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I have finally found my bearings in the virtual world of writing
February 20, 2017

It is years since I have been dabbling with writing sites that have given me opportunities to put my thoughts in words.  There have been ups and downs more because of closure of sites some with reasons and some I have yet to know why they closed down.

There is yet another category of sites where I tried my hand but gave up as I found them to be boring and not matching my style of writing.

I have lost count of the number of sites where I registered and did contribute here and there. I now wish to talk about the two sites that I have finally decided to be serious about and they are myLot and LiteracyBase


At myLot I get to socialise at a global level.  We are conscious of who we are interacting with.  There is a great opportunity there to put our thoughts down, give opinions, debate on issues, solve problem, seek a shoulder to cry on, expect users to appreciate our photos, enjoy what others have posted.

There is no limit at myLot as for the number of words that one needs to post there. No harsh or bad words are tolerated and no spamming and plagiarising.

What is strange about myLot is that we earn for what others contribute by responding or commenting on our activity.  The earnings are pretty slow but we have life there at myLot, a life full of activity.  There are tabs that have activity of users on which we can work on – responses, comments, posts, and every kind of activity of users is accessible.

The redemption amount is only 5 dollars and we do not have to apply for pay out as it automatically gets into our paypal account.

myLot wakes me up early in the morning.


It is the blogging that I enjoy here and the benefit we get for our own efforts.. We also have a niche where we can socialise by posting issues in the various groups where we need to register.

I am here since May 2016 and I have already been paid 6 times not something that sites do these days. There have been countless sites that have stopped paying without notice.

I like the lay out too.

I am in no hurry to stay away from LiteracyBase.  This is my home.

Long live myLot and long live LiteracyBase


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    1. I agree with you about myLot. It gives us a chance to interact with a select group of friends over a long period of time, even though most of us began our relationships as strangers. It’s a much better social network than Facebook for in-depth conversations. On Facebook people dump and run. On myLot people will carry on conversations for days or even longer.

      I still have some reservations about Literacy Base. I don’t like not being able to edit something I wrote if a mistake gets by me before I publish. I don’t always catch that mistake before I submit, even after I have proofread. Also, if something isn’t working right on the site when I publish, I can’t go back and fix it later.

      An example would be the media gallery. I can’t seem to enter information in the forms to change the default title or add attribution and alt text. The post isn’t complete and ready for search engines without those things. I currently have a post written and waiting to submit, but if I do submit as is, I will not be able to fix it if the problem gets solved. Maybe something on my computer is causing the problem. I’ve been having trouble with my mouse misbehaving, and maybe it’s my mouse. That means even if I solve that problem, I can’t go back and add the tags later. Other than that, I like Literacy Base and would like to continue posting.

      • Even if your post is published and you want editing done you can do that by sending a message to @support and they will edit it for you. They have expressed fears of allowing users the privilege to edit as that option we are told is misused. So please write to support and tell them what you need to change.

    2. I think a lot of sites are closing because of the adblocker. So I think depending on earning of such site is a wrong move. I would surely instead focus on other projects. Whatever money I earned from these sites will be invested on my skills for now.

    3. To each their own. You can do what best suits you.


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