyone had an opinion and we moved off into our contacts with various American officials and unofficials.

A lady from Barbados mentioned;   “This American official was talking to another American in usual voice, and when I came up he turned to me and began to speak slowly in ‘Special English’ as if I were an idiot.”

Everyone had a similar anecdote.  How the assumption was that people from 3rd and 4th World countries can’t speak or understand English; even when they are University Graduates holding Positions.

A brethren from Jamaica said; “For the first time, the veil is off.  We can see the racism without squinting, hear the xenophobia without straining, and experience the contempt without the usual politically correct terminologies.”

Of course, we all had deportation stories; Africans, Jamaicans, others, even with good documents, grabbed off a street and deported.

I was told by a police officer;  “Y’know, I’m at the airport, used to people being deported for something. Now they are deported for nothing.  Papers, perfect, time not elapsed.”

Everyone who has family and friends in the United States mention how they no longer go to any ‘ethnic’ spot. That is, Jamaicans avoid Jamaican restaurants and Jamaican clubs because ICE (the American Immigration and Customs Enforcement) go there.

In fact, ICE drives around various neighbourhoods and grabs up people to ‘check them out’.

Although there have always been deportations this time it was more upfront, more racist.

Someone who had done some research mentioned that there 50,000 undocumented Irish in America.  And no one is looking at them, checking papers, talking about getting rid of them.

“The mask fell off,”  said a woman from Belize.

We all agreed that before Trump all of the racism and xenophobia existed, but was masked.  That since Trump people in America feel free to excrete their hatred without penalty.

Those of us whose governments were underthrown, (or an underthrow was attempted)  those of us who have experienced American Interference in our lives, could share and admit, that with a guy like Trump, we know what is suggested is NOT in our interest and we have no reason to play nice, to bite our tongues, because this is guy who was born racist and xenophobic and will not change.

Another point that was raised was the fact that he says one thing, does another, or changes his mouth mid word.

It happened before but less clear,  less in your face.   There was often a space between a statement, then a slow back step, then another, then a different reaction than previously uttered.   Now, with a guy as mercurial and partially sane as Trump, nothing can surprise us.

One doesn’t need to listen to what he says for that has nothing to do with what he will do or what he’ll say next week.

“The Emperor is Naked.”


War With Korea? How Likely?
April 28, 2017

During the height of the Cold War;  people were terrified.  They assumed that Moscow would be dropping bombs and people were building ‘Fall Out Shelters’.

I had a history teacher who told us all to calm down.

“The Soviet Union has just as much to lose as the United States.  There will never be a war…”

Well; there wasn’t.

As I grew up I learned something that is very simple, yet very deep;  “When you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose.”

If you look at the world, Korea has nothing.   It is a backwards locked up dictatorship where there is famine and death.   It’s biggest export are potatoes.

Korea has nothing to lose.

Running off his mouth and acting as if he is some kind of Great Leader is how Kim Jong Un behaves.  He makes threats, he spends money on weapons, and relies on China to survive.

In usual situations, for example, if America had a usual President, his threats and bluster would be treated as a little dog barking from behind a gate.   But America doesn’t have a usual President.

For Donald Trump to make an attack on North Korea, taking out as much of its weaponry as quickly as possible does not seem far fetched.

Why would China damage itself to ‘defend’ a useless dependency like North Korea?   There is no benefit received, there is nothing to show for all the money it has spent to maintain Korea.

If America does have the power it claims, the weaponry it brags about, it is very likely that North Korea could be neutralised fairly quickly and only minor damage done, (if any) to South Korea and Japan.

Considering the trade agreements between America and South Korea and Japan, there is no reason for those countries to feel aggrieved or angry to get rid of a horrible Northern neighbour.

I would not be surprised if there was an attack.


Wall? What Wall? Oh…that Wall
April 26, 2017

One of the most ridiculous things that crawled out of Donald Trump’s mouth was the building of a Wall between the United States and Mexico.

This is as ridiculous as unplugging a lap top with a seven hour battery to prevent someone from using it.   Simply put, the mere idea is evidence of a very limited brain; the attempt to put such an idea into practice, would be a joke, if it wasn’t said seriously.

The expense of such a wall is beyond belief.

It would cost Fifteen billion dollars; that is $15,000,000,000.00.

Considering the border between the United States and Mexico is about Two Thousand Miles (2,000) long and runs from California to Texas,  more than half of it along the Colorado River and Rio Grande the thought is as close to flying to the moon on a broomstick one hopes to come.

It is the kind of ridiculous campaign promise that is made to ignorant and silly people.   Like the time the kid who was running for President of Six-One promised free ice cream if elected, or the kid who promised, No homework over the weekend in High School.

It is something one tosses at the perennial dumb; the kind of people who believe every kind of conspiracy theory and are just a thought away from Flat Earth.

Even if a wall was built, what about tunnels?  What about traveling along the Pacific ocean?  What about small planes?

Just as having a sea as a border doesn’t work to prevent migrants entering Europe, or a wall along the Gaza doesn’t prevent tunnels from being dug,  building a wall doesn’t help.

The problem is that America needs a lot of menial labourers.   People who can be paid a fraction of what Americans get, and with no health care, no social security, no nothing.   Just a small packet of cash.

If there were no jobs in America, there would be no migrants.

If you look at a map of the Middle East, you’ll notice no one tries to get into Iraq, Iran, or Turkmenistan.  It would sure be easier to get across the Syrian border, into Muslim Iraq and go to Muslim Turkmenistan.  But there is no freeness in Turkmenistan.   They don’t need any borders, no one is going there.

Muslims want to go to Christian countries.  They want to go England, which is Not going to take them, so go to Germany and France.   That is because of the freeness.

If Americans did not hire Mexicans and other South Americans, they wouldn’t go to America.  Simple.  Go and do what?  Sleep on a street?  Starve?  No.   Go and get to this place or that place and get a job.  Sure, it might be digging ditches, picking fruit, cleaning toilets.  But it is a job.

If no American hired anyone who did not have a social security card or a Work Visa, then there would be no sense in going to America.  But that is not what is happening.

Today, Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s advisors said that funding for the wall would be left out of the budget.

The Democrats,  a bit more sensible then the Trumpies stated they would block the budget bill if  there was any money  earmarked for the wall.

Trump, in his usual mindless Tweets insisted he still supported the wall and that it would be built, (probably in his mind).

Probably, considering the short attention span of many of Trump’s followers, they’ll forget about the Wall by next year.

Has North Korea Punked Trump?
April 18, 2017

Let’s take a look from a far distance.

America is pretty busy.  Has a lot of things going on.  It has lots of resources, lots of educational institutions, attractions.   From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, to the Grand Canyon to Miami Beach and back to Hawaii, from New York City to Washington D.C., America has everything.

If everyone stopped trading with America they’d have to drink locally grown coffee and eat locally grown chocolate and use locally pumped oil and drive locally manufactured cars.

In short, what would be lost is diversity,  not the products.

North Korea has absolutely nothing at all whatsoever.   It is a horrible place of nothing.  Absolutely nothing at all comes out of North Korea.    Yeah, South manufactures cars and electronic goods, there isn’t anything in North Korea anyone could possibly want.

If someone drops an atomic bomb on North Korea, outside of people, what is lost?   And further, North Korea couldn’t care less about it’s people.  It would not mind at all cutting it’s population in half.

If someone drops a bomb on America, whether it lands on a city or a field, there will be a lot of loss.

You see the difference here?

A very pretty high school girl does not want to get into a fight cause she might be punched in the face.  An ugly girl, hey, she’s not backing down from a fight, what does she have to lose?

Many people assumed that the missile strike in Syria, the bomb dropped on Afghanistan were to warn North Korea.  That North Korea was supposed to see that sudden missile strike and then that super bomb and think, ‘oh, they are very powerful, I better not tease them…’  and sit quietly hoping to be ignored.

But that only works when you have something to lose.

Social Workers, Anthropologists, even Police will tell you,  that when someone has nothing to lose they are dangerous.  There is no threat you can use against them, nothing frightens them, for there is nothing one can take from them.

North Korea has nothing to lose.  Provoking a war with America gets it attention.

North Korea, if it kept its mouth shut would be as thought of as Saint Lucia, Turkmenistan, or Cape Verde.  It is not a country people think of or care about, and with all respect, if it disappeared it wouldn’t matter.

The leader of North Korea knows what a swamp his nation is.  He knows that being top man of North Korea isn’t much high status than being the President of the Student Council at some nothing High School somewhere.

So, to pump his ego, he, as his father before him, and grandfather before them, goes after nuclear weapons. Why?  War with who?   Drop bombs on South Korea so the wind can blow the radiation over the southern part of North Korea?    And then what?  What does winning look like?

Go to war with America?  Yah.

There were Trumpies who assumed that The Donald would bomb the crap out of North Korea, blow up their nuclear facilities, and leave one big mess to be sorted out by whomever was willing.  It was and is perfectly in Trump’s character to do this.   After all, Trump is as rational as Kim Jung Un.

Yet, silence.  Nothing.

North Korea says it can fire missiles, test nuclear devices, do what it pleases when it pleases, and if America doesn’t like it, they’ll declare war on America.

And America says nothing.

And does nothing?


Didn’t take One Hundred Days
April 13, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

If one listened to all the remarks, promises, and the rest of the verbal vomit that fell out of Donald Trump’s mouth, one would be zombie-fied  if… if they actually believed him.

Trump is a deceptive liar.   He has always been that way.   He has always said one thing to lure the listener into a false sense of security, then done something else.

Anyone who had the brains of the average sea squid would have done a bit of research on this guy whose life is really an open newspaper.

That he would attack N.A.T.O (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) before being elected, then claim that they ‘changed’ so now supports it, is only believed by those who don’t have the brains of the average sea squid.

Trump attacked NATO because it was politically convenient at the time.   That he never had any intention of taking the United States out of NATO was obvious to any one whose brain is above sea squid level.

That Trump would have tongue cleaned Vladimir Putin’s toes before election, then turned against him after is not at all surprising.   Trump wanted Putin’s support and whether this is the how and why of the ‘fake news’ or ‘tampering with elections’ would be uncovered if anyone cared enough to launch a real investigation.

That Trump would have not considered Assad of Syria of any import before elections then bombed an air field and subjected him to insults is not shocking.   Trump played along with Russia’s support for Assad, making it seem America and Russia were on the ‘same side’.

As time passes, one will see one after another of Trump’s ‘policies’ make an about face.  For Trump believes in nothing but money and power.  And to get money he would sell his children.  To get power, the same.  For that is what he is.

Those who voted for him or have supported him may be getting whiplash and sprained necks at the turn arounds.  Those who did not vote for him and never supported him,  are as disturbed by his actions as they would be seeing the behaviour in a pig pen.

I would suggest that his die hard supporters get ready for a few more about faces,  for Trump will do what benefits Trump.

Backing the Wrong Candidate; Putin’s surprise
April 11, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

If one examines all the statements that Donald Trump tweeted, (in his own illiterate style) one would have no difficulty in assuming he was pro-Vladimir Putin and wanted closer ties to Russia.

That is, if one doesn’t know that Trump is innately dishonest and talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

Vladimir Putin was fooled by Trump.   He now stands, shocked at the bombing of Syria,  stunned by the change of attitude.

After all, one would think that Trump was virtually or literally going to pull out of NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and would be more aligned with Russia in regard to the situation in Syria, more directly, the support of President Assad.

Many people, including the mindless supporters of Trump were surprised by the bombing and stand in gaping mouth shock as Trump’s secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, links with the NATO countries in the same kind of anti-Assad stance that was held by Barack Obama.

Of course, Trump isn’t the first character to have tricked and played people.

When Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States he instituted segregation.  Many Black Republicans were fired as he walked in, a few token Black Democrats were put into place to make it seem that the firing was a political action, not a racist action.

The cute part of this whole even was that one Wilson’s many campaign promises was to focus on Black Issues. This ‘promise’  caused a large number of  Black voters to vote for him.

Just imagine a man running for President, telling people that he was going to focus on Black Issues, getting Black people, be they Republican or Democrat, to vote for him, and then firing almost all the Black people he could, stuffing in a few Black faces to trick the eye in thinking that it was because they were Republican, not Black, and then, racing in with segregation.

Trick?  Of course it was a trick.   Wilson was born a racist, had always been a racist, and died a racist, and his use of the term Black Issues was done in the same cute way that Trump said; “Make America Great Again”, meaning, as we all know, Make America White Again.

In 1914, a little over a year since he took the Oath of Office, the New York Times questioned his actions.

Wilson responded; (and I quote)

“If the colored people made a mistake
in voting for me, they ought to correct it.”

Trump has duped the American people and the world with as great or greater duplicity then Woodrow Wilson.

It is pretty likely that as Wilson ran up his mouth to trick voters, so did Trump.

Mr. Putin should realise that if, in any way, he or his people ‘helped’ Trump into office, he is in the same position as those Black Voters in 1912.

China Thinks Trump is a Lobster

I’ve been doing my research on how China really sees Donald Trump.   After all the months of attack and insult spewing from the mouth of the Orange Clown, I needed to get behind the diplomatic smiles and the nice words or silences, to find out how China really feels.

Many of us, the 4th World know how many businesses no longer exist due to cheap Chinese imports.   The word cheap isn’t just for the price, most stuff from China is so bad that….

I was wearing a new pair of slacks.  Walking along the road.  I wasn’t walking fast, I wasn’t kicking a foot ball, I was walking nice and stately.   I had gone about a block when ..  ripppp!  and the pants tore around my nether region.

Fortunately for me, I had on an over blouse, which I immediately pulled off and put around my waist as a kind of skirt.   When I got home, all I could do was toss those slacks in the trash.

Where were the slacks made?   China.

I had a pair of shoes.   One day I looked down and my little toe was sticking out of the side.  It just was.  I didn’t do anything, I just wear the shoes to walk.   But, the shoes gave way.

Where were they made? China.

What do I buy now?   I go to stores which sell American products and buy them.  That is because all the local manufacturers are out of business.  They couldn’t compete with China.

Trump has said things about China, blaming them for the same thing;  putting people out of work, putting businesses out of business by cheap imports.   The problem is easily solved;  tax.   Tax Chinese stuff so it is the same price as American.  I don’t see the problem.

Many people in the street of China have mixed views.   One of them likened Trump to a Lobster.

He said,  “It’s orange, cranky, confident and determined to have the last word,”

Yeah, sounds about right.

You Got What You Wanted (Part II)

Kris, whom I’ve known forever, shocked me when he became the head Trumpeteer.   He supported Trump from day one, (despite not being white or Christian).

I could not believe that he, the equivalent of diarrhea on Facebook, (that is if he posts twenty times a day, it is a slow day for him) would spend his life posting paeans to a man who would treat him like dog crap if he met him. (Kris is a Sikh and likely to be taken for a Muslim).

Suddenly, after the air strike in Syria, Kris began to criticise Trump.  What?   Post after posting warning of World War III, arguing about the gas that was used, questioning and being extremely annoying.  Post after post after post.

It got annoying and I posted a comment to his attack on his Massa to which he responded;

“life is so funny.
so many of my social media friends are anti-trump
now that i disagree with his military tweet
they still disagree with me”

I decided to waste a few key strokes and mentioned escargot.

In a previous article I wrote about being in a fancy French restaurant and the woman sitting at the next table ordered ‘Escargots’.

When the order arrived, she exclaimed; “But these are Snails!”

Well, escargot is snails.   That is what they are.  They come in the shell and you use tongs to pull them out, dip them in the sauce and …  eat them.


You have no intention of eating snails.  Fine.  So don’t order escargot.  And if you don’t know what it is… ask before you order.

In Italian restaurants they have snails, they call them ‘scungilli’.   You don’t want to eat snails, you don’t know what scungilli is, ask…”what is scungilli?”  and you will be told.

Trump is like Escargot or Scungilli.   If you don’t know what he stands for, then don’t support him.  Don’t be like Kris, tongue cleaning the toes of Massa and then suddenly jumping back.   Why?  Why is anyone surprised by Trump’s bombing?

It seemed perfectly in character (pretending Trump has a character) for him.   For Kris to show alarm, and annoyance, and surprise, only reminds me of that lady at the restaurant.