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You Can’t Have Plan for Everything

I was under impression that in life we have plans for everything. You may find that life does not work like that. Life has always worked on the basis of flow of cash, decisions of others and how it affects you. For example, cash flow often decides how you are going to get paid on job. Your salary on job decides who you going to marry. And so on and so forth. You could see the point that money often decides our plan and we for some reason don’t want to accept it. We however can manage to put a plan on most of the things that makes use comfortable. In this article let’s talk about life and the plans we make for it.


Be it relationship with your parents or potential partner. Most of us have plans on what we want to do. But if we just have those plans and don’t execute properly on it. Then we are going to have issues for the same. Often relationships are webbed in such way that we have to be considerate of feelings of others. And this in turn makes you think how the plan may or may not help in every context that is out there.


There are plenty of good and bad people in the world. But we can’t prepare ourselves to meet only the good people. The reason being bad people are going to meet you if you only focus on good. We can’t prepare for the bad people all the time either. Because that way we are going to miss the good people. You’d find that peoplee always change. Some people who were bad in past are going to change in future. And some good people can turn bad. So it si alll dependent on the things that happen to you. I am not sure how that happens but I guess with time small things like this happen to us all.


As much as I like to say this has no effect on us. That would be a lie. I think money has the most effect on people. And people change all because of it. Most of the people who want to make money do things that affects others. And those who are making money for survival. Have their own set of things. So eventually it is not something we can control all the time. So we just learn from our mistakes and move on. You may eventually learn about this but it takes time for anyone. So we just take money for granted to solve our set of problems.


In all of these small things we try to have some plan. And based on those plans we try to map out our way around. You can find that some of the plans that we work with end up getting us into trouble. And some plans are likely to fail. So we can’t prepare ourselves for plans all the time. We just have to work from one plan to another. This may not work for all of them. Plans are something we just have to make to get by. And not all people can work around the plans. So we just have to be more calculative towards them.

As you can see lot of things are in effect when we plan. So making plans is a good thing. It’s just that we can’t have plans all the time.

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    1. When we plan, there should always be at least two options. That is because in case plan A fails, then you can try plan B.

      We have to take into consideration our budget if we plan for example on having a business. We also take into consideration, the licenses that it would entail. Foremost also is how we should manage the said business.

      In addition, when we plan a business, we should make a feasibility study if it will have the chance of succeeding in your business plan. Location of the business should also be given importance because if it is not strategically located, there will be less customers who will go to your place of business.

      Lastly, in the business plan, you should add on how you can have a hands on in the business. That is because a lot of business go bankrupt because they let a relative take the cashiering. A lot of cases like that happened here in the Philippines.

    2. I don’t think it’s healthy to expect all of your plans to work out. I realized some time ago that it’s best for me not to make many plans. I just go with the flow and avoid the disappointment of plans falling through. I planned to do many great things and it hasn’t happened yet but I am happy relying on myself now and not making plans with other people.


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