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What does self-development mean to you?
February 27, 2017

The life is beautiful and to make it more beautiful everyone wants to improve his skills and efficiency but have you ever pondered over a simple question- What does self-development mean? What I feel is that the process of self-development we need to leave our comfort zone and move toward a new path where there is no place for fears and doubts but to achieve that stage we have to chose from two ways. One of them is simple and the other one is difficult.

Now, here comes another question, which one will you chose, the simple one or the difficult one? Let me explain, the difficult ways demands you to move immediately without preparing yourself or making any adjustments. Here is an example- if you have decided to exercise more the difficult way to do is to start running for half an hour without adjusting yourself to the physical demands or a proper warm up. But that will prove to be a perfect way of wrecking a good idea.

But there are just three ways you can do the job in easier ways-

1- Comfort- you will have to come out of your habits of going by your own pace or in other words coming out of your comfort zone.

2- Stretch- that simply needs you to enhance your knowledge and extend your limits

3- tresses- You feel stresses while encounter the bigger challenges and feel stressed

Let’s assume you wish to achieve flexibility in your muscles at a faster rate and you begin stretching exercises regularly. Now, how do you do it, you suddenly step up the physical activities or increase the pace at a steady speed?

I can assure that if you come out of your comfort zone and increase your efforts in a regular way the chances of achieving a well toned body is greater than you do it in a haphazard way. Likewise, stress zone is related with your creativity and innovation. You cannot achieve any of these unless you’re willing to learn and enhance your knowledge.


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