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Writing For Residual Income ~ My Experience and My Plans
February 21, 2017

This post is my ADD ON to a post by fellow LB member, best writer titled:


For me, if it were not for that fact that doors began to open because of the various online writing and blogging communities that allow users to join FREE, I am not sure I would have ever found a means of generating income from my online writing work.


My first attempts at earning income online were devoted to building affiliate marketing websites and advertising products.  I wanted to write and there were sites looking for writers, but to sign up you had to pay a fee. But as the old expression goes … “Persistence pays!” … one day I finally found a community that let me sign up free and only asked that I supply them a writing sample. Unfortunately that collaborative publishing site is now defunct. But I will always be grateful they gave me “writing wings”.


With regards to the post mentioned above, published by bestwriter, I would like to add:


For social blogging, my time is now divided between Literacy Base and Niume.


I really like the fact that you can earn income for ALL of your activity at Literacy Base and not just for blogging.


By contrast: At Niume you have to get 1000 views to earn one dollar, and you can also earn for referring new members. That doesn’t sound too attractive at first. But then when you realize that you can republish your original content from your blogs and direct traffic back to your blogs, the site looks pretty good! One person described it something like “dusting off your old posts and giving them life again”. I have content from years back that’s evergreen and still relevant for today’s readers. Why not republish the work??


For socializing, MyLot is fantastic not only because of its $5 cash out but because you don’t even have to write or start a discussion. Just jump in on a conversation that’s already lively. You should also use the “EXPLORE” option and find discussions by new members and discussions that have no comments. The money adds up fast and they do pay on the 15th of each month like clockwork! Can’t beat that!!!


To sum up My Experience?



  • It’s great being here at Literacy Base.
  • It’s also fun being at MyLot.
  • Niume is a wonderful community as well.


But I’m still looking for more income streams. 

That’s my plan!  🙂


At present, I have plans to revisit BitLanders. Created an account there, but left the site because payment was via Bitcoin. That has changed and now the owners offer payment via PayPal. It might be worth a restart.  I plan to try it again!



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    1. Thats great Niume works for you.

      I like myLot and I am getting adjusted to LB.

    2. Thanks for referring may be a link would help. Just a suggestion. Yes. I was at niume but the rigmarole of connecting to various sites put me off there. I did earn once. I have not closed the chapter but may try it later.

      • My Niume experience has been surprising! Not only have I received a warm welcome but the Niume Staff has shared some of my posts. My biggest shock was when I got an eMail that said one of my posts had been Featured. WHOA! “Staff Picked”?? Seriously? Me? I felt humbled and happy. So I’m going to hang out at that site for a while and see what it yields.

        *(Psst. The content that was featured was republished content.)

      • I did supply the link to your post here at LiteracyBase in the content above. For some reason, it’s misdirecting and you know what it’s like to try to edit a published post at this site. I apologize even though it wasn’t my fault. http://literacybase.com/i-have-finally-found-my-bearings-in-the-virtual-world-of-writing/

    3. So NIume is based on views that it generates. I think I will fail there because my FB friends don’t need additional income or have the passion for writing, so they don’t view them.

      I suppose the defunct site you have implied is Bubblews. Oh, I earned a lot there. So, when it was slowing down and sensing it will close eventually, I went back to myLot.

      Now it’s myLot for fun in interaction and some earnings and LB for earnings galore. 🙂

      I cannot take another one because I have my full time job.

    4. Great article. I, like you, look for opportunities to supplement my income. I will try the sites you recommended. I, for one, had have success with Mturk associated with Amazon. They have writing jobs and surveys. I found it to pay better than some of these sites. I, also, wrote a blog about making money with Mturk, so if interested, give it a shot. Anyway, congratulations on your past endeavors and keep up the good work.

      • Thank you! You’re not the only one who recommends Mturk. I have not looked into yet but it is definitely NOT off the table as another income possibility.

    5. I have been on Mylot for years. It is harder to get some decent income but i love being there and interacting with everyone. I actually learned about LiteracyBase from a discussion on Mylot yesterday and deicided to try it out. I am actually liking it around here. It is good that all activities here are rewarded for.

      Because i am at work i am limited for now, to only look around and explore or comment on blogs.

      I haven’t written a blog yet but i intend to when i am at home.

      • You’ve done pretty good with the blog posts you’ve published since this comment and you also look to be active in the forums and groups. This is not a generating primary income although I suppose one could do that if they devoted themselves to it. But like I said in my post, it is a residual income stream. What I like is that it’s not a guess that you might earn money. When you sign in you can actually see your earning accumulating. I don’t know why all the online writing sites and blogging communities can’t do the same. Would love to find more sites like LB where all of your activity earns.

    6. * * *Sadly the owner of the Niume site passed away and nobody wanted to continue the work. The site no longer exists.


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