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Zed ilife smallest laptop reviews
April 3, 2017

Zed ilife laptop, new brand for our family

their laptops are small and what I liked about so I put it in my bag and go everywhere. The look from out side is impressive, but if laptop was as good from inside as out.


the storage of this brand is small, but I can live with that since its only to use it at work as side laptop, This is laptop that needs to update its program the minute you use it, due to that the company installed outdated program. why they do that no sure why?

going with start the program and here we go the censor is not working, tried to move the cursor everywhere but not a single movement, why do not know, so I took it the shop to return it as I have to use laptop that is new but not working, but not acceptable to return electronice, but they will fix it, so I had to agree on that.

decided to wait a week as they said it may take two weeks though the company head office is in the same town. just after one week went to them holding the number of the laptop and found out that it is ready in the store, ok why did not you call me guys? No answr from them.

Fine just went home to use it and hope that this time it will be fine. But why to be fine?? The charger do not charge, so I have to keep the laptop charging all the life of the laptop as when I take it off it will not work.


bad experience with this laptop, I wish real branch is here so I talk to them, but they are abroad. speed is low if you like surfing


320GB. It has un reasonable videocard I bought it at 300 euro. And it has 2 gig

The colors are ok and the memory not bad for side laptop, but I fed up from fixing it always though I bought it in its box


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