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What does it take to be comfortable

Are you comfortable? Do you think you can ever be comfortable? What does comfort mean to you? I will start by defining comfort. Comfort is a pleasant and satisfying feeling of being physically or mentally free from pain and suffering, or something that provides that feeling.

We were at work recently, and a colleague talked about not being comfortable. And I said to him, what do you mean? He says he hasn’t gotten to the stage of being comfortable or having what he so desires.  I said to him, what is comfort to you? He said been able to afford what he wants, eat what he wants etc. Well, I said to him, I am comfortable despite the fact that I do not own a house yet, but I have a roof above me, I can eat what I can afford, I have peace of mind and I am happy. This does not stop me from desiring to acquire more, e.g a luxury car and a house, but I am comfortable.

I explained further by saying, comfort is a state of the mind. You do not have to be so rich to be comfortable. A lot of rich people are not as comfortable as we think. The money may be there physically, but they are not mentally free. Mentally free in the sense that they are still not at a point where they can feel relaxed and say they are comfortable. I am relaxed with nothing to worry about despite the fact that I am not so wealthy. The point is, I am content with what I have. My car is not a state of the art car, I do not have a chef, I do not travel yearly, but I am happy and comfortable because I have decided and made a conscious effort to be comfortable and satisfied. As the movie Forest Gump implies with Tom Hanks, He says “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” meaning you never know what life gives you, but rather just make the best of what you get.

I am comfortable today because I choose to be comfortable. I will not wait till I get the so called desired wealth to make the best out of life. I choose to be happy, content and comfortable. My money even if small, can get me what I want it to buy in my own terms. I manage and live around that money of mine to make me comfortable and happy. I will always live within my means and not above my means to remain comfortable and happy.


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    1. I am in agreement. Like I believe being happy is a choice we make, being comfortable is also a choice we make.Yes, I would like more out of life sometimes,but I know how to be comfortable with what I have.

    2. That is true not all rich live in harmony and peace. They are also problematic for despite rich but there are instances that they cannot avoid a bad illness to come to them. Better enjoy in our most simplest way.


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